iPage Hosting Review

I used iPage web hosting and I know how awesome the service of the company is.


Now, I’m going for a complete iPage hosting review.


I hope that you could clarify everything about the hosting company once you read this post in full.


A reliable hosting company is quite necessary to host your blog so that you can run that smoothly. The person who has suffered a lot due to hosting his/her blog on a poor hosting company knows the harsh reality of the incident.

ipage review

I know the shocking experience of hosting a blog on a poor hosting company because I also failed to choose a good hosting company when I started my first blog.


In fact, many of you struggle to choose a perfect hosting company when you’re quite new to blogging. That’s why I wanna make you introduce with industry-leading web hosting companies on a regular basis.


And iPage is one of the cool web hosting company that can take care of the smooth blog running without making you worried.


iPage Hosting Review

So, be ready to read this in-depth review on iPage hosting as I don’t wanna wait anymore.


Let’s carry on…


What is iPage?

I hope that you have learned about iPage and you know what iPage is. In case you don’t know about it yet, now is the time to learn about that.


iPage is a renowned web hosting company that serves different web hosting packs at a cheap price. Not only is that the company also sells domain names.


The services offered by iPage are reliable, thus you can start your blog or website on iPage without worrying anymore.


Thanks for asking my opinion about iPage in your iPage hosting review and also thanks for remembering that my site is hosted on iPage. By the way, I’ve a site that’s run on iPage and I’ve been taking their web hosting service for about 2 years. What I can say is that the company is really good when it comes to hosting. I started with their Essential hosting plan and now, I’m planning to upgrade to their VPS hosting as my site has grown a lot since then and I need more stability in my site. I love the services of iPage.

– Dumitru, Romania


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Benefits of iPage

If your site is hosted on iPage, then you’ll have to struggle to count your benefits. The reason is that there are so many benefits of hosting on this nice hosting company that you’ll amaze to see its countless benefits.


First of all, no need to buy a domain for your new site as the company provides a free domain for the first year of your hosting’s purchase.


The cost of starting your site becomes negligible since the Essential hosting plan comes with an unbelievable price tag (will let you know the price later in this post).


With iPage, you can keep as much content as you want on your site because of the unlimited storage facility. It’s not all, you can also drive as much traffic as you wish to your site since there’s the unmetered bandwidth available with the hosting company.


There are also many other facilities that will be revealed one by one throughout this in-depth iPage review. So, read on….

When I satrted my site on iPage, I couldn’t believe that I would get so many facilities from the web hosting company. But within a few days, I started discovering that iPage doesn’t limit the benefits for its users. Thank you iPage for making my online business career so much smooth.

– Dalir, Iran


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Features of iPage

The features of iPage are attractive indeed.


There are 3 different types of web hosting available in iPage which are the following ones –

The shared hosting is known as the Essential Plan of iPage. So, don’t be confused by seeing Essential Plan instead of shared hosting when you’re in search of a shared hosting plan on iPage.


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There are some common features in all the hosting packs.


Here are the common features –

You can register for a new domain without paying a penny for the first year. So, here you can save around $10 – $15 which is nice, huh!

ipage free domain

The term “unlimited” always fascinates us and creating your site with iPage means that you get unlimited space and scalable bandwidth.


So, you can upload different types of content on your site without thinking about the disk space as it’s unlimited.

ipage inlimited space

The same thing is true for the bandwidth. Your site can receive a ton of traffic without making you worry about the limitation of your site’s bandwidth.

unlimited bandwidth

You can also create as many email accounts as you want with the extension of your site’s domain. You can do this because of this feature –

ipage unlimited email accounts

Not only is that there’s the feature to have unlimited MySQL databases with your hosting on iPage.

unlimited mysql database

And I’ll have to mention that iPage provide the services of MOJO Marketplace for free. MOJO Marketplace a Softaculous like 1-click installer which can install any of your required apps and scripts for your site in no time.

mojo marketplace

So, these are some of the notable features of the hosting packs hosted by iPage. You could explore more and more features when you start your site on iPage.


I never though that iPage would provide me so many features just at $1.99 per month. This is really unbelievable. Getting so many things at the amazing low price, I was a bit skeptical about the services of the hosting company though iPage proved that cheap isn’t always bad.

– Bokamoso, South Africa


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Pros and cons


  • Cheap shared hosting
  • Fast server response time
  • Unlimited storage
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Free 1-click installer (MOJO Marketplace)



  • Support team is less responsive than many other hosting companies
  • Domain privacy isn’t free for the first year


A+ Web Hosting Company – 100% Recommended!

– Alex, USA


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iPage hosting plans

Now is the time to mention different prices of iPage hosting packs. The first price is its shared hosting named as Essential Plan which costs only $1.99 per month. It gives a whopping 81% discount, thus the price comes so much cheap.

ipage essential plan

At the usual times, the monthly price of the pack is $10.95, so you’re getting a huge discount right now.


At this cheap price, you don’t have to sacrifice any feature in the hosting pack. So, what are you waiting for?


Other than the shared hosting, iPage also provides VPS and dedicated hosting.


Choosing different VPS or dedicated hosting packs as per your choice is super easy when you’re on iPage. Here’s the VPS hosting plan of the hosting company –

ipage vps hosting

You can see the following button –

hosting editing button

Taking the button just left or right, you can choose your required VPS hosting plan. Suppose that you wanna have more RAM and storage for your VPS hosting pack, then just swap the button to the right direction.


You’ll see that all the features are being increased and swapping the button on the opposite direction will decrease all the features accordingly.


The same thing is true for any of the dedicated hosting packs of iPage as you can see the following picture –

ipage dedicated hosting

Swipe the button left or right and land your preferable dedicated hosting plan. Once you have chosen your hosting plan, hit the “Buy Now” button to purchase that for your site.


As said before, you can also buy your domain from iPage and the top domains cost around $14 -$15 per year. I’ll show the buying process in details in the next part of this post.


I can’t believe that iPage provides quality hosting services at such a cheap price. Seeing the cheap pricing, I’m intending to start my next blog on iPage for sure.

– Albie George, UK


Some other services of iPage –

iPage website builder review

iPage SSL certificate review


How to buy services from iPage?

You can buy any of your required services related to hosting or domain within a few clicks. I’m showing here how to buy the Essential Plan of iPage so that you can see how easy it’s to buy the hosting pack from the company.


Step 1. To buy the hosting plan from iPage, the first thing that you’ll have to do is to visit the site of iPage.


You’ll see the following homepage –

site of ipage

Step 2. In the current version of the site (the picture shown above is from the previous version of the site), you’ll see the following offer –

ipage essential hosting pack

Now, click on “Sign Up Now” and it’ll take you to check your desired domain’s availability.


Step 3. At this stage, write your preferred domain name in the blank box and hit the “Check Availability” button situated on the right side of the box.

iPage 1

Step 4. If the domain is available, then you’ll see the following page –

iPage 2

I’ve tested with earningbyblogging.com and it was available, so I could proceed further. You can’t go to the next part until you find an available domain. So, once you have got an available domain, the next step is to fill up the form with your personal information stated in the above picture.


Fill up the form with all the correct information.


Step 5. After that, you’ll have to select your payment method for paying the hosting bill. So, choose your payment method and provide your payment information.

iPage hosting 3

Also, check the purchase information to make sure that it’s correct.


Step 6. Now, choose all of your required features and add them to your hosting plan. Choose from the list below –

iPage hosting 4

Step 7. Once you have chosen your required features, now is the time to proceed further. So, this is the last part of purchasing your hosting plan along with a free domain and other features.


You’ll see the total bill like this –

ipage hosting 5

Now, hit the “Check Out” button to pay your bill for all of your chosen services. The payment process will take some time and after the processing, you have got all the selected services in your hand.


So, this is the easy way of buying the Essential Plan from iPage. In fact, buying any other hosting pack from the company is as easy as this one.


You can also buy your required domain if it’s available separately from another option of iPage. To do so, follow the guidelines below –


Land the site of iPage and hit the (domain registration on ipage) button. You’ll see the following blank box for leaving your desired domain name –

ipage domain registration

Write your preferable domain name and hit the “Search” button. If the domain is available, you’ll see the following option –

buy domain from ipage

I’ve tested with beginblogging101.com and since it’s available, there’s the “Add to Cart” button. To buy the domain, click on the “Add to Cart” button. After that, just by paying the bill, you have owned your desired domain.


So, buying any domain or hosting related service from iPage is super easy and you won’t have to worry about it.


Buying any domain or hosting pack from iPage is one of the easiest tasks on earth. So, I always feel comfortable at the time of buying my domain or hosting related services from iPage. The checkout system is super fast and it can process your payment in no time.

– Anonymous user

visit i page

My experience with iPage

I have a great experience with iPage because I hosted one my blogs on this hosting company. Seeing the Essential Plan of iPage, I became very much interested in it.


Then I checked all of the hosting pack’s features and benefits. Inspecting everything very carefully, I decided to start that blog on iPage. Initially, I thought that the service would be average because of the cheap pricing.


But I was wrong as I saw that my site was running very well like other good sites. Also, the starting of my site was super easy due to having the renowned 1-click installer, MOJO Marketplace.


In addition, the support team of iPage helped me to setup all the other things on my site, so I didn’t have to struggle to start my blog. One thing to add here is that some hosting companies take much time to propagate a new domain though iPage took only a few minutes to do so.


My blog is still running very well on iPage and I’m too happy to say that to all of you.


Since the birth of my blog, I’ve been with iPage. I relied on them when I started my site and they really honored my reliance.

– Rohit, India


Necessity of iPage

Now, more and more people are starting their businesses online. Not only for starting an online business, many people are also creating websites for indulging their passion.


So, there’s a huge need for creating more and more websites on a regular basis. In this situation, a reliable web hosting company is a must-have thing for anyone.


Here comes the great necessity of iPage.


When I created my site, I was in need of a lot of features that my hosting company could provide. iPage did provide all of my requirements and now I can feel the necessity of this great web hosting company.

– Marco, Switzerland


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This is the part of telling you how the web hosting company iPage is. Yes, iPage is well-recommended when it comes to hosting a site on any of its web hosting packs.


So, you can start your site with iPage without making any delay.


I’m a satisfied user of iPage and for this, I recommend this web hosting company to anyone who wants to build an online business in coming days.

– Adalbert, Germany


Your decision

I think that you can now take your wise decision for creating your site. It’s totally up to you whether you’ll use iPage or any other hosting company at the time of creating your website.


But I can say that you won’t take any wrong decision by choosing iPage as your site’s hosting.


Choosing iPage as my blog’s hosting was one of the ideal decisions that I took at the initial stage of my blogging and I’m having the benefits of my choice very well.

– Adalicia, France


So, this is the thorough iPage review that’s enough to take your decision whether to use the hosting or not. Wish you all the best.

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