iPage Essential Hosting Plan Review from My 3 Years of Experience

When it comes to reviewing the iPage Essential Hosting Plan, I believe that I could review this hosting plan better than many other reviewers.


This is because I’ve been using the plan for around three (3) years.


So, this is gonna be a real-life experience sharing with you so that you can learn about the hosting pack in details.


iPage Essential Hosting Plan Review

The Fact

On 16th February 2016, I decided to create a new blog on iPage.


Since it was a new journey with iPage, I chose its shared hosting plan. You may know that the Essential Hosting Plan of iPage is actually its only shared hosting pack.


What happened after I ordered the plan?

In a word, the buying process was so much easy and here are some emails:

initial hosting order emails

The order confirmation email:

iPage essential hosting plan order email

Domain verification email:

domain verification email

Getting started email:

setup email

By entering into my control panel, I could do all the things to run my blog.


Note that the control panel of iPage is called vDeck which is a good tool to control your site. You’ll learn more about this later in this review.


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The Downsides: 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy This Plan!

Let’s start with the cons of the hosting plan because most so-called affiliate marketers are trying to hide them.


Here are some notable negative sides of the hosting plan:

#1. No cPanel control panel

I know that many of you’re a fan of cPanel at the time of controlling your sites, but the bad news is that iPage doesn’t provide cPanel with the Essential Hosting Plan.


So, if your need is to control your site using cPanel, then you mustn’t use this hosting plan.


#2. No Softaculous 1-Click installer

Before making your site live, you need to install your preferred CMS like WordPress on your hosting and an installer can make this job as easy as 1-2-3.


But this web hosting pack doesn’t come with the Softaculous 1-click installer.


#3. Domin privacy isn’t free

iPage doesn’t offer it for free whereas many other companies (as for example Namecheap) are willing to provide this feature without asking you a single penny.


Why Should You Choose iPage Essential Hosting Plan?

I’ve already suggested 17 crucial factors to consider when choosing a web hosting company and you can check the list of factors before using any hosting plan.


However, here I’m showing you some reasons to use the shared hosting plan of iPage.


Great uptime

I’ve monitored its recent uptime and it’s promising enough.


Here are some of the records:

January 2018: 99.97%

February 2018: 100%

March 2018: 99.93%

April 2018: 99.98%

May 2018: 100%


Fast response time

I’ve tested the load time of my site with two tools and found a speed of 9 ms (Turbo speed) and a performance grade of 89.


Both the results indicate a great response time.


I’ve shown the tests in this post.


vDeck control panel

You can’t use cPanel! So what?


iPage provides a similar control panel called vDeck. I’ve been using vDeck for many years and the user interface is quite similar to cPanel.


vDeck is also very easy to use, so you shouldn’t worry about not having a cPanel control panel in this hosting pack.


MOJO Marketplace 1-Click installer

Again, you can replace Softaculous with MOJO Marketplace.


Since MOJO Marketplace is the product of the mother company of iPage named Endurance International Group (EIG), this 1-Click installer comes free with the Essential Hosting Plan of iPage.


Using the installer, you can install WordPress or any of your desired scripts on the hosting in no time.


To see how MOJO Marketplace works at the time of installing any script, you can check the last part of this post.


Very cheap plus intro discount

It’s regardless to say this because the hosting pack is very cheap and at the same time, you’ll get a whopping discount.


The regular price of the hosting plan is only $7.99 per month and for the first year, you’re now getting a 75% discount.


That means you can save a lot when you’re just starting out.


Many Free Offers

Free domain

You’ll get a free domain registration feature with the Essential Hosting Plan and you can also make it more secured using any of the iPage SSL certificates. So, this is an amazing feature for the first year of your hosting purchase where you can save around $10 – $12.


Free SSL certificate

Note that iPage has recently been started providing a free SSL certificate with this hosting plan. So this is another great opportunity to make your site more secured without paying any more money.


Free domain transfer

You may want to transfer your domain from one registrar to another and when you’re doing this with iPage, you can do it totally for free.


Free website builder (up to 6 pages)

Using a website builder can help you design your site as per your desire and iPage provides a website builder with the Essential Hosting Plan that’s able to design up to 6 pages.


Free 1 GB cloud storage

Not only is that there’s a great feature of having 1 GB of cloud storage. This storage can help you in different ways. Suppose that you don’t want to lose some of your data.


Then, keeping them on the cloud storage is much safer than keeping it only in the hard drive of your PC.


Another benefit of using the cloud storage is that you can have the access to it from anywhere in the world.


Free online store

It’s not always true that you’ll use your website only for blogging. You may need to sell your products directly from your site.


So, the necessity of an e-commerce site is great. The good news is that this cheap shared hosting pack of iPage also has the free online storage facility.


PayPal integration

Making an e-commerce store isn’t all. You’ll also need to set the payment integration. Here’s another good news for you as iPage offers the PayPal integration feature with their starting hosting plan, the Essential Hosting.


And you know that online transaction without PayPal is very hectic.


A Lot of Unlimited Offers

The Essential Hosting pack of iPage is really very cheap, yet it comes with a lot of unlimited features.


Here are some of the unlimited features of the hosting plan:

Unlimited disk space

The disk space provided in the hosting plan is unlimited. So, you won’t have to worry about your storage’s usage.


Note that the term unlimited isn’t actually true because if you use the storage excessively, then you’ll be notified to upgrade your plan.


One thing is guaranteed that the storage that the hosting plan provides you with can never be exceeded unless you upload high-quality videos on a regular basis.


Since there’s YouTube for free video uploading, you don’t have to worry about uploading it on your site.


Unlimited domains hosting

You can host an unlimited number of domains on the hosting pack even though the pack costs very little. And after having a huge discount, the price comes as low as $1.99 per month now.


Though hosting multiple sites on a single hosting plan isn’t recommended, having this option doesn’t do any harm.


Note that the price of a hosting pack is subject to change, so if you change price variation when you check the plan, it’s quite normal.


Unlimited email accounts

You can even host an unlimited number of email accounts on this hosting pack.


When using a site, it’s quite common to create multiple email accounts. You can create as many email accounts as you want.


Unlimited MySQL databases

Also, you’ll be able to host an unlimited number of MySQL databases.


Great support

All the hosting packs of iPage have a great support facility. So, it’s not uncommon to have a responsive support with this hosting pack of the hosting company.

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Affiliate Disclosure: The above link is my affiliate link of iPage which means that if you buy any of their services, I’ll get a small commission.


I’ve tested both the ticket submission and the live chat options of their support and found a very promising result.


Any query through the ticket submission is answered within 24 hours and the live chat staffs are really cool because they try to solve your problems as quickly as they can.


30-day Money-back guarantee

The 30-day long money-back guarantee is also applicable for this cheap hosting pack of iPage.


I can’t believe that they offer this decent period of time for claiming your money back if you’re not satisfied with their hosting services.


The Final Verdict

The Essential Hosting Plan is the most popular hosting plans of iPage. All the features are very attractive and you may feel that some of the features are well-enough in this low-cost hosting pack.


Creating a site on the plan, from buying to setting up, is super easy.


It’s true that the plan has some drawbacks and you can never avoid them in any hosting plans.


Finally, check all the features again and if they suit your requirements, only then you can use it.


You’ll likely to get good results.

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