iPage Essential Hosting Plan Review ~ Complete Discussion

To learn everything about the iPage Essential Hosting Plan in details, you should read this post.


If you read the iPage review, then you’ll come to know that iPage has an exciting shared hosting pack named the Essential Hosting Plan.


In that post, I’ve discussed the hosting plan in short and in this post, I’ll talk about the plan in details.


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iPage Essential Hosting Plan

iPage offers only one shared hosting plan and that’s named as Essential Hosting Plan which I’ve already let you know.


Yes, by landing the site of iPage, you see a whopping discounted hosting pack which is this.


Now, I’ll show you all the features of this hosting plan –

Free domain. You’ll get a free domain registration feature with the Essential Hosting Plan. So, this is an amazing feature for the first year of your hosting purchase.


Unlimited domains. You can host unlimited number of domains on the hosting pack even though the pack costs very little. And after having a huge discount, the price comes as low as $1.99 per month now.


Unlimited disk space. The disk space provided in the hosting plan is also unlimited. So, you won’t have to worry about your storage’s usage.


1 GB cloud storage. Not only is that there’s a great feature of having 1 GB of cloud storage.


Unlimited email accounts. The Essential Hosting pack of iPage is really very cheap, yet it comes with a lot of unlimited features.


You can even host an unlimited number of email accounts on this hosting pack.


Unlimited MySQL databases. Also, you’ll be able to host an unlimited number of MySQL databases.


MOJO Marketplace 1-Click installer. Since MOJO Marketplace is the product of the mother company of iPage named Endurance International Group, this 1-Click installer comes free with the Essential Hosting Plan of iPage.


Free online store. It’s not always true that you’ll use your website only for blogging. You may need to sell your products directly from your site.


So, the necessity of an e-commerce site is great. The good news is that this cheaply shared hosting pack of iPage also has the free online storage facility.


PayPal integration. Making an e-commerce store isn’t all. You’ll also need to set the payment integration. Here’s another good news for you as iPage offers the PayPal integration feature with their starting hosting plan, the Essential Hosting.


vDeck control panel. This pack of iPage doesn’t offer the cPanel control panel though you’ll get a comparable control panel, vDeck.


vDeck is also very easy to use, so you shouldn’t worry about not having a cPanel control panel.


Free website builder (up to 6 pages). Using a website builder can help you design your site as per your desire and iPage provides a website builder with the Essential Hosting Plan that’s able to design up to 6 pages.


Great support. All the hosting packs of iPage have a great support facility. So, it’s not uncommon to have a responsive support with this hosting pack of the hosting company.


30-day Money-back guarantee. The 30-day long money-back guarantee is also applicable for this cheap hosting pack of iPage.


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So, these are some of the fabulous features of the iPage Essential Hosting Plan. All the features are very attractive and you may feel that some of the features are well-enough in this low-cost hosting pack.


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