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I’ve invited another blogger in this interview session today. The name of today’s blogger is Istiak Rayhan who’s been blogging for a long period of time. His main blog is RoadToBlogging which is a great place for learning about blogging.

Istiak Rayhan in action

You’ll be glad to know that he’s been established by blogging.


So, let’s read the full interview right now and learn a lot of important things about blogging.


Istiak Rayhan’s Interview

Me: Hi Istiak, welcome to SMNPOST. I’m (surely on behalf of my audience) very happy to take your interview.


Istiak: I am very happy too. Thanks for having me on your blog.


Me: How long have you been blogging?


I’ve been in blogging for more than 5 years. So far it’s an incredible journey.


Me: Is your first blog?


Istiak: No. is my first blog. Before that, I had few sites.


Me: What inspired you to start blogging?


Istiak: Starting was a bit of accidental. Back in 2010, I used to work on a micro freelancing site. I created my first dot com site to do some freelancing jobs. Later I started to share my tech-related knowledge with others. So the blogging journey started with


But at that time, I was not aware of problogging. I came to know about problogging from So the initial inspiration came from Harsh Agrawal of


Me: What do you prefer – blogging or a 9-to-5 job?


Istiak: Definitely, Blogging. It gives me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection. At the same time, it has some disadvantages. I always find it difficult to make people understand what I do for a living.


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Me: I know that you started blogging while studying in university. My question is, how did you manage your time?


Istiak: Managing the time was tough. But I was super productive. I used every sphere time I had. In fact, I have a feeling that I was more productive that time than now.


Here are a few things I did to manage my time –

  1. I tried to stay focused. I didn’t try each and everything that came to my way.
  2. I prioritized the most important things and did them first.
  3. I used to work at night time only. Back then, it was the best time to work. BTW, I am a morning person now.


Me: Let’s talk about the traffic generation methods of your blog.


Istiak: 90% of our traffic comes from Google. Now I am trying to diversify the traffic sources. My initial target is to increase the social media traffic.


Me: What are the things of SEO that you don’t want to miss while optimizing your content for search engines?


IstiakOn-Page SEO. It’s crucial. People are so obsessed with link building that they often ignore this part of SEO.


On Page SEO is not about setting meta title and meta description only. It’s all about increasing user experiences while keeping search engines in mind. I regularly update my old posts to sure that they are properly optimized.


Me: Please mention the top 3 things that you’ve achieved through blogging.


Istiak: Happiness: I wanted to be a Mariner when I was in college and wanted to be a Banker when I was in University. The reason for choosing these fields was money, not the passion. When I decided to take blogging as a profession, I was very much aware that I am about to take a risk. I convinced myself by telling that, I may make less money from blogging but at least I will be doing something that I love.  Now I am very happy, Alhamdulillah. I feel excited every morning when I go to my home office. I love what I am doing.


Financial Freedom: I was born into a middle-class family. I had to go through some financial crisis. At some point in my life, money was everything. I always wanted to be financially solvent. Blogging gives me the financial freedom that I wanted.


Time Freedom: I can work from wherever I want at my convenience time. All I need is an internet connection.


Me: What’s your future plan for your blog?


Istiak: Now I am planning to build a team. I have already three members of my team. All of them working remotely.


BTW, I have started a new blog named It’s all about setting up and managing a home office. I am very excited about this blog.


And finally, thanks again. I really enjoyed answering your questions.


Thanks for managing your time and being with us. Wish you all the best.


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