InterServer Web Hosting Review

I hope that you already know what InterServer is. InterServer is a web hosting company that I’ll be discussed further in details.


InterServer Web Hosting Review

Now, I’ll directly go to start reviewing InterServer hosting, so you don’t have to feel annoyed to have the review.


InterServer is a reliable as well as affordable web hosting company that comes with almost all the services that a robust hosting company is likely to offer. It can register your domain, provide cheap shared hosting packs along with dozens of free things, host your site on VPS or dedicated hosting servers etc.


By providing so many services with a great reputation for year after year, you can start your site with InterServer without having any confusion about its quality services.


Benefits of InterServer web hosting

The benefits are limitless when it comes to hosting a site on InterServer. Yes, I can say this because you’ll see the proof of my claim right now.


You can start your site just by paying its monthly hosting bill if the hosting company is InterServer. This is a nice facility to check in real-life whether the hosting company will suit your requirements or not. You’ll get a hardly a few hosting companies are offering this facility to their users.

interserver monthly payment facility

You can also have your domain just for $1.99 for the whole year when you buy your hosting pack from InterServer.

$1.99 domain registration

Also, there’s the built-in one-click installer available on InterServer that can install any of your required scripts in no time with seeming ease. If you’re a WordPress lover, then the manual installation of the script may be a daunting task. So, don’t worry if you have started your site on InterServer as you have the one-click installer.

one click script installer

You’ll get cPanel or Plesk as per your hosting choice, so you won’t have to struggle to control your site.


In most cases, we see that the starting discounted price hikes in the next year when you go for the renewal of your current hosting plan. But when it comes to InterServer, they guarantee you that there’ll be no price hiking in any of their hosting plans. The pricing is always flat.


So, after seeing some of the notable benefits of the web hosting company, I think that you have got much interest in trying it, right?


Read the next parts to learn more about the company’s services.


Features of InterServer hosting

Now is the time to show you some of the exciting features of the hosting company. Here’s a screenshot that I snapped from the Standard Hosting Plan of InterServer –

features of interserver hosting

You can see that almost everything is unlimited – the storage, the bandwidth, the number of websites to host, the number of email accounts. So, what else is making you confused?


Nothing since you’re totally free to work as much as you can for your site. There’s no limit, so go ahead with your site to the next level.


Not only is that InterServer knows that the security of your site’s visitors has a great value, so they offer you free SSL certificate not to miss this important element for your site.


There are also many other features available with all the hosting plans of InterServer that you could see when you start your journey with them.


InterServer hosting pros and cons


  • Monthly payment option
  • Flat pricing
  • Unlimited web space, bandwidth, and email accounts
  • Unlimited websites can be hosted in a single hosting plan
  • One-click installer provided
  • cPanel or Plesk for the ultimate control



  • A domain isn’t totally free with any of its hosting packs


Pricing of different services

This part will tell you about the pricing of different services of InterServer even though you have got some ideas about its pricing.


The Standard Web Hosting is the most recommended hosting pack of InterServer that costs only $5 per month.


This is a shared hosting of the company and you should look at the features of the hosting pack. In a word, the facilities are just amazing at this low price tag.


There’s another hosting pack of InterServer that’s called the Managed WordPress that costs $8 per month only.


And the web hosting is also available on InterServer and it costs $5 on a monthly basis.


As said before you can pay the bill for any of the hosting plans on a monthly basis.


Other than these shared hosting plans, InterServer also provides different VPS and dedicated hosting plans.



So, we have come a long way and now we can say something about how good the web hosting company, InterServer, is.


Yes, there are some facilities available with the services of this web hosting company that are hardly seen in most of the hosting companies. Like you can pay your hosting bill on a monthly basis, have the SSL certificate for your site for free, host Linux or Windows as per your choice etc.


Also, the services are very much promising according to many users of the hosting company.


From all these points, we can say that InterServer is a recommended web hosting company that you can use at the time of hosting your site.


Your decision

This part is solely up to your own judgment. I’ve reviewed all the notable services and features of the hosting company, but when it comes to taking the decision whether to use the company or not, you have the supreme power doing so.

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