How to Get More Followers on Instagram: Sure-Fire Formula

This blog post is solely on how to increase free Instagram followers. 


Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms. For this reason, many online business owners wanna leverage this great platform for their businesses.

best instagram campaigns

The site, Instagram, thus has become a boon to many of us who wanna strengthen our online presence.


And more and more Instagram followers can take your online business to the next level. So, getting many followers to your Instagram account is a good sign for your online business.


But how will you gain more and more Instagram followers? Do you have any idea on that? Well, this blog post will spark the light on this matter.


You’ll come to know about the best Instagram campaigns too by reading this blog post. So, investing some time in reading this post won’t be a waste of time, I bet.


How to Get More Followers on Instagram?

Now, I’ll show you all the proven methods to increase followers to your Instagram account. All the ways are legitimate and you can get a lot of advantages by following them.


Here are the methods –

Make an exciting profile

To do anything with a thing, you first need to start that thing. The same thing is appropriate when you wanna get followers on Instagram. What’s the thing?


Well, first of all, you’ll have to create an Instagram account. Without registering for an Instagram profile, you can’t move further on the platform.


So, the first thing is to open an account on Instagram. Then you can add Instagram followers to your profile.


Also, creating an Instagram profile isn’t the only thing that you’ll need to do. You’ll also need to make it exciting enough to engage more and more people with it.


Suppose that you’re posting eye-catching images on your timeline even though you can’t get to see expected followers on Instagram. The reason is likely that your profile isn’t a nice one. It’s common to see that each and every follower will, first of all, check your profile before following you.


If your profile is an ugly or unprofessional looking one, then most people will surely ignore you to follow on Instagram.


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Appoint an SMM manager

Often times, it’s seen that most online business owners are too busy to take care of their social media channels properly. In this situation, any ontrepreneur can be damn sure that s/he won’t get more and more followers on any of the social media platforms whether it’s Facebook or Instagram.


If you struggle to manage time for your social media accounts, then it’s the wisest decision to appoint a reliable social media manager for different tasks of social media.


Learn the Photo editing skills

You can see that the popularity of most Instagram photos comes mostly from the editing magic. So, to do well with your photos, you’ll need to learn how to give a photo the magical touch with your photo editing skills.


This isn’t a silly matter and you need to invest much time in learning the invaluable skills. If you think that you can do it within a very short time, then you’re totally wrong.


But never be worried. Start from now on and work hard and smart. Then, you could be a decent photo editor soon for sure.


Also, keep an eye on other famous Instagram users who’re publishing well-edited photos on a regular basis. You can garner great knowledge about how to edit your photos by following them.


Like others pictures

Remember that love attracts love. So, if you can show love to others, then you’ll be loved by many of them. This is true and you should practice this almost all the time of your online business.


Instagram is no exception to this. On this platform, you’re meeting with millions of real people who want your love. Then, why won’t you show your love to them?


But how will you do it? Well, you can do it easily by liking others photos. Will it really work? Of course! Try to remember how do you feel when someone likes any post or image of your on a social media channel?


You feel ecstatic, right? And at the same time, you reach to the people’s profiles who have liked or followed you. Many of the times, you also follow or like those people or their updates respectively because love is reciprocal.


So, from now on, you’ll have to start following other awesome people and their images on Instagram. This will surely bring more followers to your Instagram profile.


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Write engaging comments

Writing in-depth comments that are very engaging is a great way of attracting other people. Commenting works well and it’s true for anything.


Suppose that you’re a blogger and if you write an exciting comment on another blog post of others, then you can see that many people are visiting your site from the comment’s link. This is the power of a great comment.


Similarly, you can engage more and more Instagram users with your interesting comments on some of the photos of Instagram.


Share engaging pictures

You can’t expect to get love from people without providing value to them. How will you provide value to them?


Well, if you’re on Instagram, then you should share those images that are capable of providing value in any way to your audience.


Your images may teach your audience. Also, those can make them happy or laugh or take any good action. This way, you’re providing value to your existing followers which will surely attract more people to become your followers on a regular basis.


Real-life pictures are the best

Believe it or not, if you can post your real-life pictures or selfies, then those will work the best for better engagement. Yes, we all are amazing people surrounded by amazing things and actions.


But the problem is that we can’t realize this true thing. Most of us think that we’re too trivial to be shared with others. Nope, you’re not right. You can engage people with your surroundings.


Just start working from today. To do this, wherever you go and whatever you see, just keep an eye whether you can snap something different.


You could surely come up with so many great snaps that you can’t imagine right now.


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Use hashtags properly

Though the effectiveness of the hashtags isn’t that high on Instagram in comparison to Twitter, the power of this still works here.


By using the proper hashtags, you can meet with the like-minded people on your way on Instagram. This will obviously get you more followers at the end of the day.


So, learn how to utilize the hashtags properly and then start using them that way. I hope that you could soon see the surge of Instagram followers to your end.


Never bore your audience

It’s better to stay you from someone rather than boring him/her. The same thing is true for Instagram. Instagram is a place where millions of real people meet each other.

never bore

So, in no way, you can think that you have the option to bore the users of this platform. If you do so, then you’ll be ignored by many of the Instagram users. The end result will give you the declining Instagram followers for sure.


Connect with other users

Making a like-minded community has a great power that I hope you already know about. In case you’re missing this thing, you should start connecting with other Instagrammers from now on.


The better and more connection you can have with other users on Instagram, the more Instagram followers you can see in your profile.


So, this is the ultimate power of connection. Business is, in fact, the means of connection. If you can connect with others, then you can do business. On the other hand, if you fail to harness the power of connection, then you’re likely to lose your business.


Go for the cross-promotion

The previous part is required to well in this part. Yes, you can give other Instagrammers to go for cross-promotion only if you have a good relationship with them.


Cross-promotion has great effectiveness in getting more followers. This is beneficial to both the users those who’re involving in promoting each other.


This practice works well because it shares the audience of multiple users. This way, you can reach to thousands of Instagramers.


And when you have the room to showcase your great work to more audience beyond your own circle, then it’s likely to see that you can attract more people, thus more Instagram followers to your side.


Have different touches in your images

You can never expect to shine your pictures if your ones are like the thousands of others. Those types of photos that are shared by most other Instagram users couldn’t see the light of popularity.


And you know that if you can’t engage the audience with your content, then you could never see the rise of followers on any of your social media profiles.


Try to find out what changes can make your content unique and at the same time, eye-catching to your audience. If you can figure out the things and work that way, you must craft unique and engaging content on your Instagram channel which will, in turn, give you more followers.


Edit photos that way

In an earlier part, I’ve emphasized on learning photo editing skills and in this part, I’m telling you to edit your photos well before you publish them on Instagram.


It’s not uncommon to see that there some famous Instagrammers who have got so many followers with the magic of their edited photos.


One of the secrets to becoming popular on Instagram is editing the photos in an exciting manner. As you have learned how to edit photos well, now is the time to apply the skills in editing your photos to make them eye-catching.


Write the captions in a storytelling way

It’s always heard that picture tells a thousand words, but it’s the publisher who can make a picture more visible to its audience that can tell them a great story.


But how to do it? Well, it’s not that hard. You’ll have to craft the skills of writing caption in a persuasive way. If you can engage your readers with the captions of your photos, then you won’t have to look back again to get more followers on your profile.


You’ll see that many social media channels have already risen to the pinnacle of popularity only by leveraging the captions on eye-catching images.


Good news is that you can do the same. Learn how to write a perfect caption for an image so that it viewers can engage and then start applying the craft.


Make the caption complete

Never keep the caption of your Instagram photos incomplete. Incomplete anything is bad and as there’s no way to read further about your images on Instagram, you can never have the option to write half-done captions for your images.


So, after writing each of the captions, go back to the caption again and read it several times. Ask yourself whether the caption needs some more words to make it full or not. Do whatever it takes to make the caption complete.


The complete caption of an image will give the best engagement and engagement in your content means that some of the engaged viewers must be your followers sooner or later.


Try to keep only quality photos

It’s very common to see that after a certain period of time, our social media accounts contain some poor content. So, everything becomes a mixture of good and bad things.


It’s your duty to remove the bad from the good things. Reach to your Instagram profile time to time and check how many of the photos aren’t that engaging.


After a subtle inspection, keep only the quality photos that are getting popularity or will likely to get fame over time. Do this thing on a regular basis and this has a great impact on getting more and more followers on your Instagram profile.


The reason is that when someone wants to be a follower of someone, then it’s quite natural that the interested person will check the other person’s, whom s/he wants to follow, profile scrupulously.


This is to ensure that the person s/he’s gonna follow has a great deal of good content. If you can keep quality content on your Instagram profile, then you’ll see that you’re getting more followers to it.


Start an Instagram contest

Going for a contest on Instagram is still effective in getting more followers to an Instagram account. So, you should leverage this for the betterment of your social media presence, especially when it comes to Instagram.


Promote on other social media channels

Getting more followers on Instagram doesn’t mean that you’ll be inactive on your other social media channels. I’ve already told this thing several times that you should be equally active on all of your social media channels.


Not only is this, you’ll promote one of your social media profiles on another. This will merge most of your connections, so you can see more followers in all of your social media channels.


Post images during the hot days and hours

You know that everything has some pick hours to get more engagement. Knowing this, you see that online business owners publish or spread their words on some specific hot hours.


They do it because of getting the most exposure on their content, advertisements or in more precisely, the words.


You should also do the same. Find out the right time for publishing your content on Instagram. In fact, it’s also advisable for any other social media profile. This will surely bring more engagement to your content, thus more followers.


Make your Instagram account SEO friendly

SEO is not only effective in ranking your blog posts but also helpful in exploring your social media profile and its content. So, here comes the importance of making your Instagram account SEO friendly.


Add the relevant keywords which you talk about to your profile. It’ll help your profile to be explored by your audience. So, you can’t be without SEO at the time of working on Instagram.



Use call to action

I’m not specifying anything here to use the call to action. The reason is that you need to use the call to action in every time you want to have engagement.


For Instagram, you’ll have to put the call to action for interacting with your photos which will be written on the photos that you publish on your timeline.


I often take some actions to those posts or images that tell me to take an action. So, I can feel that the same feeling comes to other users who get the pressure of any sort of call to action.


So, never miss telling your audience that being a follower of you will be beneficial to them or something like this. This will persuade many of your viewers to be your followers.


Maintain a posting frequency and time

Do you believe that the success comes in proper time maintaining? I bet that you’ll have to agree with me on this claim.

posting time

The reason is that we’re inclined with schedules. We wanna see things happening in a specific time. You see that you get every Friday after waiting 7 days. The same way, anything should have a proper routine.


Being a blogger, I know the power of maintaining a routine. I see that I get more engagement on my blog when I do things maintaining a regular schedule.


This is the power of maintaining a schedule and you’ll have to do the same in the case of your Instagram posting. Set a proper frequency of publishing your post on your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.


Why I’m bringing the names of other social media channels? The reason is that you’ll get the combined benefit from doing the same on all of your social media channels.


So, have you set how many times you’ll post on your Instagram and other social media channels? If so, then you’re heading toward a great success over time.


Consistently keep posting

As you have set the frequency of posting content on your social media profiles, now is the time to consistently keep it on.


If you fail to do things on a regular basis, then you could never see the promising result in anything. So, never stop publishing content consistently.


Post cluster of photos instead of a single one

The album photos can capture more attention than an individual one. This is proven and you can also test yourself to this.


To me, I always tend to check what are the other images if an album appears to me on my social media channel. And most of the cases, I go to the end of an album full of exciting photos.


Also, I experience that the album of photos often persuades me to hit the share button. So, to get more exposure on your content, you should, sometimes, post a group of photos instead of a single one. This will obviously increase the engagement and thus the followers.


Use faces

Do you know that people wanna be more personal? Yes, think about yourself. You are more likely to connect with those people that are more personal to you.


The same thing happens when your social media connections can come to know more about you. I’ve already emphasized on shooting and publishing real-life pictures on Instagram to get the best exposure.


Here you can see that showing your faces to your audience or anyone if the best way to get them the feel of more personal. This will surely, in turn, bring more followers to your Instagram account.


Tag other people

Don’t forget to tag other people when you publish content on your Instagram profile. This practice is, in fact, advisable to every social media channel because tagging notices people more specifically that there’s a new update on the respective person’s social media timeline.


Advising more people to check your update means that you’re getting more interactions with it. This will eventually bring more followers to your end.


Post lightweight photos

It’s reported that light photos get more popularity on Instagram and this is also true for any of the platforms. To me, the reason might be the ease of loading a light photo.

lightweight photos

You see that a heavy photo takes much time to load on a browser and due to the long duration of loading the picture, many users flee from watching it. So, it’s advisable that you always try to publish lightweight photos on your timeline.


Work on videos too

instagram videos

You know that Instagram has already introduced the option of uploading videos on the platform a few years back, you should now also go for exciting videos too.


Shoot engaging videos and upload that to your timeline. You’ll surely get more and more viewers for your videos which will help you gain more followers.


Add your Instagram account to your email signature

I always give this suggestion to make any of your links popular. The reason is that the email account of a person has great power to spread words effectively among his/her audience.


So, add your Instagram profile’s link to the signature of your most used email account. Then you’ll see that many of your email receivers are landing your Instagram profile. This way, you can experience more followers from those visitors that come from the signature link of your emails.


Ask your friends and family members to follow you

Most people are surrounded by a lot of friends and family members. And often times, we see that we miss out these important people to make our followers.


Who else is living in your home? Your dad, mom, husband, wife, children, anyone else? Why not make them your followers?


You’re meeting with a neighbor of you, just request him/her to follow you on Instagram. You’re in your college, just ask your friends to do the same. This is the small steps to achieve something bigger over time.


You can never expect to get a big result at a time. The initial small steps will lead you to a great distance that most of us can’t realize.


So, from now on, check who else of your locality, your family or neighborhood isn’t on your list. Adding more and more people to your domain of social media channels.


Bring your connections from other social media channels

Many of us don’t mix all the social media channels together. This is because sometimes, we fail to realize that we have different connections on each of our social media channels.

be connected on other social media

So, why not invite the Facebook friends to follow you on Instagram or the vice versa? You can’t imagine that through this practice, you could see a surge of follower increase on your Instagram profile.


How many connections do you have on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc? Make a list of all the social media platforms where you’re active and have a decent number of followers or connections.


Then reach to all those channels and ask your connections to join you also on Instagram. The more you’ll invite the people on other channels, the more followers you’ll get over time.


Give time

Nothing great can happen without investing time in it. So, it’s crucial to wait for seeing the great result of anything.


I’ve seen that many people start doing something and within a very short time, they wanna get a big return from their work. It’s not a wise practice.


In fact, you could eventually fall out from your goal if you can’t change this behavior. You’ll have to give adequate time to see the success in gaining more Instagram followers. Never be too hasty to lose everything that you have already achieved.


All the suggestions mentioned in this post are doable and you don’t need to do anything special to do the things. Moreover, every action is super easy and for this reason, you shouldn’t be scared of any of this.


After the long discussion on how to increase the followers of Instagram, now you should have a clear idea on it. I hope that you could utilize your knowledge that you have garnered so far from this blog post in this regard. Wish you all the best.


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