InMotion Hosting Shared Hosting Review ~ 3 Hosting Packs

InMotion shared hosting plan is very popular because of its outstanding hosting services.


There are three shared hosting packs available in the hosting company.


In this post, I’ll discuss all the shared hosting packs of InMotion Hosting in details.


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InMotion Hosting Shared Hosting

Here are the shared hosting packs of the hosting company –

inmotion hosting shared hosting

Now, I’ll elaborate my talk about the hosting packs one by one.


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InMotion Hosting Launch Plan is the starter hosting pack among the three shared hosting packs.


This hosting pack has so many exciting features that you can easily be mad at them.

inmotion hosting launch plan

The hosting pack comes with the free SSD drives. A free domain is also included with the Launch Plan.


The hosting package can host up to 2 websites and you can keep up to 6 parked domains.


The number of subdomains that you can host on this hosting pack is 25.


The users of this pack get the common 90-day money back guarantee which is too much for the period.


If you use the hosting pack, then you won’t have to worry about your valuable content since there’s the free automatic backup service available with it.


Since the pack comes with a 1-click installer, there’s no hassle when it comes to installing different scripts. One notable feature of this cheap hosting pack is that the storage and the bandwidth of the pack are unlimited.


There you get even more with the hosting pack because you can host an unlimited number of email accounts and at the same time the email storage is also unlimited.


The free site builder comes with the package is a great addition to designing a site as per its owner’s choice without needing any coding.


And the super support team is always ready to serve you the best.


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The Power Plan of InMotion Hosting is another powerful hosting pack.

inmotion hosting power plan

Most of the features that have been mentioned in the previous hosting plan are also available in this pack. In addition to all the features, there are some things extra in this plan.


You can host up to 6 sites on the Power Plan whereas the previous plan allows you only 2. The MySQL databases are also 50 here.


The hosting plan is e-commerce ready that means you can make your site such a way that you could smoothly sell products from it. There are also variances in the parked and the subdomains. You can keep up to 26 parked domains and up to 100 subdomains.


One good part of this hosting plan is that sometimes, the pricing of this pack becomes equal to the that of the Launch Plan. This is because of an adjusted discount for both the packs. When I was writing this post, the same thing happened to me. As a result, you can see that both the packs, the Launch and the Power, cost the same which is as low as $5.99 per month.


This scenario isn’t always true, but you should check this whether the discounted prices of both the plans are same or not. If they’re same, then you must choose the Power Plan rather than the Launch Plan because of having more benefits at the same price.


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The PRO shared hosting pack is the best among the 3 hosting packs. For this reason, the price is also the highest. Here’s the price tag of the hosting pack –

inmotion pro

This hosting plan can host as many sites as you wish since the feature comes with an unlimited capacity. Not only is the unlimited website hosting, you can also host an unlimited number of subdomains and parked domains on the PRO plan.


And the number of MySQL databases is also unlimited in the hosting plan. That means the PRO hosting pack is full of unlimited features. So, if you wanna host your website without any limit, then this pack is the best choice for you.


Apart from all these exciting features of this plan, all the other features that were mentioned in the starter plan of InMotion Hosting are also available here. So, there’s nothing to lose if you choose the PRO shared hosting plan of InMotion Hosting.

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So, these are the shared hosting packs of the hosting company. Now, it’s up to you to choose one from the options of 3. All the packs are powerful enough to run a site perfectly, so you can pick anyone from the 3 hosting packs.

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