InMotion Hosting WordPress Hosting Review (3 Packs)

In this InMotion Hosting WordPress review, you’ll come to know all the three WP hosting packs of the hosting company.


If you visit the site of InMotion Hosting, you’ll see that there are several types of hosting plans available there. Among many types of hosting plans of InMotion Hosting, WordPress Hosting plan is a notable one.

inmotion hosting wordpress hosting

In this post, I’m gonna review the WordPress hosting of InMotion Hosting.


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InMotion Hosting plans 


InMotion Hosting WordPress hosting

Note that the names of the WordPress hosting packs and the shared hosting packs of InMotion Hosting are all the same.


Now, I’ll talk about the prices of the WordPress packs of the company. Here’s the information related to the pricing of the hosting pack –


Price. The regular price of InMotion Hosting Launch Plan is $7.99/month whereas the Power Plan sells at $9.99/month. And the Pro Pack’s regular price is $15.99 per month.


Discount. The good news is that all the WordPress hosting packs of InMotion Hosting have a decent discount. Currently, the Launch Plan is selling at $5.99 per month after getting a discount of 25% on the regular price.


The next pack’s discounted price comes to $7.99 per month because of a 20% off on the regular price. The Pro WordPress hosting pack is $13.99 per month when there’s a 12% discount on the regular price of the pack.


Note that all the mentioned discounted prices are attainable if the purchase of the respective hosting pack is for s years. There’s the option of buying the hosting packs for 1 year too. If you do so, then the discounted price will be more.


Renewal price. You’ll have to renew any of the WordPress hosting packs at the regular price. Though InMotion Hosting has a great offer of lifetime discount on their dedicated hosting packs, it’s not available for any other hosting plan of the company.


Money-back guarantee. The usual money-back period (90 days) is also applicable to the WordPress hosting plan. So, in the case of WordPress hosting, you’re getting a long time for claiming your money back.


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Other notable features

Free domain. All the WordPress hosting packs come with a free domain for the first year. This means that you won’t have to purchase a domain separately in order to start your WordPress website.


The number of website hosting. The hosting packs (from the low to high) can host up to 2, 6, and an unlimited number of websites respectively.


The number of email accounts. You won’t have to worry about how many mailboxes you can use for your WordPress site if your hosting is from InMotion Hosting because you can create as many email accounts as you wish.


Control panel. The name of the control that’s provided with the WordPress hosting packs of InMotion Hosting is cPanel. Since you know that cPanel is the handiest tool for managing a site, you won’t have to worry about controlling your WP site.


Disk space and bandwidth. InMotion Hosting is very famous for providing too many unlimited features. In the case of storage and bandwidth of their WordPress hosting packs, the hosting company does the same. Yes, you’ll get an unlimited amount of disk space and bandwidth.


1-Click installer. One fascinating thing about InMotion Hosting WordPress hosting is that you don’t have to install WordPress yourself. Yes, you’ll get it installed at the time of checking out.


Performance. Depending on the RAM and the connections, InMotion Hosting offers 2X performance in its Power Plan and 4X performance in its Pro Plan.


Website builder. InMotion Hosting provides a powerful website builder named BoldGrid which comes pre-installed on their WP hosting.


Support. You can expect the usual support of the hosting company for the Launch and the Power WordPress hosting packs, though the Pro pack comes with a Pro Level Support.


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Final verdict and your decision

So, what rating can we consider for InMotion WordPress hosting? I’m confident that it’s worth a 4-star rating. I can say this because the features of the hosting plan deserve the rating.


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This is a neutral review of the WordPress hosting of InMotion Hosting. Even though I suggest you not to believe all my claims. You should check the hosting plan yourself and consider any of the hosting packs only when you’re satisfied with them.

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