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Well, in this post, I’m gonna show you InMotion Hosting Vs Web Hosting Hub. Yes, you’ll come to know about the differences between WebHostingHub and InMotion Hosting.

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When you wanna start a website, you need to choose and use a decent web hosting pack. But which one to choose when you wanna do the thing?


InMotion Hosting Vs WebHostingHub

So, let’s start comparing the web hosting companies.



I emphasize much on the speed of a web hosting server. The reason is that it’s an important factor to check whether a hosting company is good or not.


So, I’ve tested the speed of InMotion Hosting with PICKUPHOST’s tool and got the following speed scores of InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub respectively –

speed of inmotion hosting

Speed of InMotion Hosting

speed of webhostinghub

Speed of WebHostingHub

So, you can see that InMotion Hosting’s speed was recorded as 8 ms whereas the speed of WebHostingPad was 116 ms.


116 ms is considered as a fast speed, though 8 ms speed of InMotion Hosting can easily defeat the speed of WebHostingHub.


So, the speed test winner is undoubtedly InMotion Hosting.


Server type

WebHostingHub has several Linux-based hosting packages. It has no Windows-based servers. InMotion Hosting also comes with only Linux-based hosting packs.


So, both the hosting companies are same in this regard.


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InMotion Hosting has a crucial touch in its backup system, thus it has made the automatic backing up service free for its customers.


On the other hand, the backup service of WebHostingHub isn’t free, but it costs as low as $1 per month.


So, InMotion Hosting is the winner here. 



The support system of InMotion Hosting is very up to date. They’re very responsive and you’ll always get them beside you at the time of asking or solving your queries or problems.


On the other hand, WebHostingHub’s support can be easily traced on top of its site. Yes, there are a phone number, Skype ID, and a chatting option available there. From all these types of support media, we can be clear that how good the support team of the hosting company is.


So, we’re gonna consider a tie also here in this part. 


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The pricing of the hosting services of this hosting company is very cheap. You’ll get a hosting pack only for $5 per month. This is a cheap pricing though you’re getting a lot of services with the hosting pack.


In case of WebHostingHub, you’ll get your hosting as low as $2.99 per month. That means WebHostingHub comes with a lower priced hosting pack than InMotion Hosting.


So, the winner regarding the price fight is WebHostingHub for sure. 


Disk space and bandwidth

Both the disk space and the bandwidth provided with the hosting packs of InMotion Hosting are unlimited. WebHostingHub also competes with InMotion Hosting the same way by providing the same feature.


So, there’s a tie between them.


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Free domain

The hosting packs of InMotion Hosting have the free domain registration offer for the first year. This feature is also available in WebHostingHub.


So, there’s no winner in this part. The result is a draw between the hosting companies.


Number of emails per hosting account

There’s no need to worry about the email hosting if your hosting pack is from InMotion Hosting. This is because you can host unlimited email accounts on any of the hosting packs of the hosting company.


WebHostingHub provides the same facility at the time of hosting email accounts. So, we can’t compare the hosting companies according to this feature. This means that there’s a tie between the 2 companies.


Website builder

The free website builder provided by InMotion Hosting is really very helpful in designing a site without the need for any coding knowledge.


And WebHostingHub provides a free premium website builder that means to get the full features of the tool, you’ll have to buy it.


As a result, we can make InMotion Hosting as the winner of this part due to providing the full free website builder.


Control panel

InMotion Hosting knows the importance of cPanel as the control panel, so it provides the control panel with all the hosting plans.


On the other hand, WebHostingHub provides the cPanel with its hosting packs too. So, here’s another draw between the 2 hosting companies.


1-Click installer

The hosting company, InMotion Hosting, has Softaculous as the 1-click installer. This tool makes the installation process of different scripts super easy.


You can also use the same tool when it comes to installing your site on any of the hosting packs of WebHostingHub.


So, the result of this part is a tie. 


Money back guarantee

InMotion Hosting gives a long 90 days for the money-back period. This is a long period of time and now, let’s check the money-back guarantee of WebHostingHub.


Wow! Amazing! WebHostingHub also gives the same period of time as the money-back period.


So, you can see that both the companies provide the same amount of time. That means both the hosting companies win in this regard.


Final verdict

After comparing a lot of features now is the time to decide which one hosting company wins over the other.


Let’s see how many features I’ve brought here to show you the comparison of the hosting companies.


The total number of parts is 12. Now, I’m counting the winner in the parts individually.


InMotion Hosting won in 3 of the parts

WebHostingHub won in 1 of the parts

There were ties in 8 of the parts


So, the winner is InMotion Hosting since it has won in more of the parts than WebHostingHub.

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Still, you have the room for considering WebHostingHub as your website’s hosting provider because there were ties in the whopping 8 parts.

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