InMotion Hosting Vs HostGator ~ Learn Which One to Use

This is gonna be the InMotion Hosting Vs HostGator post.


InMotion Hosting is very powerful and reliable when it comes to using their hosting packs.


On the other hand, you have already heard or experienced that HostGator is a nice web hosting company.

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So, which web hosting company, between InMotion Hosting and HostGator, is the best? Well, to learn this, read this comparison post.

hostgator review

InMotion Hosting Vs HostGator

Now, I’ll go to compare the hosting companies on the basis of different features.



When we go to use a web hosting company, we often check its speed. So, it’s very important to check the speed of a web hosting company.


For this, here’s the speed of HostGator –

58ms speed

The speed of HostGator

58 ms speed is a super fast speed which is claimed by the tool, PICKUPHOST, that I used to get the speed.


Whereas the speed of InMotion Hosting is much better which is this –

speed of inmotion hosting

The speed of InMotion Hosting

So, you can see that InMotion Hosting’s 8 ms turbo speed is much faster than the speed of HostGator.


Server type

InMotion Hosting is a good hosting company though it only provides the Linux-based servers. On the other hand, HostGator is such a web hosting company that has different types of servers like the Windows and the ASP.NET etc.


So, you can see that HostGator is better in this regard since the hosting company has more options when it comes to choosing a server for your hosting.

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Here’s the uptime of HostGator (recorded for some months) –

uptime of hostgator

And the uptime of InMotion Hosting is this –

February 2017: 99.9%

March 2017: 100%

April 2017: 99.8%


So, you can see that InMotion Hosting has proven a better uptime record than HostGator. As a result, the winner of this part is InMotion Hosting.



InMotion Hosting is very smart and it knows your requirement very well. I’m saying this because they provide the backup service for free which is a crucial feature for every website owner to secure his/her work.


HostGator also provides a weekly off-site data backup for its users. So, we can’t compare the hosting companies according to this feature.


This means that the result is a tie.



You know that a good support system is quite mandatory for being a good hosting company. For this reason, you’ll see that most good hosting companies have a responsive team.


To be frank, InMotion Hosting has several support media to connect with their customers. They have the live sales chat option. Also, the Skype is a great addition to joining the support team of the hosting company.


Other than all these support options, InMotion Hosting also has the direct phone calling system which is the fastest connection.


On the other hand, HostGator also comes up with an exciting support team where you can contact them using their toll-free number shown on top of the site, live chat, customer portal etc.


So, you should thank both the companies equally for providing a lot of options for having a responsive support.



The prices of different web hosting services of InMotion Hosting are very cheap indeed. To give you an idea about the cheapness, I’m mentioning the price of the starting shared hosting plan of the hosting company.


It’s only under $5 per month. If you check the features of the hosting plan, you’ll be amazed to see that how this cheap hosting plan has so many exciting offers.


On the other hand, HostGator’s starter plan’s name is the Hatchling plan which now costs only $3.95 per month.


So, comparing the prices of the starter plans of both the hosting companies, we can say that the winner is HostGator for sure.


Disk space and bandwidth

InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting packs have the limited storage and bandwidth capability whereas HostGator provides unmetered bandwidth, though the storage comes with a limitation.


So, we can consider a tie here.


Free domain

InMotion has the free domain registration option. So, you’ll get a free domain with your hosting pack for a year.


On the other hand, HostGator is hated by many of you since it has no free domain registration option. All you can do to get a domain for your hosting is to buy one.


So, InMotion Hosting must defeat HostGator when it comes to having a free domain with the hosting packs.


Number of domains per hosting account

You can host as many websites as you want on the PRO hosting pack of InMotion Hosting, though the other hosting packs have the limitation when it comes to hosting.


In the case of HostGator, 2 of the shared hosting packs allow their users to host an unlimited number of domains.


So, the winner is HostGator without having any doubt.


Website builder

You’ll be happy to know that InMotion Hosting provides a free website builder. This tool can work as a website designer. You’ll feel lucky because there’s no limitation on the tool.


And there’s no reason for being unhappy with HostGator since the hosting company provides a free website builder too.


So, we can conclude a tie here.


Control panel

cPanel is the best website management tool so far, so InMotion Hosting didn’t take a wrong decision by not providing this great tool with their hosting packs.


HostGator doesn’t lag behind in this regard because the hosting company also provides cPanel as the control panel.


So, both the companies have come to a tie in this part.


1-Click installer

If you have Softaculous with your hosting pack, then you can be worry-free because of installing of your required scripts. The good news is that InMotion Hosting provides Softaculous with its hosting plans.


On the other hand, HostGator has the QuickInstalls which is also a good 1-click installer though it’s not as good as Softaculous.


So, HostGator is defeated by InMotion Hosting in this part.


Money back guarantee

There’s the 90-day money back guarantee of InMotion Hosting. So, if you wanna get your money back because of not satisfying with the services of InMotion Hosting, then you can have a long period of 90 days for that.


And HostGator gives also a long period of time though it’s shorter than that of InMotion Hosting. HostGator has 45 days for the money-back guarantee.


So, InMotion Hosting wins in this part.

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Final verdict

In this part, I’ll show you the winner of today’s battle. So far, I’ve mentioned 13 features in this post for the comparison purpose.


InMotion Hosting won in 5 of the parts

HostGator won in 3 of the parts

Both the companies came to a tie in 5 parts


So, from the above results, we can make InMotion Hosting as the winner of this comparison.

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