InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy Web Hosting [Updated]

InMotion Hosting has been providing great hosting services to its customers for years.


And GoDaddy is one of the most famous names when it comes to registering domain names.


Now, GoDaddy also involves in providing quality hosting services.


So we can make a comparison post between InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy since both the companies provide the similar types of services.


And here’s the thorough comparison.


So enjoy and find your winner hosting company today.


InMotion Hosting Vs GoDaddy

So, let’s start comparing the features and the services of the 2 hosting companies.


Since the speed of a hosting company is a great determinant to judge its quality, I’m showing you the speed testing scores for both the companies using the server speed test tool of Bitcatcha.


First of all, here are the different scores according to different locations of InMotion Hosting –

inmotion hosting server response time

The speed of InMotion Hosting

Check the first speed which is 1 ms, just amazing, right? Similarly, all the other speed scores are quite promising and the grade for the hosting company’s speed comes as C+.


On the other hand, the speed scores of GoDaddy are the following ones –

speed of godaddy

The speed of GoDaddy

GoDaddy’s performance regarding speed is also promising. It gets a grade of C.


So, InMotion Hosting wins by getting a grade of C+.


Read the InMotion Hosting review in order to learn more about the hosting company.


InMotion Hosting Vs Web Hosting Hub


Server type

InMotion Hosting has only Linux-based hosting servers whereas GoDaddy has both the Linux and the Windows-based hosting servers.


So, in this regard, GoDaddy wins over InMotion Hosting.

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InMotion Hosting has the free backup facility, so you can start backing up your valuable content paying a penny.


On the other hand, GoDaddy has only the paid version of its backup service.


So, in terms of having a free backup service, InMotion Hosting wins for sure. 


InMotion Hosting Vs Bluehost



InMotion Hosting has a responsive support team that’s always ready to take care of all of your concerns.


You’ll see that there’s the live chatting option for sales chat available on top of the website of InMotion Hosting. There’s also the Skype contact option which is very effective in connecting with the support staffs of the company.


Also, the direct calling is another great option for the connection.


On the other hand, GoDaddy is also very responsive in providing its support. There’s the direct calling option and the contact number is always visible on top of the site of GoDaddy.


You can also join the community of GoDaddy in order to connect with other members and learn your required things. If you still need more help, then there’s the live chatting option available in the support of GoDaddy.

GoDaddy chat

Since this part is very tough to compare the services of the companies, I’m making a tie. 



The prices of different hosting packs aren’t that much. The shared hosting plan starts at around $5 per month. On the other hand, the VPS plan starts from the monthly cost of around $30. And you can buy a dedicated plan from InMotion Hosting at under $100 per month.


All the reasonable prices worth the cost because you’ll get a lot of services in a single hosting pack.


And the starting shared hosting pack of GoDaddy costs $3.99 only per month after having a 50% discount on the plan.


So, comparing the pricing of the companies, GoDaddy wins for sure. 


Disk space and bandwidth

The best part of using the shared hosting packs of InMotion Hosting is that they come up with unlimited storage as well as bandwidth.


In the case of GoDaddy, we can say the same thing except the starting shared hosting pack which provides a limited storage capacity.


However, we should consider a tie between the companies in this part. 


Free domain

InMotion offers a free domain registration with its different hosting packs. This offer is for the first year of your hosting pack’s purchase.


And GoDaddy also offers the same thing if you buy their hosting packs on an annual basis.


So, both the companies are in a win-win situation in this part.


Number of domains per hosting account

The PRO hosting pack of InMotion Hosting is capable of hosting as many domains as you want. Other hosting packs also support multiple websites to be hosted.


On the other hand, 2 of the GoDaddy’s shared hosting packs offer the unlimited websites hosting feature.


So, here GoDaddy must win over InMotion Hosting. 


Number of emails per hosting account

This feature is unlimited in the case of InMotion Hosting. Yes, the company gives you the room for hosting as many email accounts as you want on any of the hosting packs.


GoDaddy gives 1 free email though you have the room for adding more email accounts. The hosting company provides 5 GB space for email hosting.


In this regard, InMotion Hosting wins. 


Number of databases

This feature also comes the same way as the domain hosting feature because the PRO hosting pack has an unlimited number of databases capability. The other packs come with a limitation.


The Ultimate shared hosting pack of GoDaddy comes with an unlimited number of MySQL databases.


That means if we compare this feature between the PRO and the Ultimate packs of the hosting companies, then there’s a tie between them.


Website builder

GoDaddy provides a premium website builder which you can try for free. This means that the tool isn’t completely free.


Using InMotion Hosting, you can stay worry-free because the designing task of your website can be given to the shoulder of the free website builder.


So, the winner of this part is InMotion Hosting. 


Control panel

In this part, InMotion Hosting won’t disappoint you because the cPanel is provided as the website management tool.


The same way, GoDaddy will make you happy by providing the same control panel for managing your website.


So, the result is a draw. 


1-Click installer

InMotion Hosting comes with Softaculous as the 1-click installer. So, there should be no worry about using a quality installer as this is the best tool for the purpose of installing different scripts.


GoDaddy doesn’t provide Softaculous though there’s a 1-click install app available in the company.


So, we can make InMotion Hosting winner in this regard due to providing a better tool for the purpose. 


Types of hosting packs

InMotion Hosting has almost all types of hosting packs. It has the shared hosting packs that you have already known. There are some WordPress hosting packs available for the hosting company too.


The availability of the VPS and the dedicated hosting packs has made the hosting company a complete one. Other than all these types of hosting packs, the hosting company also has some reseller hosting packs.


GoDaddy also offers a wide range of hosting plans. They have the shared, the WordPress, the VPS, and the dedicated hosting plans.


So, we can’t make any of the hosting companies as the winner in this part since both the companies provide almost all types of hosting plans. 


Money back guarantee

The money-back guarantee period of long 90 days is really very helpful in checking the services of the hosting company. This period is more than the usual time-frame offered by most other hosting companies.


On the other hand, the money-back period of GoDaddy is 45 days which is much shorter than that of InMotion Hosting.


So, the winner of this part is InMotion Hosting. 


Final verdict

This is the part where you’ll get to know the winner of the 2 companies. So far, I’ve compared the companies according to 15 features and the results are here –

InMotion Hosting won – in 6 parts

GoDaddy Won – in 3 parts

Draw – in 6 parts


So, you can see that InMotion Hosting won in 6 of the parts whereas GoDaddy did it in 3 of the parts. There’s a draw in the 6 parts.


If we consider the winner on the basis of more winning parts, then InMotion Hosting will win.


So, it’s clear that InMotion Hosting won in the comparison between the 2 hosting companies. You should check the parts and determine which features are more valuable to you.


If you see that GoDaddy won in the parts which you value more, then you should use GoDaddy. On the other hand, if you feel that the parts where InMotion Hosting won have a great value for you, then you should undoubtedly choose InMotion Hosting as your website’s hosting provider (read – is InMotion Hosting good?).

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