InMotion Hosting Vs DreamHost ~ Will Find Out the Winner

This post will reveal all the aspects of InMotion Hosting Vs DreamHost.


I’ve already written a post on InMotion Hosting review. So, you may have already learned a lot of things about the hosting company.

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Soon, there’ll be a DreamHost review, but now I’m gonna show you the comparison between InMotion Hosting and DreamHost.


You could learn about the hosting companies and at the same time, the differences between the web hosting companies will be obvious by reading this post.


InMotion Hosting Vs DreamHost


By checking the speed of a web hosting company, you can decide whether to use the hosting company or not. So, here’s the speed test for both the hosting companies.


Here’s the speed test of InMotion Hosting which I got using the speed testing tool of PICKUPHOST –

speed of inmotion hosting

The speed of InMotion Hosting

This is a turbo speed, so you can say that InMotion Hosting is a speedy web hosting company.


On the other hand, here’s the speed test of DreamHost –

speed of dreamhost

The speed of DreamHost

You can see that DreamHost is also very speedy, but InMotion Hosting is speedier than DreamHost.


So, InMotion Hosting defeats DreamHost when it comes to the server speed.


Server type

InMotion Hosting has both the Windows and the Linux-based hosting packs. So, you can host your site either on a Linux or on a Windows-based server.


But DreamHost has only the Linux-based server.


So, InMotion Hosting wins over DreamHost in this part for sure.


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The hosting services of InMotion Hosting cost a very little and for this reason, you’ll see that the shared hosting pack starts just from around $5 per month. This is quite a negligible amount of money for a hosting pack which has a load of different exciting hosting features.


On the other hand, the cost of the starter shared hosting pack of DreamHost is $7.95. So, according to the price fight, InMotion Hosting wins over DreamHost.


Disk space

The disk space provides with the hosting packs of InMotion Hosting is unlimited, so you can enjoy the limitless space using.


DreamHost also comes with the same feature. So, here’s a tie between them. 


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Similarly, the bandwidth of InMotion Hosting is also unmetered. That means your website can use as much bandwidth as it needs.


DreamHost provides the same unlimited feature for the bandwidth.


So, the result is a draw. 


Free domain

InMotion Hosting’s hosting packs have the free domain registration offer. This means that you won’t have to buy a domain for hosting on your hosting pack.


Similarly, DreamHost also provides a free domain with its hosting packs.


So, there’s a draw between the 2 companies. 


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Number of domains per hosting account

Not all the hosting packs of InMotion Hosting gives you the room for hosting an unlimited number of websites. The PRO hosting pack is such a nice hosting pack that comes with the capability of hosting as many domains as you want on it.


DreamHost has the unlimited domain hosting feature for all the hosting packs.


So, DreamHost wins here because providing the awesome feature in all of its hosting packs. 


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Website builder

InMotion Hosting comes with a free website builder that can complete the design of your newly created website in no time.


Remixer is the website builder of DreamHost which is very easy to use. This tool isn’t completely free, though you can try it for free.


Considering the free offer, we should make InMotion Hosting as the winner in this part. 


Control panel

The hosting company provides the cPanel as the control panel for managing the websites of their customers.


On the other hand, DreamHost has its own hand-rolled control panel which they claim as one of the nice tools for the management of a website, though you should know that cPanel is the most preferred control panel in the world.


So, InMotion Hosting will be the winner of this part. 


1-Click installer

InMotion Hosting provides Softaculous as the 1-click installer and you know that if there’s the tool available with your hosting pack, then you won’t have to worry about installing your scripts.


And DreamHost provides the One-click installs. This is a quite handy tool though Softaculous is easier to use than any other tools.


So, InMotion Hosting must win because of providing Softaculous. 


Types of hosting packs

InMotion Hosting is full of different hosting packs. There are the shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting plans available in the hosting company.


On the other hand, DreamHost has a lot of hosting plans too. The company has all the hosting types of InMotion Hosting. In addition, the hosting company has an extra type of hosting plan that’s the cloud hosting which isn’t available on InMotion Hosting.


So, we can make DreamHost as the winner since it provides more types of hosting plans. 


Money back guarantee

InMotion Hosting gives a long period of 90 days for the money-back period. On the other hand, DreamHost outshines the money-back guarantee of InMotion Hosting by providing a longer period of 97 days.


So, DreamHost is the winner in this part.


Final verdict

There were 13 parts which I’ve taken into account to show you the comparison between the hosting companies. Now, we’ll have to check which hosting company wins.


InMotion Hosting has won in 5 parts.

DreamHost has won 3 parts.

So, there’s a draw in 5 parts.


That means the winner of this comparison is InMotion Hosting for sure.

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