InMotion Hosting Vs Bluehost: Fight Between The 2 Giants

Check this InMotion Hosting Vs Bluehost post in order to know which one wins over the other.


Most of the web hosting companies provide the same types of web hosting services. So, it’s very hard to find out a decent web hosting company as you may think that all the web hosting companies are all the same.


For this reason, I’ve been writing more and more web hosting comparison posts as to make the task of choosing your perfect web hosting company.


InMotion Hosting Vs Bluehost

Now, I’ll start comparing the hosting companies.



The speed of a web hosting server is a good factor to judge whether it’s a good hosting or not. For this, here’s the speed test of both the web hosting companies. By seeing their comparative speed score, you could learn which one is speedier than the other one.


Here’s the speed score of Bluehost that I got by using the tool of PICKUPHOST –

server speed of bluehost

You can see that the speed is fast enough.


Now, when I tested InMotion Hosting with the same tool, I got this score –

speed of inmotion hosting

That means InMotion Hosting: Bluehost = 8:48


So, InMotion is much faster than Bluehost.


Here, the speed test winner is InMotion Hosting for sure.


Server type

Both the hosting companies, InMotion Hosting and Bluehost, provide only Linux-based servers. So, there are no servers with Windows available in any of the web hosting companies.


That means, here, there’s a tie.


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Checking the uptime of a web hosting company is a great way to know how good the hosting service is.


Here are the uptime records of Bluehost –

uptime of bluehost

So, the uptime of Bluehost is quite promising.


And here are the uptime records of InMotion Hosting –

February 2017: 99.9%

March 2017: 100%

April 2017: 99.8%


The uptime of InMotion Hosting was better than that of Bluehost in the given records.


So, the winner is InMotion Hosting. 



Backing up your website’s valuable content is one of the crucial aspects of saving them. So, it’s important to check whether a hosting company provides this key feature for free or not.


InMotion Hosting provides this important service for free. So, you can protect your valuable content using this free backup service of the hosting company.


And Bluehost has both the free and the paid backup services.


As Bluehost has the free backup system, we can consider a tie between the companies in this feature.


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To solve your problems and reply your queries, InMotion Hosting is always ready with its support team.


On top of the website, there’s the live chatting option. This chatting option is for sales related issues and queries.


Other than the chat option, there’s the Skype connecting option shown on top of the site too. Not only are these, there’s the direct phone calling option which can connect you with the support staffs of InMotion Hosting in no time.


On the other hand, Bluehost has also several options for contacting their support team.

bluehost support options


You’ll be happy to know that the pricing is cheap enough when it comes to purchasing the hosting packs of InMotion Hosting. Since the hosting packs are full of exciting features, if the prices had been high, there would have been no problems at all.


The starter hosting plan of InMotion Hosting is around $5 per month after a discount whereas Bluehost sells its starter plan is $3.95 per month and the price is after a whopping discount.


Here, you can see that Bluehost wins because of its cheaper pricing than InMotion Hosting.

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Disk space and bandwidth

InMotion Hosting’s shared hosting packs show that there are an unlimited disk space and bandwidth provided.


On the other hand, Bluehost’s shared hosting packs come with a limitation regarding these features.


So, InMotion Hosting is the winner here in this part.


Free domain

Having a free domain with a hosting pack is very interesting indeed. InMotion Hosting doesn’t disappoint you in this regard. Yes, you’ll get a free domain with the hosting pack of InMotion Hosting.

inmotion hosting free domain

Bluehost also provides a free domain with its hosting packs for the first year of your purchase. So, you can’t compare the hosting companies on the basis of having a free domain.


Both the companies have a tie in this part.


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Website builder

The free website builder provided by InMotion Hosting is very helpful in designing your site. You won’t have to worry about its limitations because the company claims that none of the features of the tool is locked due to its free offer.


And the website builder of Bluehost is also free of cost. That means both the companies provide similar benefits regarding this feature.


So, both the companies come to a draw. 


Control panel

Both the hosting companies, InMotion Hosting and Bluehost, give you the room for using cPanel for the management of your website.


So, there’s no way of comparing them with this feature.


1-Click installer

Bluehost provides its own 1-click installer whereas InMotion Hosting has the cPanel for the website management.


There’s no need to tell you the greatness of the cPanel over other control panels.


So, InMotion Hosting wins in this part because of providing cPanel as the control panel.


Types of hosting packs

Both the hosting companies provide almost all types of hosting packages. There are the shared, VPS, dedicated hosting packs in general.


So, we can’t make a significant difference between the companies. That means the result is a tie. 


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Money back guarantee

InMotion Hosting has the 90-day money back period whereas Bluehost only gives you 30 days for the purpose.

bluehost 30-day money back guarantee

So, here you can see that the offer of InMotion Hosting is much better than that of Bluehost. This means that InMotion Hosting defeats Bluehost in this part.


So, the winner is InMotion Hosting. 

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Final verdict

This is the ending part of this comparison where you’ll come to know about today’s winner. So, let’s start analyzing the processes of finding out the winner.


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There are 13 parts in total that have been taken into account for comparing the hosting companies.

InMotion Hosting won in 5 of the parts

Bluehost won in 1 of the parts

Draw in 7 parts


So, the winner of this comparison is InMotion Hosting because of winning in more of the parts than Bluehost.

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