How to Get More Google Organic Traffic Using LSI Keywords [72.84% More]

Now is the time to share my own story that I experienced using some of the synonymous keywords. I became astonished to see that how using some synonymous keywords helped me get 72.84% more organic traffic.


A few months back, one of my blog posts ranked with a keyword at the 10th position of Google’s first page. That keyword was searched on an average 8000 times. So, working with the post was worth it. I then figured out how to get more traffic to the post.


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Then suddenly I saw that the main keyword that was ranked was used so many times in the post. It made me an impression that Google might not love the practice. So, I went for reducing the number of the keyword in the post. At the time of removing the main keyword, a great idea just exploded in my head.


What was that? It was replacing the main keyword with some LSI keywords. Yes, I then did according to my awesome idea. I chose a few of the synonymous keywords to the main keyword and then started replacing the keyword with those synonymous keywords.


After doing that, I hit the ‘Update’ button on my blog’s WordPress dashboard. The post was updated and it read better than before because then the post seemed naturally written without overstuffing with the same keyword.


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In the next day, I checked the keywords ranking using some keyword research tools. Wow! Those added keywords also ranked fine on SERPs and I started getting traffic to my blog with the keywords.


The other 3 synonymous keywords had the total monthly search volume of 6000. So, in total, the post was searched around 14000 times per month at that time.


Adding those keywords to my post increased the traffic to my blog by 72.84% at that time. Later on, when the post ranked at better positions, the percentage of traffic increase was much higher.


So, you can see that using some of the synonymous keywords along with the main keyword of that post increased the organic traffic to my blog.


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What Can You Do Now?

Now you can do some things for your blog. Yes, you should check your blog posts for overstuffing keywords. If you see that you’ve made some of your blog posts overstuffed with keywords, then you should mark them. Then find out some good alternative keywords to those keywords that you have overstuffed in your posts.


After choosing the synonymous keywords now is the time to replace the overstuffed keywords with those LSI keywords. By this way, you can make your blog posts well-written and also, there’ll be a high chance of getting more organic traffic to your blog in near future.


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So, I hope that you’ve got to know everything regarding today’s topic. Utilizing my advice will surely help you improve your blog within a very short time.


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