How to Improve Productivity in Blogging

Productivity improvement is one step ahead of succeeding in blogging.


But it’s not very easy to be productive. However, I’m gonna teach you how to be a productive blogger.


Productivity = more or better output at a certain period of time. So to be productive in blogging, your main target is to write better quality or more articles or both.


So if you can write 200 words more in 30 minutes, then you’ve improved your blogging productivity. On the other hand, if you can write better quality articles in 30 minutes than before, then that’s also productivity improvement.


The best scenario can also happen like you can write 200 words more and at the same time the quality is better than before, then you’ve improved your productivity in an ultimate way.


So, how to be more productive?

I’ll tell you how I became damn productive in blogging.


A few years back, I wasn’t that productive.  I had to struggle a lot to overcome my shortcomings. Later on, I started working like a pro blogger, but what actually made me so productive?


Well, I’m disclosing the matter.


I started working in a systematic way so I can get the maximum output. My system is very powerful and for this reason, I can even write more than 10 blog posts per day.


Here’s my secret
In a word, the secret for my productive writing is I segregate my writing in many different parts.

Yes, I take 6 things into consideration for writing each of my blog posts. The things are as follows –

  1. Keyword choosing
  2. Title making
  3. Setting up WP
  4. Drawing outline
  5. Researching
  6. Writing


So these are the sections of my writing. I choose keywords for all 10 blog posts spending 30 minutes.


Next, I go for making good titles using the keywords. This also needs 30 minutes.


After that, I set up everything on my WordPress blog. Setting up includes putting title, permalink, selecting category and tags etc. I also set up some other things so that I won’t have to be worried about anything during my writing time.


I also draw an outline before researching. It’s my style to plan for a blog post beforehand so that I can research thoroughly.


Later on, I go for thorough research. I note every decent point on my WP dashboard that I think will be appropriate for the blog post.

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