Why You Must Manage Finance When You Start Blogging

Some people just wanna be full-time bloggers without managing their finance. This practice may ruin their blogging success.


As I’ve told you that you need to invest much time in blogging, you shouldn’t treat your blog a quick money-making machine.

manage finance for blogging

Manage Finance Before You Start Blogging

So, when you start blogging for full-time, you should keep some funds ready for supporting you for at least 6 to 12 months. If you can do this, you could blog without worrying much about your finance. Otherwise, will you blog comfortably or worry about supporting you?


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I can share with you my story here to emphasize this point. You all know that I had to shift my blogging career to freelance writing time to time because of supporting me well.


When I started my first blog, I wanted to become a full-time blogger. But, my expectation was too quick and due to seeing nothing on my blog, I had to go for freelance writing for making some quick dollars so that I could run my life.


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At one time, I had to leave blogging because of the huge pressure of freelancing. That time, I realized that if I had managed some money for me for a living, then I wouldn’t have to leave blogging for doing any other thing.


I was lucky because I could come to the field of blogging again from my financial crisis. I think that it was possible because of a great passion for blogging.


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You shouldn’t take your blogging career to a risky path by not managing any finance for your living. So, you should plan on supporting yourself before you start blogging.


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If you dream of making money within a very short period of time just by creating a blog, then it’s just a daydream.


But if you can carry on with your blog without worrying much about any other thing, then your success is waiting for you.


This is true for any online business.

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