I Have Just Bought a Domain Name Now What Will I Do?

I bought a domain now what?


This was the sentence that one of the aspiring newbies in blogging wrote me while we were chatting on Skype.


It was the time when I started teaching him what to do next.


After elaborating all the next steps, I thought that many of you may feel confused about what to do next after buying a domain!


You know that buying a domain is a simple process.


You’ll just need to do a few things in order to have a domain of your own, but the problem arises from the next part when it comes to hosting the domain.


Don’t worry if you have such a confusion because, in this blog post, I’m gonna show you what to do after buying a domain name.


Quick guide! If you just wanna learn how to create a website after buying a domain, you can simply follow the step 3, step 4, and step 5 colored in amber. These 3 steps will show you how to create a website with a purchased domain. So, if you’re busy, you can skip the rest of the content of this post in order to save your valuable time.


On the other hand, if you have no time restriction, I’ll recommend that you read the full content so that you can achieve complete knowledge on the matter.


I bought a domain now what?

First of all, I should clarify you why this problem happens when someone buys a domain before buying any hosting pack. This is because most hosting companies allow you to use a domain registration for free when you buy a hosting pack for the first time. This remains valid for the first year only.


In this situation, you get a domain during the process of buying your hosting plan from the respective web hosting company. This is, in fact, a straightforward way of buying a hosting along with its free domain.


But if you buy a domain from one domain registrar and a hosting from another hosting company (or if you buy a domain and a hosting pack separately), then you’ll need to do the following things –

Step 1. Choose a decent hosting company

First of all, you’ll have to choose a good hosting company for hosting the domain. This is the first and the most crucial part of everything else of this process. So, choose your hosting company where you’ll host your site. I can give you some suggestions regarding this matter.



To show you the steps of actions that you’ll have to do after having your domain, I’ll have to suggest to you some hosting companies. I’ll use the affiliate links of the hosting companies and if you buy your hosting pack from any of the hosting companies, I’ll receive a small commission.


Some of the decent web hosting companies are as follows –

Bluehost (read the Bluehost review)

iPage (read the iPage review)

InMotion Hosting (read the InMotion Hosting review)

Namecheap (read the Namecheap review)

Media Temple (read the Media Temple review) etc


Step 2. Choose your preferred hosting pack

After choosing a good hosting company now is the time to pick the suitable hosting pack from the company. Choosing a preferred web hosting package is as important as choosing a web hosting company. This is because if you fail to choose the correct hosting pack for your website, then you can face a lot of troubles.


Typically, if you wanna start a brand new blog, then choosing the starter hosting pack of any of the mentioned hosting companies is okay. If you intend to start a large website (like an eCommerce or anything else), then you should pick a more powerful hosting pack from your chosen hosting company.


So, decide which hosting pack to buy.


Step 3. Buy the hosting pack

Step 3, 4, and 5 are the parts which are enough to create a nice website which I’ve already mentioned. For this reason, I’ve colored the headings of these steps with a different color than the usual black one.


Now, I’ll show you how to buy a hosting pack. So, which hosting company have you chosen? Suppose that you’ve chosen Namecheap as your website’s hosting provider.

visit namecheap

So, visit Namecheap.


Sign in or sign up a new account as per your requirement (*you can do this later too).


After logging into your Namecheap account, go to the “Hosting” button.


Hover over the pointer of your mouse which will show up some hosting plans. Now, you’ll have to select the hosting pack. Initially, it’s quite okay to choose a shared hosting pack from Namecheap. So, hit the “Shared Hosting” button from the pop-up list.


Then, you could see four different shared hosting packs of Namecheap. Now is the time to pick the hosting pack that you think is the most preferable to you.


The hosting company claims that the Professional Shared Hosting pack is the most popular among the four hosting packs. So, you can simply choose it because the price is only $19.88 per year (this is the promotional price). The renewal price is also very cheap which is only $78.88 on a yearly basis.


You can also check the cheapest hosting pack of Namecheap named Namecheap Value Hosting which just costs less than your domain! Amazing, huh?


The ‘Value’ pack is this –


Now, hit the “Add to Cart” button situated under the hosting pack. You’ll be taken to a new page like this –


Here, you can see that there are four options available. Now, you’ll have to hit “Use a domain I own from another registrar” since I guess you’ve bought your domain from another domain registrar. If you’d purchased the domain from Namecheap, you’d have to click on “Use a domain I own with Namecheap” button.


Doing this, you’ll see a blank box where you’ll have to drop the domain name that you’ve already bought. Once the domain is verified, buy a few additional things from Namecheap.


An SSL certificate is such an important thing that you should buy. So, click on the “Cart” button situated on the right side of the feature.


Once your hosting along with the additional features has been bought, you’ll get to see the total billing for them.



Now, hit the ‘Confirm Order’ button. Pay the bill and you’ve purchased everything for hosting the domain. Great!



After purchasing the required package, you’ll get a welcome guide on your email address provided at the time of purchasing. Check your inbox where you’ll get the credentials to log into your cPanel where from you can manage your website.


Step 4. Install your preferred CMS

Now, log into your cPanel control panel using the username and the password provided by Namecheap (you can/should change the login credentials later).


After logging in, visit around the cPanel and try to learn about it a bit. Watching the video tutorials is a great step to learning about it well.


Now is the time to take a great decision which is involved with installing your preferred CMS (Content Management System). Since WordPress is the most preferred CMS for blogging, you should install it on your hosting package.


To do this, you’ll have to find the “Softaculous Apps Installer” on your cPanel.


Then, click on “WordPress”. You’ll get ‘Install Now’ button on the next page.


Hit the button and it’ll bring a form which needs to be filled with some of your required information.


The first information filling section is ‘Software Setup’. Choose https:// if you’ve bought SSL. Then put the domain name in the domain box.


Keep the directory field empty.


The next section is ‘Site Settings”. Give your blog a name & choose a slogan of it.


Now, select your username. You must choose a username other than admin (this will make your blog more secure from brute force attack).


Then choose a strong password. There’ll be a section for a theme selection. Choose any of the free themes which you could change later.


After that hit the ‘Install’ button. Before doing this, check all the information again.


The installation will take a few minutes. After the installation, you’ll be confirmed with a confirmation message.


Congratulation! You’ve just created your blog with WordPress.


Step 5. Set up your website

Now, come to your WordPress dashboard by browsing www.xyz.com/wp-admin/ (Here, xyz is the domain name of your blog).


You’ll come to the login page of WordPress. Now log in by using the username and password that you’ve already selected.


You’ll land on your WP (WordPress) dashboard. From the dashboard, you can set up your blog as per your need. You should install your preferred theme and plugins for your blog.


Step 6. Create the necessary pages

Now, you’ll have to create some of the necessary pages for your blog. Follow + New > Page to create a new page. Some of the necessary pages are the “About Me”, “Contact”, “Privacy” etc.


Step 7. Start writing blog posts

By following + New > Post, you can start writing blog posts for your blog. The “Publish” button is there to publish both your pages and your posts so that the world can watch them.


Step 8. Some necessary things to do

Here are some of the necessary things that you’ll have to carry on in order to blog properly –

  • Submit your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex etc
  • Learn SEO
  • Learn other blogging tactics

So, these are the steps to be followed after buying a domain. I hope that you could create a nice blog on your own just by following my step-by-step instructions.

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