How to Use WordPress: The Complete Guide for 2017

You may already know that WordPress (WP) is the best CMS (Content Management System) for blogging. I love it very much and I’ve already learned so many things on how to operate this platform.

how to use wordpress

In this blog post, I’ll try my best to let you know how to use WordPress so that you won’t have to struggle using this awesome CMS. Your blogging journey will much better and easier at the same time.

Below are the topics that will be covered in this blog post –

    1. The basic of WordPress

The difference between the posts and the pages on WordPress blog or Website

Guide on Setting Up a WordPress Blog Just After Creating

How to Install WordPress Theme Manually (2 Methods)

How to Add Plugin to WordPress Blog in 2 Simple Ways

How to Successfully Delete Plugins from WordPress Blog

How to Delete WordPress Theme from a Blog or Website

Guide on Image Optimization for Web (for Better SEO)

How to Add Links in WordPress Blog Post or Page

How to Embed SlideShare Presentations in WordPress

How to Add YouTube Video to WordPress Blog within a Minute

How to Put Ads on Your Website or WordPress Blog

7 Best Free WordPress Plugins that You Must Use

Top 10 WordPress Plugins that I Use on My Blog

How to Speed Up WordPress Website Easily


These are the topics that will make you learned about using WordPress without having any confusion. I hope that you’ll learn every point very carefully so that you won’t have to worry about using your WP blog.


One important thing to share with you is that you should emphasize more on learning at the initial stage of your blogging. This is because most newbie bloggers do some mistakes that look silly, but cause severe problems later.


So, you shouldn’t think that learning means wasting your time, rather it’ll eventually help you.



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The basic of WordPress

As I’ve told you that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform, so you can blog smoothly on this.


There are two versions of WordPress – and is a free blogging platform that will let you create free blogs. You will only get sub-domain on this free platform where the common main domain is WordPress.


So, if you create a free domain named xyz on this platform, then you’ll ultimately have a blog named also offers paid options where you’ll get the main domain such as, but the hosting will still remain on WordPress.


Most bloggers don’t like to run their blogs on because of the limited customizations.


WordPress has the other version which is that’s the most popular for blogging. A blog made on is called the self-hosted WordPress blog.


With, you can choose your hosting and domain as per your wish. So, the ultimate customization facility can be achieved through using

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