How to Use Grammarly ~ It’s Super Easy and Simple

If you have ever wondered how to use Grammarly, then this post is for you.


I’ll show you some of the live tests with the tool in this post. This will help you see how does Grammarly work in real-life.


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How to use Grammarly?

Do you know that Grammarly is very flexible to use? Yes, this nice tool can be used in whopping 4 ways. Now I’ll let you know all the 4 ways of using this great corrector tool.


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Way 1. Using Grammarly through its dashboard

This is the native way of using the tool. To do this, you’ll just have to visit this link Grammarly. Then sign up for an account on Grammarly. Now you can use it for checking your writing.


On the “My Grammarly” section, you’ll see some preset documents. Those are some demo documents. Tapping on the documents, you could see how Grammarly works.


To check your own text, you’ll have to click on “New” and then you’ll see a blank box. Now you can write on screen or paste your pre-written text in the box. You’ll see that Grammarly is automatically working for your checking your text.


You can also upload your previously written text for checking. To do that, you’ll see that there’s written ‘Upload’ under the option ‘New’ on the main page of ‘My Grammarly’. Hitting on the ‘Upload’ button will show the file explorer for selecting your documents.


Way 2. Using the tool as an extension to Chrome

To do this, you’ll have to log in to your Grammarly account and then there’s a button ‘Apps’. Now click on the button and you’ll see the option Grammarly for Chrome. Tap on the Active button and the extension will be installed for your Chrome browser.


After that, you’ll get a Grammarly extension on your Chrome which will also be active at the time of your WordPress real-time writing.


Way 3. Using it with Microsoft Word

Grammarly is also a punctuation checker for Word. So, You can also use the tool on your MS Word doc.


To do so, you’ll have to take the same steps that you’ve done in the previous part. Under the Grammarly for Chrome, you’ll see another button named Grammarly for Microsoft Office. Now click on the Install button and Grammarly will be installed on your MS Office.


Way 4. Using the tool directly on Windows PC

This feature is marvelously helpful for me as a Windows 10 laptop user. I can use Grammarly directly from my laptop’s home. You can also have this great feature on your Win 10 PC by installing the Grammarly for Windows option.


After that, you can use the tool directly from your PC. This is a convenient way of making your text correct.


Now, I’ll show you some tests of Grammarly so that you can see the real use of the tool.


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Now, I’ll show you a test with Grammarly. This time, I’ll do the test by uploading a file on the app of the tool.


To do this, I’m visiting the site. After landing the site, I’m hitting the “Upload” button. As I’ve already signed in on the app, I don’t need to sign in again.


Then, I choose a file from the file explorer of the tool. After the selection of the file, it started uploading. This is the file that I uploaded on the app –

grammar check

This file has been placed on the dashboard. You can see that there is a number “21” on the file. This mentions the number of errors in the file.


Without opening a file, you can come to know how many mistakes are there in it by seeing the number marked in red.


Then, I’ve clicked on the file and it opened in a big window. The fonts are big enough to read them without any eye-strain. On the left side of the text that I’ve uploaded for checking, there came a panel with multiple buttons. The panel is this –

panel buttons

These are the buttons that can let me do many things for my text. The top button is the home button that means using it, you can go to “My Grammarly” dashboard.


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The next button has the functionalities of “New”, “Paste”, and “Upload”. So, using the button, you can do any of the three things.


The third button is for copying or downloading the text that remains in the window. So, you have the options for either copying or downloading your documents after checking it with Grammarly.


The next button is for selecting the free or the paid version. After that, the button is for plagiarism check. Just after that, you can use the next button for enriching your vocabularies.


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And then, the final button is for professional proofreading. This is the part where the tool will check your text not only with the tool but also by a human proofreader. So, if you wanna have a human-flavored proofreading of your text, then you should go for this option.


Now, come to the point of the grammar checking functionalities of the tool. On the bottom of the text, you can see the total number of words in the text along with the issues found in it.


There are two types of issues – Critical and Advanced. The critical issues are marked in red and are correctable with the free version whereas the advanced issues can be corrected with the paid version of Grammarly.


I can see that there are red marks under different words of my text. These words that have red lines under them are the words that have grammatical or spelling related issues.


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I can see the cause of the issues just by tapping the red marked words. Let’s check with the first red mark. After clicking on it, this window popped up on the right side of the text –

are instead of is

The problem was with the subject-verb-agreement of the sentence. I wrote is with years which is incorrect because is doesn’t match with the plural subject, years. This was a silly mistake though because of fast typing, I couldn’t make the sentence correct.


Now, Grammarly is correcting me. Note that all the critical flaws are shown on the side of the text. The next flaw was for writing ontrepreneur.


I used this word “ontrepreneur” in the text, though Grammarly couldn’t show it as correct because of not having this word in the tool’s vocabulary list.


The reason for this is that the word, ontrepreneur, is a recently used one and Grammarly may haven’t added it to the list of vocabulary.


At first, I became a bit disappointed with this result though after checking that most of the tools can’t find the word as correct then I felt okay with that.


However, I kept the word as it was by ignoring the tool’s suggestion for changing it to entrepreneur.


The next problem was because of not using the definite article, the, before a noun that I used in my text. I wrote the word “internet” instead of the internet. That was the cause of the issue. I’m happy to see the issue was detected.


Then, I saw that I’ve done a serious mistake in using an appropriate preposition before a noun. I wrote “of” though I had to write it as “in”. I’m glad that Grammarly made me grateful by detecting this serious issue in my text.


After that, there were a couple of flaws for not using “the” before some nouns. Also, I’ve used some miswritten words which showed me the red signals meaning that I’ve done wrong with that.


One of the issues was detected with the tool annoyed me a bit. That’s the suggestion of using “you have” instead of “you’ve”. I have no idea why the tool gave me this suggestion as the contraction, you’ve, is also correct.


By the way, to avoid seeing the red marks of the tool, I stopped writing “you’ve”.


So, this was the check that was performed with Grammarly. I’m quite happy to see the great performance of the tool at the time of detecting and correcting my flaws though some of the issues were disappointing to me.


However, overall, the tool worked for me fine this time like always. If you want, you can use Grammarly from today.

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