Learn How to Travel Blog from Will Tang, a Successful Travel Blogger

So, you wanna visit all around the world and at the same time, be full-time employed? Is it a daydream?


Not actually because blogging has given much favor to those people who wanna make money blogging while traveling.


Since I’m not a travel blogger (though I love traveling a lot), I should know how do travel bloggers make money, keeping themselves in the mode of travel almost all the time from someone who’s a travel blogger.


I feel lucky because I could connect with Will Tang, a successful travel blogger who’s been enjoying his life just by writing blog posts on the go for many years.

will tang

This is Will Tang

So, this is gonna be a short interview with Will Tang, the founder of TRAVEL BLOG BREAKTHROUGH.


How to Travel Blog?

Interview with Will Tang


So, let’s dive into the interview now.


SMN Zaman: It’s great to see that you are with us.

Will Tang:  It’s an honor to be written about for my work with Going Awesome Places and Travel Blog Breakthrough.


SMN Zaman: What made you start blogging?

Will Tang: The blogging really started all by accident when I quit my corporate job in consulting and decided to travel Asia for 3 months. A friend had asked me a few days prior if I was going to blog about my adventures.  My answer was initially no but when I got back home, I realized that this would be a really fun thing to do so I set up my WordPress site and hosting with Bluehost and that’s how it all began.


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SMN Zaman: Say something about your starting.

Will Tang: Blogging at the start was truly a hobby.  I had no idea what I was doing and I was literally just writing a few blurbs here and there and attaching photos. However, once I got back from my trip and I started noticing an increasing amount of traffic, I decided that it was worth continuing and so I started learning about the industry, getting more involved in events and honing in on the craft of writing and marketing.  It’s been quite the ride since those days.


SMN Zaman: Do you think that youngsters should come on blogging?

Will Tang: Blogging is something that you want to do and have a passion for.  I wouldn’t say it’s for everyone but for someone that wants to know what it’s like to start something on their own and grow it potentially into a business down the road, it’s a fantastic experience.  It allows you to do what you love doing which for me it’s travel, writing, and photography.


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SMN Zaman: How do you measure the success of a blog?

Will Tang: At my stage of the blog, my success metric at the moment is the amount of profit I can drive my blog.  Alternatively, another loose metric I have is just how many cool opportunities I can get as a blogger.  The money is great because I need it to sustain myself and my travels, it’s the incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunities you get as a blogger that makes it all worth it in the end.


SMN Zaman: What are the things a blogger should abide by?

Will Tang: I suppose there’s a code-of-conduct that every blogger should follow.  Off the top of my head, things like following rules around disclaiming sponsored work and copyright come to mind.


SMN Zaman: Do you believe that still now a blog can be a full-time income source?

Will Tang: I still think it’s possible yes.  Is it easy?  No.  It takes many years to build up that comes with all the ups and downs a rollercoaster would have.  There’s no way to map out success and no one path is replicable from blogger to blogger.  You have to carve it out yourself.  That being said, there’s a lot to learn from other bloggers which is why I started Travel Blog Breakthrough.  The idea of the income reports is to help spark ideas for monetization which others can run with and test.  So far, I’ve been able to bring in more money in through my blog than I ever thought possible.  If I keep working at it, a consistent $5k income is not far off so it’s totally do-able.


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SMN Zaman: What are the precious things that your blog gave you?

Will Tang: Experiences.  Hands-down the type of things, I have been able to do as a blogger has made it all worthwhile.  Whether it’s press trips to places I never dreamed of going or being able to meet the incredible people in the industry, I’m grateful for everything I’ve done and the friends I’ve made.


SMN Zaman: What strategy you took to get more traffic to your blog?

Will Tang: Traffic is a tricky thing and it’s really about trying to diversify where you get it from.  For most bloggers, Google is going to be your main source of traffic as it is for me.  By that fact, search engine optimization (SEO) is incredibly important.  If you don’t play the game, you’re not going to be able to grow traffic there.  Beyond that, you have to hustle to grow your traffic from alternative sources like the various social media platforms.  There are tons of strategies out there and some of them you can definitely find on Travel Blog Breakthrough.


SMN Zaman: Is there any advice on making money with a blog?

Will Tang: I impart a lot of advice through Travel Blog Breakthrough but if I were to distill it down to one thing, it would be that you have to test and try.  There are a ton of channels of income that bloggers have been able to leverage and any one of them could work for you but without trying them you’ll never know.  If it fails, move on to another and so on and so forth until you find the one that fits your blog.


SMN Zaman: What’s your advice to new bloggers or those who are devising to start?

Will Tang: It might seem overwhelming at first because there’s so much to know but the best advice I can give is to just jump right in.  The first iteration of your blog isn’t going to be perfect but it’s something where you’ll learn as you go along.


I hope that you’ve learned a lot of valuable things from the interview! Thanks all for being with us.

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