How to Start an Online Business with No Money [5 Steps]

starting an online business

So you wanna start your first ever online business, right?


Great! It’s a great decision that you’ve taken. But, you might be overwhelmed with so much information on how to do this and that!


So, here is me who’ll show you simple 5 steps to starting your online business. In fact, you’ll have a clear idea of what online business is just after reading this valuable post.


How to start an online business?

Without any further ado, lemme start telling you the steps.


#1. Choose your preferred online business

When you’re in the field of online business, there are many options in the list. You’ll get hundreds of thousands awesome ideas to start your business online, but not all the ideas are suitable to all of you.


So, here you need to sift the odd out.


From my years of experiences, I’ve gathered some top online business ideas for you and you should pick one that seems the most preferable to you.


50+ Online Business Ideas to Pick Your Desired One!


Please read the above post and try to find out the most preferred one for you.


#2. Create your business website

Whatever online business you choose, you’ll need to have a nice business website for that. Yes, a website is like a place for a physical business.


When you go to start a physical business, you’ll obviously need a place to get things started. A website is the place of your business when it comes to starting a business online. If you don’t have a site, then you don’t have your own place on the internet.


How to create a business website in 30 minutes or less?


Read the above post to learn how to create a website so that you could create one for your online business.


#3. Create content for your online business

After creating your website, you’ll need to create content for that. Suppose that you’re intending to start blogging (blogging is a kind of online business), then you’ll need to write blog posts on the website.


Similarly, if you wanna start an eCommerce business, then you’ll have to create content for your products. So, you’ll have to fill up your site with attractive content. The content may vary depending on the nature of your online business.


The main content of an app seller is his apps whereas the main content of a coach might be video tutorials.


#4. Drive traffic to your website

You’ll have to create content for your website on a regular basis, but this creation has no value if there’s no traffic to your website.


Traffic means that real visitors – the people who come on the internet. You do business with real people when it’s offline. You’ll have to do the same in the case of an online business. Without the deal with real people, I mean the traffic, you can’t make any profits from your online business.


The more traffic you can drive to your website, the more you can expect to make from your online business.


So, you’ll have to learn how to get traffic to your website. I’ll be teaching you how to do this on a regular basis, so don’t worry about it.


Here’s one traffic generation techniques’ post that’s suitable for blogging business –

How to get traffic to your website?


You’ll get some ideas on the matter by reading the post.


#5. Convert the traffic and start making money

Getting traffic isn’t the ultimate goal of an online business. Suppose that you have a physical store to sell shoes. You’re getting thousands of visitors without any sales, then what’s the value of that large number of visitors?


So, you’ll have to convince your visitors to use your or your affiliate companies products. You can recommend different products to your loyal visitors so that they can check them and buy.


To get more conversions, you should focus on targeted traffic. To let you understand what targeted traffic is, I should go back to the example of the physical shoes-selling shop.


Suppose that 100 visitors came to your shop who had actually wanted to buy fishes and 10 visitors came to your shop who was there with the intention of buying shoes. So, which group of visitors is your targeted visitors?


Certainly, the first group of visitors is your targeted visitors because they had the intention to buy shoes.


Similarly, whenever you’ll receive traffic to your online business, you’ll have to focus on the targeted traffic because they’ll likely to use your products.


Wrap up

So, there are simple five steps in every online business. You’ll have to start with choosing a suitable online business from the list of different alternatives.


It’s not likely that you’ll only do only one online business, you can do more than one like any physical business. But, you should focus on one at a time.


After picking up the favorite online business, you’ll have to create a website for the business. The website will create your unique address on the internet. My online business address is – anybody can reach out to me just by entering the URL into their browser.


The next step is to create persuasive content for your business so that your visitors get interested in using your products.


Then, the next step is involved with driving more and more targeted traffic to your business website.


And, the final step is to convert more and more targeted visitors into customers.


Here are the steps in short –

(1) Online business – (2) Business website – (3) Content – (4) Traffic – (5) Conversion


You’ll have to follow all the five steps to start and win in an online business.


I hope you could start an online business for you lot sooner from my practical and foolproof guidelines.


Don’t forget to ask for help from me if you need it.


Best of luck.


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