How to Start a Blog from Scratch [Step-By-Step Guide 2020]

To start an online business, whether it’s blogging, affiliate marketing or anything else, you’ll need to have a nice website, and the good news is that making a website is as easy as 1-2-3.

The second stage of an online business is that you must have a website.

Yes, you read it right.


To start a blog or website, you won’t have to be a rocket scientist.


The only thing that you’ll have to learn is to know the easy steps to making a website.


How to Start a Blog?

Here are the short-cut steps –

  1. To run a website, you need to host it. So, first of all, you need to choose a decent hosting company for running your website. From my long-term personal experience, I’ve found that iPage is a nice hosting company. Moreover, the price of iPage Essential Hosting Plan is very reasonable.
  2. Go to iPage’s site (click here) [*affiliate link – if you buy your hosting pack following this link, then you’ll get 81% discount and I’ll be paid a commission!] and you’ll see the “Sign Up Now” buttonsign up now by landing the homepage. Currently, the hosting company is offering a whopping 81% discount for buying different hosting packs. Click on the sign up now button. The price is amazingly cheap –cheap hosting
  3. Then, you’ll be taken to a new page which is dedicated to checking your desired domain’s availability. Drop the chosen blog’s name in the check your domainbox and then hit the check button. It’ll show you whether the domain is available or not. Go further if the domain is available.
  4. The next page will come up with a lot of boxes which will need to be filled up with your required information.
  5. Choose your hosting plan and then click on the “Check Out” button.
  6. Success! You have bought the awesome hosting pack from iPage. The hosting also offers a free domain for the first year. So, you can save the money right now.
  7. Now is the time to install WordPress so that you can run your blog. The installing of WordPress is quite easy because of the availability of some decent tools like Softaculous, MOJO Marketplace etc. iPage allows you to use MOJO Marketplace. From iPage’s cPanel, you can access it. Click on MOJO Marketplace from the dashboard of iPage cPanel.
  8. After that, when the tool will open, tap on “WordPress” which will open a popup window having two options – Install and Import.
  9. Click on “Install” which will show you a blank box for leaving the domain name again.
  10. Drop the domain name that you’ve got free and then click on the “Check Domain” button.
  11. Finally, hitting the “Install Now” button will start installing WordPress on your hosting pack.
  12. Once the installation is complete, anyone can visit your blog now by using its address.


Note that the mentioned steps are for a quick overview of how to start a blog and there’ll be also the broad discussions on every step now so that you don’t struggle to understand how to make a website for your online business.


The simple steps to creating a blog in details

Now I’ll enter into the main part of this post. There are mainly 2 ways of starting a blog – one is free and the other one is paid.


To run a site, you mainly need these 4 things –

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. CMS
  4. Theme

The domain is the name of your website which is unique. Hosting provides storage and bandwidth online. CMS is the platform that runs a site. The theme gives the outer look of your blog. You’ll have to pay only for the first two things – domain and hosting. Also, the domain is free with most of hosting packs for the first year of purchase.


So, the only cost is for buying a hosting package for your website. If you buy the hosting from iPage, then you can do it just by paying around $67 – $70 for the first year. Just by paying around $70, you could run your website for the whole year.


There are many hosting companies which offer different hosting packs and most of the hosting packs offer a free domain with them. So, you won’t have to buy your domain with an extra charge as this will be free for the first year. Also, most hosting companies offer a great discount for the first time of hosting registration.


Here are some other web hosting companies to choose from –

Bluehost (Very popular among bloggers)

1&1 Hosting 

Namecheap Hosting  (Choose it if you’re on a tight budget because Namecheap Value Hosting offers an extremely cheap hosting)


Now I’ll elaborate all the steps to making a website –

Step 1. Choose the topic that attracts you the most

The first thing that you’ll have to do is to choose a topic that’s suitable for you. After starting your blog, you must write your blog posts on some particular topics. It’s not a good idea to write blog posts on as many topics as you can on a blog. A blog should be written maintaining a specific niche.


So try to find out which topics attract you the most! Then try to choose the best topic for your blog. Many new bloggers start their blogs without paying heed to a specific niche. So they start repenting after writing some blog posts on their non-niche blogs.


A niche blog can also rank well. So choosing your preferred topic for starting your blog is way too important for professional blogging.


Step 2. Select the niche for your blog

I’ve already talked about it in the previous step. Now you should be stick to a particular niche for your blog. Selecting a niche will help you find a good name for your blog.


Suppose that your blog’s niche is on the mobile phone, so you can name your blog as MobileMania. So you see the importance of considering a niche & then selecting a name for your blog.


Look at my blog. I mainly talk about blogging and freelance writing, so you see the name of my blog is EarningByWriting. This blog brings those topics that help people start blogs and freelance writing so that they can make huge money with those things.


Step 3. Give a nice name to your site

After selecting a niche for your blog, you could easily give a relevant name to your blog. You’ll see that the current trend of blog related blogs is that those blogs take a work blog, bloggers, blogging etc. So if your blogging niche is blogging, then you can also choose a name like PassionOfBlogging, EarningByBlogging etc.


You should consider some things while choosing a domain name.


The domain selection for a blog is very important because it can’t be changed frequently. So you should take extra care of choosing a domain name for your blog. So read the blog post that contains some great tips for selecting a domain name.


Step 4. Check the domain’s availability

The domain name of every blog is unique. So the same name can’t be given to more than one blog. This is the reason for checking a domain’s availability. Suppose that you’ve chosen a name for your blog which has already been bought by another person.


Then you won’t get your chosen domain name available. That time, you’ll have to search for other names for your blog.


So you should check whether your domain name is available or not. It’s good news if your domain is available. You can check your domain’s availability with different sites. GoDaddy or Namecheap is a renowned domain seller where you can check your domain’s availability.


Visit GoDaddy or Namecheap & drop your chosen domain name in the box of domain availability check. If your domain is available, then the site will notify you.


Step 5. Which extension to choose?

There are many extensions for a domain such as .com, .net, .org etc. So it’s very important to choose the perfect extension for your blog.


I’d always suggest you take .com for your blog because this is the most popular extension. I’ve also a bad experience about not selecting .com extension in my first blog.


Yes, I chose net for my first blog and when I told my blog’s name to different people, then most of them didn’t get me because of typing .com instead of .net as the extension of my domain.


So you should also pick .com for your blog’s domain name.


Step 6. Register for hosting

Now register for a reliable hosting pack from a decent hosting company. If you wanna start a free blog, then you’ll also need to register.


Here I’m showing the registration process only for a paid blog which is recommended for any blogger for professional blogging.


To host your blog, you should check some things of your hosting company. A reliable hosting company is the first demanded thing about starting your blog. You need to make sure that the hosting company that you’re choosing is good enough to run you blog smoothly.


Why I’m saying this? Because I know the hassle of hosting on a low quality hosting company. I made the real mistake when I started my first ever blog. That time, I chose an average hosting company because of saving some dollars. I thought that I could save some money by going to that hosting company.


Though I won’t disclose the name of my first blog’s first hosting company (I don’t wanna harm anyone), I’ll tell you some of the problems that I faced with the company.


First of all, it was very slow. The server response time was disappointing and I was getting regular complaints from my readers that they were aging in entering my blog. Also, there was too much downtime with the hosting pack which was really unbearable.


One good thing about the hosting company was the responsive customer service operators. However, I faced a lot of troubles by taking that hosting pack.


From my own experience, I suggest you check the following things at the time of choosing your hosting company –

  • The Speed and the server response time of your hosting are very important factors for doing great blogging.
  • The hosting company that you’re gonna choose should give you decent uptime.
  • Cost-effectiveness is also an important factor, but never compromise a hosting company’s quality for low costing.
  • Responsive customer service plays a vital role in getting quick feedback when you face any problem.


Hosting on iPage

Now I run my blog on iPage and I can happily tell you that I’m completely satisfied with this hosting company. I’ve already shown you the process of fast registering on iPage in the initial part of this post. Now I’ll elaborate all the steps so that you can get a clear idea about all the steps.


So please follow the guidelines one by one and have your blog registered on iPage –


First of all, visit iPage. To get a huge discount, follow this link. On the homepage of iPage, you’ll see the button “Sign Up Now”. You’ll get 81% discount for registering your domain on iPage. So the cost will be $1.99 per month (it’s really very cheap!).


So hit the button for visiting the next page.



In the next page, you’ll see this –

iPage 1

So, now you’ll have to select your domain. The domain is free for the first year of your hosting purchase from iPage. So you don’t have to pay a single penny for it initially. The first option is for registering a new domain. So you’ll have to follow the first button.


Write your domain name that you’ve already selected and checked for availability. Now you just have to put the domain name once again in the dedicated blank box shown above.


Hit the “Check Availability” button after writing the domain name in the box. As it’s available, it’ll show that your domain is available.



After getting your domain available, you’ll be directed to another page for leaving billing information as seen below –

iPage 2

Fill up all the boxes with required information. Then there’s another form to give your payment information.

iPage hosting 3

In the purchase information section, you’ll have the option to choose different hosting plans. As you can see the monthly discounted rate is $1.99 only and if you buy the hosting for a year, when it comes to $23.88 only. You should also buy the Domain Privacy because this will keep the information of your domain private.

iPage hosting 4

You should also purchase the above two marked options. All these will make your hosting plan a perfect one for running a site smoothly.


After including all the items in your cart, you’ll see the total yearly bill comes to $66.77 only. So this is the ultimate costing of starting your blog and running for 1 year.

ipage hosting 5

Then, you’ll have to pay and for this reason, hit the “Check Out” button. This will confirm your payment and you’ll be entitled as the owner of your brand new blog.


This is the hosting (domain is free) purchase option. You’ll get several emails in your given email inbox. You should read all the emails carefully. Buying the hosting plan doesn’t mean that you’ve already made your blog live so that you could visit it. You’ll have to install your preferred CMS on the hosting pack in order to make your blog live.


iPage uses MOJO marketplace which is a one-click CMS installer.


Is shared hosting enough?

One question that you may have is whether shared hosting enough or not. Well, I’m clarifying this thing to you. When you start a blog, shared hosting is enough. No need to go for VPS or dedicated hosting at the initial stage because you’ll first have to drive traffic which will use your hosting bandwidth.


At the initial stage of your blogging, you won’t get so many, visitors. So shared hosting is okay when you first start a blog. After getting more than 20000 monthly traffic, you can go for upgrading your hosting plan to VPS or dedicated one as per your requirement.


Also, you see on iPage is that it offers unlimited storage and bandwidth. So you won’t have to worry about either the storage or the bandwidth of your blog.


Step 7. Install CMS

I’ve already told you that to make your blog live, you’ll have to install the preferred CMS (Content Management System) on your hosting pack.


And WordPress is the best CMS for blogging that you may have already known.


Is WordPress the best CMS for blogging?

If you check some bloggers’ CMS, then you’ll see that most of them are using WordPress as their CMS. Why are most of them using WordPress (WP)? The reason is WP is the best content management system for blogging. Not only is for blogging, but many eCommerce sites are hosted on WordPress.


How to install WordPress?

Now I’ll show you how to install WordPress (CMS) with MOJO and Softaculous. You’ve come to know that iPage offers MOJO and Namecheap does Softaculous with their hosting packages.


How do I start a blog using MOJO Marketplace?

So this part should be from the iPage hosting purchase where I’ve left a few minutes back. So, you’ve bought the iPage hosting plan and now log into the cPanel of your hosting on iPage. cPanel means the control panel where from you could customize your blog.


On the cPanel of iPage hosting pack, you’ll see MIJO Marketplace. Click on it and then you’ll see different blogs and website builders’ list. Choose WordPress from the list.

install wordpress

Hitting the WordPress logo will show a popup window like this –

install wordpress 1

Click on the “Install” button for installing it on your hosting pack. Now you’ll have to use your blog’s domain to progress further.

install wordpress 2

Hit the “Check Domain” button after dropping your domain name in the box. Now you’ll see the last form to be filled for finishing the WP installation.

install wordpress 3

After leaving all the information exactly, click on the “Install Now” button. It will start installing WordPress on your blog. You see there’s a green progression bar running toward the right.

install wordpress 4

There’ll be an installation completion message once the installation completes.

install wordpress 5

This message will be followed by another congratulation message which will confirm you that your WordPress installation is successful.

install wordpress 6

Now your blog is live. You can now visit your blog by following its web address. I’ll also show you how to operate a WordPress blog or website so that you could garner everything about your blog.


Now learn how to use Softaculous and after that, I’ll show you the Dashboard operation of WordPress.


So these are the steps to starting your WordPress blog. Though the post is very long because of showing you everything in details, you’ll hardly need 30 minutes to do everything for your blog.

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