How to Start a Blog for Free [Updated]

Step-by-Step discussions on how to start a blog for free and then, make money with it are being given in this blog post.


If you’re someone who doesn’t want to pay anything for starting a blog, then this post is a great read for you.


So, read on if you wanna learn this.


How to Start a Blog for Free and Make Money from it?

Earning money through free blogging platforms like BlogSpot and Weebly are well-known.


You can also create a free blog on


Note that you might have a confusion here because bloggers spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their WordPress blogs, but how you can get a blog for free on WordPress?


Well, WordPress has two different versions named and The .com version provides the free blogging feature, but you’ll still get an extra WordPress with all of your free blogs.


On the other hand, is one of the best blogging platforms and you can install on your self-hosted hosting plan.


The basic is that provides both hosting and CMS whereas is the CMS (content management system).


By the way, let’s check out how you can start a free blog and then, monetize it.


Sign Up to Start a Free Blog

Go to these linklink, and link for signing up at BlogSpot, Weebly, and WordPress respectively.


Before signing up, think well about your blogging niche that you really have some interests.


Choose your subdomain’s name carefully because a good memorable and relevant name attracts visitors.


Hey, you wanna start blogging! So, you should know this: What is a blog? (ignore if you already know what a blog is all about)


Good to read: 7 misconceptions about starting a blog!


Sign up on these platforms with your name and other required information.


After signing up, there is room to choose your preferred theme (theme shows sites uniquely) for your site. Choose one that you like. You can always change themes later, so never be so choosy initially. Set up all the other things on your site according to your choice.


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Create a free blog on

Now, I’ll show the steps of creating a free blog on Creating a blog on is also very easy like making a blog on Blogger.


First, you’ll need to visit and sign up for an account. Then, follow this button –

free wordpress blog 1

You see there are two options – one is for and the other one is for self-hosted WordPress. You’ll need to follow the first option that means the in order to create a free blog.


Hitting the first option will take you to a new webpage where you’ll see the following three options –

free wordpress blog 2

This choice will determine how your blog posts will be arranged on your blog. So, you should choose the preferred layout of your blog posts.


Clicking any of the three layouts will take you to the next option where you’ll have to choose your preferable theme.

free wordpress blog 3

So, I’ve chosen “franklin” theme from many alternatives.

free wordpress blog 4

The next option is to choose your blog’s URL or web address.

free wordpress blog 5

I’ve selected the name below –

free wordpress blog 6

Then, hit the “Select” button which will then open up different free and paid plans of WordPress. The first option is for the free plan which is totally free.


This is the plan –

free wordpress blog 7

This is the final stage of creating a blog for free on So, hit the “Select Free” which will show the following button –

free wordpress blog 8

Now, hit the “Continue” button and it’ll take a few minutes to open your brand new free blog on


Great! You have learned how to create a free blog on Blogger and WordPress and now is the time to learn how to make money from your free blogs.


Now, I’ll show you how to create a free blog on both Blogger and separately.


Create a free blog on Blogger

Creating a blog on Bloggers is one of the easy things on earth. To do this, you’ll just need to follow the steps given below –

First of all, visit and log in with your Gmail address which is also known as the Google ID. Then, click on the “Create a new blog” button which will open the following popup window –

free blogger blog

You can see that there are many options to choose for your free blog on Blogger. Look at this –

free blogger blog 1

I’ve given the blog’s title and chosen its URL or web address. Under these two boxes, there’s the option for choosing a preferable theme from hundreds of alternatives. I’ve chosen “Soho” theme and then gone for the further stage.

free blogger blog 2

Finally, I hit the following button –

free blogger blog 3

Wow! I’ve created my brand new Blogger blog just now.


After creating a blog on Blogger, you can start writing and publishing your blog posts using the following button –

free blogger blog 4

Start Blogging

Start blogging is the main part of all websites as the content is KING.


Without putting great, engaging, and valuable content on your site, you can not expect to attract your target visitors.


So think well again about what fields you have the best knowledge.


In addition, when you create your content, try to leverage some basic white hat SEO techniques.


Here are some blog posts SEO you must read:

The ultimate guide to SEO!

Why you need SEO?

How to write a blog post with SEO in mind?


In the case of blogging, never do the following things-

  • Copy contents (writings, images, videos etc) from other websites.
  • Post other bloggers’ contents by just editing some portions.
  • Attach no images.
  • Write very short articles.
  • Unorganized articles.
  • Apply black hat SEO techniques.

Following the rules, try to write regularly (daily or 3 – 5 articles weekly).


In the first couple of weeks, try to work hard and write more and more articles to give a nice shape to your blog.


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Promote your Blog

Yes, you will have to not only write, but also share your blog with people to get quick decent traffic. Without visitors, your site is ZERO (0).


So market your blog on social media such as FacebookTwitterPinterest, and so on. The more you share, the more you get traffic to your site, but make sure that you are not breaking social media’s policies by promoting your blog excessively.


Otherwise, you may get banned.


You can also join Yahoo answers and Quora for writing answers from some of your well-known expertise. With good answers, you can link your blog there. Readers of those sites (Quora, Yahoo answer) will be glad to visit your blog too if they like your answers.


Apply for AdSense

Now it’s time to apply for AdSense once you get some regular traffic (not only that, bloggers from China and India will have to wait at least six months to apply for AdSense). Click here for AdSense.


You have to apply with a google account (that means with Gmail). It takes some time to get approved for AdSense. After you get approved, you will be given code that will be used on your blog.


From then you can show ads on your website. Visitors will land on your site and a little portion will click on the ads there.


The more visitors click on the ads, the more you get paid, but never click your own website’s ads and persuade others to click as these actions may ban you permanently from AdSense. More about AdSense will be discussed later.


Try to be more knowledgeable about AdSense by reading the following blog posts:

What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

How to make money with Google AdSense?


Advertise your Physical Business

Having a blog means you have the power to showcase yourself to the whole world. If you do any business, you can put the goods and services on the blog side-by-side with your blog’s contents. Your loyal and local readers may be interested in your goods and services.


Train Yourself

At last, free blogging can be a prior training to your paid blogs as it can teach you all the things about blogging from first to last.


I didn’t discuss much Wordpress (though 20% of current blogs are run on it) because its free plan doesn’t support AdSense at all. More about Wordpress (both the and .org) will be discussed later.


Finally, learn how to start a paid blog.


This is because you wanna make serious money from your blogging profession, then you will need to spend on having a premium blog.


Don’t be afraid of hearing this because running a blog doesn’t need tons of money. You just need to spend under a hundred dollars on a yearly basis to have a nice blog of your own.

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