How to Receive Money on Payoneer (Clearly Discussed)

Do you know how to receive fund on Payoneer? If not, then go through this post.


Yes, I’m gonna let you how you can receive your hard earned money using Payoneer.


I was getting paid on my Payoneer account

After amassing a decent amount of money on different freelancing platforms now is the time to transfer that money to my Payoneer account so that I can use the fund as per my requirement.


This was the time when I found some more benefits of having a Payoneer account though those were out of my knowledge when I signed up for the account.


Being a freelancer, now I can bring my fund to my Payoneer account. What a convenient way to transfer fund!


Now, I’ll show you how to transfer fund from freelancing platform to a Payoneer account. I’m showing you the process for the most popular freelancing site, Upwork (earlier oDesk).


In fact, the fund transfer process is almost the same on most of the freelancing platforms.


Here are the steps –

First of all, log into your Upwork freelancer profile. On your profile, there’s your photo seen on the top right corner of the web page.


Click there and you’ll see a drop-down list from there, click on the “Settings” button. Visiting the new web page, you’ll have to hit the “Billing Methods”.


Now, you’ll see that there’s the “Add Billing Method” button. Hit the button and it’ll open a pop-up window along with a button named “Set Up”.


Hitting the button will open up a form for leaving your payment method’s information. After filling up the form with your required information, click on the “Add Card” button.


Now, your payment method has been added to Upwork and from now on, you can transfer fund from Upwork to your account.


After that, visit your balance page for checking how much balance is there on your Upwork account. You’ll see that there’s a button called “Get Paid Now” on the right side of your balance.


Hit the button and it’ll show you another small page with a few options. You can transfer either the total available balance or a partial amount to your Payoneer account.


After your selection hit the “Get Paid Now” one more time. You’ll receive a fund transfer notification email. This is for the security purpose to let you know that there’s a fund transferring command from your freelancing profile.

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