How to Monetize Your Blog Even When You Sleep

It was my all time dream to make money at the time of sleeping & blogging made my dream true. Do you wanna know how to monetize your blog when sleeping?


Well, read this blog post where I’ll share with you how to monetize a blog. And you should know that making money from a blog doesn’t need you to be with it all the time. You can even make money when you’re 💤.


How to Monetize Your Blog? 

Monetizing a blog needs some time, but once you start monetizing it, you won’t have to look back again. Really, the initial stage may be daunting & boring, but it’ll become easier over time if you can consistently blog & smartly promote it.


Now I’m gonna show you how to monetize a blog. Here are the methods –


Affiliate Marketing

I think that affiliate marketing is the best way to monetize your blog. So you should go for the affiliate marketing program on your blog.


Do you know what’s affiliate marketing program? No problem, learn it now – What is affiliate marketing program?


There are thousands of affiliate products available online which you can promote on your blog. So this is one of the best ways of monetizing your blog.


By the way, to sell products through affiliate links may not be a quick process, but you should keep continuing it because it’ll give you big return in future.


There are many bloggers who make even six figure income with affiliate marketing. Here I can bring Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income who currently makes more than $150000 per month. So this is a huge money making method with a blog.


You can go for single product affiliate marketing or multiple products from affiliate program marketplaces. Suppose that you wanna promote a product from its website, then this is single product affiliate marketing.


On the other hand, you can alternatively go for affiliate program marketplaces to promote thousands of products. CJ or Commission Junction, ClickBank etc are affiliate product marketplaces.


Starting with affiliate marketing is a very easy task. You can do so just by registering as an affiliate marketer on different websites. Once you’re approved by the sites, you can start promoting their products.


Review & comparison of products are the best ways to promote affiliate products as people mostly buy products after reading reviews about those.


PPC Ads (AdSense)

PPC means Pay Per Click. So the bloggers who put these types of PPC ads on their blogs can easily monetize those. Because each time a visitor of your blog hits a PPC ad, you’ll get paid.


So this is one of the best ways to monetize your blog.


AdSense is the best PPC ad network that offers relevant ads for your blog posts. Do you know about AdSense? If not, read the following blog post –


What is Google AdSense program?


There are also many alternatives to Google AdSense such as Chitika, Infolinks, RevenueHits etc which you can use too.


Digital Products Selling

You can also sell your own digital products on your blog. Use the same promotional techniques of affiliate marketing, but this time, you’ll get the selling amount of your products rather than the commission of others products.


There are many types of digital products that you can think of selling from your blog. eBooks, WordPress themes, Plugins etc are good things to sell from a blog & monetize it.


Selling your own digital products will not only monetize your blog but also help you create extra value in it. Also, selling digital products is very convenient because you don’t have to ship those products to your customers. It’s just a matter of downloads.


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Physical Products Selling

If you can sell digital products on your blog, why couldn’t you do the same thing with physical products? Of course, you could. There are many popular bloggers who sell T-shirts having their blogs’ logos to their fans.


It’s a great way to promote your blog too. Not only is T-shirt, you can also sell other types of physical products through your blog.


Selling physical products might be a bit difficult because of the shipping. Also, you may need to ship to outside of your country which is an extra burden for any seller.


eCommerce Website

You can also start an eCommerce site where you can display tons of products, both digital & physical. But launching & flourishing an eCommerce website is not an easy job. It needs a lot of time & money to invest for becoming successful.


If you can be adamant, then you can also start with an eCommerce website where blogging is a fundamental thing to add.


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Selling Services 

You can indirectly monetize your blog too! How’s that possible?


Well, you can do it by promoting some services on your blog. Suppose that you wanna write for other people, then you can put a ‘Hire Me‘ button on your blog. Who knows that some of your blog’s visitors might be interested in your writing service!


If you wanna do consultancy on any subject, then your blog is an effective promoting platform. So promote your services on your blog & start indirectly monetizing it.


Offering Coaching

If you’re good at something, you can teach that to the audience of your blog. In exchange of your teaching, you can charge some fees. This way, your blog can be monetized well.


So if you wanna coach people online, then put some ads on it on your blog. You’ll soon get the response from your audience.


Paid Webinar

You can also host paid webinar on your blog. There’ll be a subscription fee for participating in your webinar. If you get a lot of traffic to your blog, then this method will be very effective.


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So learn how to drive traffic to your blog & then you can monetize it well.


Job Boards

Adding a job board on your blog will attract many of your readers. People are always in search of new jobs. So if you can have a job board on your blog, you can easily engage your audience.


However, if your blog receives little traffic, then this may not be a decent blog monetizing method. However, keep trying.


Remember this adage: “Rome wasn’t built in a day”


So take time & succeed.


Ad Space Selling

Some portion of your blog can be rented! Yes, you can monetize your blog by renting some space of your blog. This is a good way of monetizing your blog.


To let people know that you rent your blog’s space for ads, you can make a dedicated page stating that you accept direct ads.


You should also tell your readers that what benefits they’ll get by advertising on your blog. This will motivate them to advertise on your blog if your one is really potential to your readers.


Paid Posts Writing

Many companies will offer money for writing about their products on your blog if you contact them.


Suppose that your blog reviews products and a company sells a specific product. If the company thinks that your blog is good for promoting their product, then the company may pay you for writing about the product on your blog.
So this is a great way of monetizing a blog & you mustn’t lose this opportunity.


Paid Guest Posts Acceptance

If your blog is a decent one, you’ll see that many other bloggers are trying to get backlinks from it. This may be an opportunity for you to monetize your blog.


You can accept quality guest posts for money. But remember that you can’t accept any guest post that comes to you. You must accept good guest posts from quality blogs.


Email List Building

List building is also an indirect way of monetizing a blog. You can use your blog to build your email list. After that, promoting products or posts on those emails may bring a huge amount of money.


Most pro bloggers make tons of money applying this technique.


Membership Subscription

There are many quality blogs that offer membership subscription. Only the paid subscribers can enter into the premium section of a blog.


Asking for Donations

This may sound odd, but if you think that you can do great things by taking philanthropic money form your readers, then it’s pretty good method of monetizing.


To start asking for donations, you can just put a PayPal donation button on your blog. Let people know the reason why they should pay you.


Website Selling

Finally, you can also monetize your blog by saying it good bye! Yes, it’s very pathetic to see that your own blog is becoming others, but if you intended to sell blogs, then it’s a lucrative monetizing method.


Start a new blog, grow it & then sell for profit.


So these are the ways of monetizing a blog. You can leverage all the methods. But the important thing is traffic. Without traffic, it’s almost impossible to monetize your blog.


So applying the mentioned methods effectively, monetize your blog when you’re sleeping. Best of Luck Dude.

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