How to Make Money Online Without PayPal in any Country

This post is all about how to make money online without PayPal, so an alternative to PayPal will be discussed here.


Still, now, PayPal isn’t available in my country and I think that there are many other countries where PayPal isn’t supported. But do you think that you couldn’t make money online without PayPal?


Good news is that you can make money online without PayPal which I’ll show you how in this blog post. Also, this post will be helpful to PayPal haters too as they could now think of making money without it.


Make Money Online Without PayPal!

I wanna start with my real-life experience with this matter so that you could easily realize everything about it. Once I was fascinated by seeing that other people are making huge money online. So I started thinking to start my online work too. I stumbled into the internet and started reading different resources regarding how to make money online.


The more I was reading, the more enthusiast I was becoming about online money earning. However, after a few months of intensive study on this particular subject, I then finally wanted to start working online. I read most of the places that to receive your fund, you’ll need to use your PayPal account. So I went to register for a PayPal account to make sure that I’d get paid when there’d be some income online.


That was the earth-shattering moment when I first came to know that PayPal isn’t supported in Bangladesh (my beautiful country). Oh no! What to do now? All my studies, all my dreams regarding online money making would go in vain!


However, as I always love to inspect things very closely, I wanted to know how other online money makers in my country are receiving their payment. So I moved into knowing that.


Within a few days, I came to know every way possible for receiving fund from online living in Bangladesh. Here are the payment receiving methods that others use –

  • AdSense publishers get checks from Google. AdSense also supports direct wire transfer.
  • Verify PayPal with another person who lives in a country where PayPal is available.
  • Exchange PayPal currency with Bangladeshi taka.
  • Directly transfer funds to local Bank account which is more or less a bit hectic process.
  • Use Skrill and Neteller, but these methods aren’t supported by many platforms.
  • Receive fund on Payoneer MasterCard or directly sends fund to local bank account using Payoneer.


So here are the common ways of receiving fund from online in our country. Then I tried to analyze all the payment methods and then find out the best one for me.


AdSense publishers have the opportunity to get their payment through check or wire transfer which is a great option for them. All of the methods of Google is very secure, but it takes some time to arrive your payment to you.


To me, this method wasn’t a matter of hope as I wasn’t intending to use AdSense ads and make money because I learned that there were many other ways of making more money than using AdSense.


The next way that many online earners in our country go for is using a foreign PayPal account. Using a PayPal account of another person is very risky and also illegal too. So I strongly recommend you not to follow this method.


Why this is risky? the receiving of your payment solely depends on the person living in the other end (the original PayPal owner). Also, the full control over the PayPal account remains on the actual owner of the account.


Exchanging PayPal currency with our country’s currency is another option which can be used. But the problem is that, you’ll have to contact a PayPal currency buy and sell agency every time to get your payment in hand. Also, you’ll get lower rate of your exchanged foreign currency.


Some online platforms support direct bank transfer, but talking to many local banks, I discovered that the method is burdensome. You can use Skrill or Neteller, but the real problem is that you’ll hardly get any platform that offers these types of cards or accounts.


And finally, I wanna talk about Payoneer. Yes, this was the MasterCard that made my online money making a success. This card gave me the full-freedom to get my payment whenever I wanted (still now supporting me). So I registered for a Payoneer MasterCard which initially didn’t cost me a single penny though you’ll have to pay $29.95 for per year service charge.


I got my MasterCard within 15 days of my registration. The moment when I first held my card was a great feeling. It made me an impression that I could now get money from anywhere in the world. By the way, now I’m gonna tell you how you can make money online using Payoneer and of course without PayPal.



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How I Make Money Online without PayPal?

You may have read my other posts where I mentioned that I first started making money from freelancing platforms. I registered on major freelancing platforms because I saw that all the sites support Payoneer. So it made me shout WOW as I could make money online with Payoneer.


You Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Guru and other renowned freelancing sites support Payoneer. So I didn’t have to worry much about getting my fund from those platforms. I started freelance writing and was getting paid well with Payoneer MasterCard.


At one point, I thought that I would do something that would be solely for me as freelance writing was for my clients. Thwey were the ultimate gainers by taking my written posts. As I’ve studied a lot about online money making, I knew that affiliate marketing would be a great idea to make huge money online. So I started doing affiliate marketing.


You know affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you’ll be get paid by promoting and selling other people’s or companies’ products. So now here comes the question could I get my money using Payoneer in affiliate marketing?


Well, there are many affiliate programs which don’t still support Payoneer, but I only searched for those that accepts Payoneer as part of their payment methods.


I came to know about two big affiliate marketplaces like Commission Junction and Amazon Associates. As Amazon Associates offers low commission per sale, I was with CJ or Commission Junction for making money online. CJ accepts Payoneer, so I didn’t have to worry about anything for receiving my fund.


Now I can promote tons of products from CJ on my sites. When I can generate lead or sell products, my balance reserves on my CJ account and then I can withdraw the fund on my Payoneer whenever I wish. So this is a convenient way of making money online.


So what can you do to make money online without PayPal?

Now it’s your turn to make money online without PayPal, right? Yes, you can make it possible too. To do so, I’m giving you a great step-by-step guideline here –

  1. First of all, sign up for a Payoneer account. You’ll also get a $25 bonus upon signing up for it. Then let the MasterCard arrive at you within 15 days or so. In the meantime, you follow the next steps.
  2. Now find out your core skills that you could sell online. Suppose that you can write well and also love to do it, then you can start offering your writing services on major freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Guru, Fiverr etc. You can also choose any other skill and then offer that through different services.
  3. If you wanna sell affiliate products on your blog or website, then you’ll have to start a blog of your own. Starting a blog isn’t a hard task. Read this blog post and learn how to do it – how to start your own blog (self-hosted WordPress)?
  4. Then register on Commission Junction and select your preferred affiliate products from there.
  5. Apply for freelancing jobs, get jobs and get payments onsite. Promote your affiliate products and get sales. Then you can transfer all your payments to Payoneer where from your money could be in your pocket.
  6. If you wanna make money with AdSense, then you don’t need any Payoneer account as I’ve already mentioned that to you.


So following these easy steps, you could make money online without having the account of PayPal. This is very convenient way of getting your fund and there’s no risk of losing your payment. There’s no country barrier to follow this method of getting paid. So I hope that you could soon make money online following my guidelines.


Many people wanna make money online and if they know the exact way of making money, then they could easily make their dream true. Here in this post, I’ve shared my own story of making money online using Payoneer. You can start like me as working online has made my life far more easier than before. I’m very happy working online and getting my money using Payoneer. Start now and you could make it possible too.


Thank you for reading my post. Don’t forget to share this post as your sharing may help hundreds of your friends.


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