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My Ultimate Goal is to Make $1 Million/Year On The Internet…


And My Next Mission!

I wanna make $1000 per day from my online business within a couple of years.


Keep me in your prayer.


Every morning, when I open my email inbox, I see these kinds of emails:

Currently, I start charging from $50 for a sponsored post.


And my affiliate dashboard currently updates like this:

You see that my conversion rate isn’t good enough, so I’m working hard to fix it for more revenues.


My AdSense income hasn’t become great yet, but I’m expecting higher income in coming days:

So all these income streams of this blog make over $100 a day.


In addition, I’m planning to create some digital products of my own which will be promoted on this blog.

NOTE: This is NOT a generic how to post on how to make money online!


Yes, this is a step-by-step case study based on my real life so that you can actually learn the hack to make this possible.


And I’m starting with the background story of my online business career which will help you realize the whole matter well. 


So Enjoy!

i was poor

No Money, No Hope, No Happiness!


I was gonna drown in the sea of depression. I didn’t know what to do then. My life was like a hell.


This was the year when I closed all my physical businesses.


Yes, since the early age of my life, I’ve been acting like an entrepreneur. For that, I didn’t think about investment, I just planned a business, and then jumped into it without thinking about its future profit and loss. In this way, I started several businesses on my own.


One of the initial businesses of mine was coaching my local people spoken English. Though many of my close relatives considered this business as a bad project, I didn’t listen to any of them and started teaching people English. The initial stages were challenging and at the same time, adventurous too.


Every day, I was learning some things new. This sort of learning was giving me much pleasure which was ultimately carrying me on with the project. After running that business for a few months, with so many ups and downs, I had to quit it. This was because I became seriously ill due to the sudden attack of jaundice.


My doctor recommended me long bed rest which ultimately made me retire from everything else. It was watching television, taking healthy food, and taking rest all day long. My life became dull like an awful tasted food.


In the meantime, one of my brothers, who was an army officer, was shot dead in an internal mutiny of the elite force. This was the horrific time in my life, and I could hardly hope for a better and a happy life in the future.


Nobody knows what’s coming next. So, it’s wise to stay strong until the end of your life.


Since I had a strong mentality, I was determined to do something good for my life.


But, every time I was exploring that my pocket was empty, my confidence was lowering down.


Note that my family was well off, but I wanted to make money on my own.

By the way, though I didn’t have enough money to do anything better in my life, I always believed that nobody was there to give me money unless I do something worthy enough.

My sleep said goodbye long before and I was like this:

I was still dreaming while everybody in my family was in a deep sleep

I can’t count how many sleepless nights I had to pass during that harsh time.


Nobody was there to help me, but everybody was there to blame me for this and that.


How ridiculous is this?

This is another great life lesson that you can note down. Whenever you’re in great trouble, you’ll hardly get anybody to support you.


During the time, I was trying to hide me from people thinking that everybody would insult me for no reasons.

But, hiding isn’t a great solution. In fact, it’s a bad idea to avoid yourself from the harsh truth. Always try to face the problems. This will help you garner the skills of overcoming them.


So, I did the same. I started dealing with my kith and kin smartly pretending that I was quite okay. It was giving me a great boost to my confidence.


From the gradually growing confidence, I decided to start my coaching business again hoping that I could make a great profit at that time.


I was quite experienced at that time since I had some months of practice in the same business. I added some more subjects to get more and more students to my courses. I started everything formally. I had a great hope of doing something big, but when I started, things were going in the wrong direction day by day.


It was a hard time when I realized that I wasn’t even achieving one percent of my desired goal. However, I was carrying on. Whatever was happening to me at that time, I was hopeful almost all the time.


Many people came in and tried to make me pessimistic by saying negative words about my work, but I was strong enough to avoid all of their bad words.


Within a few years, I was gonna make a stable income on a monthly basis. Since my target was very little, making $400 per month was enough for me.


Truth be told, I couldn’t dare to make more than that limit. This was one of my bad thoughts. It’s true that I was always a hopeful guy, but my expectation was very limited.


We’re (me and my wife) passing our lives very happily. The ultimate goal of our lives was to make some money, hang around the local areas (sometimes, remote areas too), take some yummy foods, and shop for some things of our choices.


However, soon after our marriage, we came to know that we were gonna be three within 10 months or so. Yes, my wife conceived a baby.


This was the time when we felt the urgency of making more money. However, everything was going as usual, and my wife gave birth to our son in a timely manner without any problems.

One of my brothers made me remember to act like a wise chessplayer

Why did he do that? Well, since he was my wellwisher, he advised me to think about our newly born son because my cost was gonna increase in coming months.


You know how important every move of a chess player is! Even one single wrong movement can lead to the checkmate, sometimes.


His advice was right even though I took it lightly at that time. I don’t know why I wasn’t taking anything seriously at that time.


Days were passing by, and I was going the same way as I did a few years back. So, no improvement was visible and expected as well. I was thinking what to do that could lead us a happy and prosperous life.


From my ideas, the idea of importing some electronic goods from China to our country attracted very much, and I rushed for doing it even though I had little to no money at that time.


So, I borrowed some funds from some people by promising them that I would return them the funds soon after flourishing my business. The funny part of that business was that the business never saw the face of flourishment, but I did give back the money to its owners.


I was observing that I wasn’t doing well at any of the businesses. This thinking was killing me several times on a daily basis. As you can see that I’m a man of great ideas, so I landed an idea again. The idea was to sell video tutorials online.


Yes, I made some video tutorials on spoken English and tested them by my students. Most of my students praised my work a lot, and my confidence level was boosting up rapidly.


I was so confident that one day, I planned to quit all my physical businesses. I liquidated all my businesses and kept some funds for supporting my family for the next some months because I was gonna have no business at all.


The quitting process took some months, and at one time, I became very busy making video tutorials for different classes. I made hundreds of videos and was finding out a way to sell them.


It was YouTube that sparked a great hope of making money with my tutorials, but the negative side was that YouTube monetizing wasn’t possible in our country at that time.


Next, I planned to sell my videos on Udemy, but that time it was another impossible thing because the platform only supported PayPal (PayPal is still not available in our country!) to pay their instructors at that time.


Therefore, I had to quit myself from all of my planned money making fields. That time, I was gonna be frustrated since nothing was working.


But I always believe these precious words:

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

Alexander Graham Bell


So at the end of the day, I went to bed with a bunch of dreams and opportunities.


One day, when I was googling something, I found a link that said someone had built his career online. That link sparked a great idea to my brain. I thought that it would be a great idea to establish a career on the internet. It could make my life free from all sorts of hassles since I wouldn’t have to be with any tangible businesses.


So since the day, I started learning how to make money online. It was like that I just found another opportunity in my life which was so lucrative.


I read almost all the resources regarding the subject and overwhelmed with the huge knowledge. I was struggling to figure out where to start.


By the way, among many types of making money online fields, I loved “online marketing” (especially affiliate marketing) the most.


Affiliate marketing is involved with selling other people’s products for a certain commission. This is done online and you don’t need to be a salesperson to go from door to door to sell your products. In addition, you don’t need to build your own products.


It’s a relax business if you can do it properly, so it attracted me a lot.


But the problem is that to sell affiliate products online, I would have to promote them. Without promotion, nothing can be sold. And to promote affiliate products, the best way is to create a website, start blogging and showcase my affiliate products there.


Since I had little to no knowledge about how to start a blog, my dream of making money online started dying. Yikes!


Then, I learned how to create a website on my own and created a website for my business. Creating a website is super easy that I came to know after creating my one. You can see that before starting my website, I was very tensed. I was tensed because I didn’t know anything about coding. Still, I don’t know anything about it even though I’m the owner of many awesome blogs.


Never be afraid of anything. Please know that if you can learn how to do a thing, then you could do the thing.


Before starting my first ever website, I also thought that I would need a lot of money to do it. In fact, you can do it in a cost-effective way which I’ve already shown in this post:

Cheap way to start a blog!


You could be a proud owner of your blog just by paying as low as $40. You’ll be glad to know that working online requires very little investment, but the return could be unbelievably huge.


But to make this happen, you need to invest your time and effort.


Creating my first blog gave me a different pleasure that I can’t express. This was a new exciting feeling.


So I started creating content for my website. Initially, I didn’t know anything about online marketing or anything else. So it was just to write some posts that I thought would be good to read.


Anyone can reach out to my content from anywhere in the world – how amazing the feeling is!


I was so excited about the new blog that I forgot that I would have to make money for my living. At one point in running my blog, I saw that nothing was happening. It was expected because I didn’t pay heed to make money with my blog, I just wanted to do things unprofessionally.


There was no mentor to teach me how to do things properly. You’re lucky my dear brothers and sisters! Yes, you’re getting me who’s teaching you everything professionally so that you don’t do any mistake like I did. That’s why I say I share foolproof guidelines. 


After some days of creating my site, I felt a bit frustrated and wanted to make some quick cash. But how to do that? I didn’t have enough money to start something better.


Though I didn’t have enough money to invest, I was very lucky because still, I had some important things at that time – a laptop, two hands, and a lot of exciting ideas!

I was always planning to start something with my resources. This was a great life lesson in my life.

Whenever you have a limited resource, focus on what you can do with that resource. Never be negative by thinking that you don’t have enough resource to do this and that.

Well, I started applying for freelance writing jobs.


Within a few days, I was hired by a Thai client which helped me a lot to carry on my online profession. Soon after the first hiring, I was hired by several clients from different countries.


So I started making a decent amount of money from freelance writing.


It’s recommended that you maintain a side income along with your blog because making money with a blog needs 4 to 6 months.


In my case, I actually got my first affiliate sale within 2 months, but this isn’t in fact, possible by everyone.


By the way, I’ll teach you how to make money blogging in 60 days or less which will help you a lot for sure.


Now, let’s come to our point – yes, you should manage a side income. In my case, it was freelance writing. You can choose any types of job according to your skills. I learned this great lesson from my real life. So, never take this lightly.


I started making hundreds of invoices of hundreds of dollars or so on a regular basis. Here are some invoices that will surely motivate you:


Though I was making enough money from freelance writing, it wasn’t making any asset for me.

You see that freelancing means you’re making your clients’ dreams, not yours. Making others dreams isn’t a bad idea, but why not make yours as well?

So I started thinking over and over again about it. At one point, I became adamant to establish my own blog. You see that clients are paying me a lot of money as a freelance writer to write their articles. Why are they paying me? This is very simple to understand.


They’re using my articles and making a lot of profit in the long run, thus they’re happy to pay me. So, why not write for my own blog?


So, I created another blog and this time, I was confident enough not to be broken by anything wrong. I chose freelance writing as my blogging topic since I had been freelancing for many years back then.


Now, my workload became double because I had to work both for my clients and my blog. It was very challenging and at the same time, very enjoyable too.


Since the beginning of my second blog, I started promoting different affiliate products. The first product was Grammarly because I found that every online marketer and writer should use this awesome tool to proofread their writing.


Grammarly offers $20 for per sale and you’ll be surprised to know that I could start selling Grammarly within 57 days!!!


After the first affiliate sale, nobody could stop me. It was a common thing to sell affiliate products on a regular basis.


The first monetization method for my blog was affiliate marketing, but I added some more monetization methods to my blog later.


The second type of monetization method was selling sponsored posts. Different companies come to me to feature their products on my blog. In exchange for this, they pay me.


I get regular requests from companies and accept when the products match my niche. Note that I don’t recommend any products that aren’t really good to use. So I need to turn down a lot of guest posting requests.


I also monetize my blog using AdSense. It’s a gradually increasing income stream of my blog.


You see that I didn’t stop writing for other blogs. Yes, I write for some freelance writing clients upon their requests which also provide me with some funds in every month.


So you see that I monetize this blog through four different ways.


Now, I’ll show you how you can do the same.


So you wanna make a career through blogging?


Don’t worry.


How to Make Money Blogging?

Here are the five steps to doing this:

#Step 1: Stick with a Suitable Niche

Choosing a nice niche for your blog and sticking with it from day one of your blogging journey can speed up making money from your blog.


A number of reasons are responsible for this.


Here are some notable reasons to blog around a specific niche:

  • A niche blog can more easily rank high on SERPs
  • The audience of a niche blog finds it a good place to learn about niche related things
  • A niche blog can be an authority blog lot sooner
  • It’s much easier to create content for a niche blog than that of a blog without having any specific niche

So you can see that defining your blog’s niche is the #1 rule to succeed in blogging.


Look at my blog. When I started this blog, I wasn’t aware of niche blogging, so I had to struggle a lot to succeed in the initial stage of my blogging career.


Then, I could find my passion and it’s blogging. Since then I have been blogging about blogging. Sticking with a specific niche did really help me to make more money from my blog.


Therefore, find a topic that attracts you a lot. If you do something with passion, you’re not likely to get bored when you won’t see any traction from your work.


Life is all about ups and downs, and so is your business. You have to treat blogging as a real business. You’ll see opportunities as well as pitfalls when it comes to blogging.


So blog around your passionate zone.


#Step 2: Start a Blog Properly

Once you’re ready with your blogging niche now is the time to start a blog according to it.


Many people ask me whether they can start a blog for free or not. They ask the question because of keeping themselves on the safe side.


Truth be told if you start blogging with the mentality of not investing, then you’ll eventually fail in the long-run.


So yes, you can start a free blog where you’ll get a poor sub-domain, but this kind of immature blog sucks almost all the time.


Therefore, make a mentality of investing at least $40 to a couple of hundred dollars for a year if you want to make money blogging.


This isn’t always true, but remember you get what you pay for!!!


However, let’s start showing you how to create a blog.


Follow the steps below:

1. Visit your preferred hosting company’s site

To create any blog, you need to host it. So the first step is to visit the site of your chosen hosting company.


I recommend a few hosting companies such as iPage or Bluehost. If you are on a tight blogging budget, then you can also consider Namecheap hosting.



In this guide, I’ll show the process of creating a blog using Bluehost.


[alert-note]Disclosure: I recommend the three hosting companies because I’ve been using them personally for many years. I have used five hosting companies so far throughout my blogging career, but can’t recommend the other two because of their average performance.[/alert-note]


So hit the following banner and visit Bluehost:


2. Select your preferred hosting pack

You’ll land the following landing page:

landing page of bluehost

Now, take your mouse cursor on the hosting button seen on the top bar. You’ll see a drop-down list of different hosting types.


The top hosting type is shared hosting. Hit this so that you can check all the shared hosting packs of Bluehost.


Bluehost has three shared hosting packs and here are all of them:

bluehost shared hosting packs

Note that the Basic shared hosting pack is enough when you’re just starting out as a blogger.

bluehost basic shared hosting

So hit the Select button seen under the Basic hosting pack.


3. Provide your selected domain name

Now, you’ll see two domain registration boxes, one is for registering a new domain and the other one is for using your previously owned domain.


[alert-success]Remember! You’re getting a FREE domain with the hosting pack for the first year, so you can save some dollars (since the domain is free!) here[/alert-success]


So drop your desired blog name in the first box.

register domain on bluehost

Hey, do you know how to come up with a blog name? The name of your blog should be catchy, memorable, and niche reflected if it’s not in your name.


I’ve tested with a domain named xyzabc101 (the extension is selected as .com by default and I recommend you that you create your website with .com extension) and here is this:

sample domain name

The next task is to hit the next button found under the domain registration box.


If the domain is available for registration, then the next page will come up with a long form.


4. Create your account and pay the bill

The long form is for leaving and selecting different information.


The first portion of the form is for leaving your account information.


So fill up the blank boxes with all the exact information:

bluehost account information

The next part is for selecting your hosting and other services:

bluehost package information

Select all the required services and go to the next portion.


The next part is for providing your payment information.


Fill out the form with your card number and other information.

bluehost payment information

Finally, check the Bluehost’s terms and conditions and then, hit the submit button.

bluehost terms and conditions


[alert-success]Success! You’ve just bought your hosting pack as well as other services to create a blog.[/alert-success]


You’ll receive several emails from Bluehost. Check all the emails and you’ll get your cPanel’s credentials.


5. Install WordPress

Now, log into your cPanel by providing the username and the password.


Go to MOJO Marketplace which is available in your cPanel.

mojo marketplace

There, you’ll see WordPress.

install wordpress

Hit the Install button:

install wordpress 1

Next, you’ll need to drop your domain. I’ve tested here with another domain name:

install wordpress 2

Now, fill out the form and then,  click on the Install Now button:

install wordpress 3

You’ll see this message while the installation is being carried on:

install wordpress 4

Within a few seconds, you’ll see this message:

install wordpress 5

Great! You’ve just installed WordPress and installing WordPress means that you’ve already created your blog.

install wordpress 6

Now, you can visit your blog using your web address.


Also, you can go to your WordPress dashboard by using this ( address on your browser.


So have you seen that the process of creating a blog is very simple and you don’t need any knowledge of coding in order to do so?


Very Important!!! Set up your blog well

After creating a blog, this is the most ignored part! Yes, most bloggers start a blog and then, don’t set it up well.


One of the major mistakes that newbies do is run their blogs with a free WordPress theme. I did the same mistake when I started blogging.


At one time, I realized the value of a premium SEO-friendly theme and soon after that, I purchased two amazing themes for my blog.


One is Schema and the other one is Spacious Pro.


Here are the purchase proofs:

For Schema

Purchased Schema

For Spacious Pro

Purchased Spacious Pro


[alert-announce]Note! The internet is full of scams, so I always want to be transparent. Many bloggers try to fool their audience just by claiming falsely that they have purchased this and that in order to make them purchase the products. So you should justify whether a blogger has really tested the product or not, or s/he’s just trying to speed up your buying action! For this, I’ve given the two screenshots so that you don’t have any doubts about my work. [/alert-announce]


Now, I use Schema created by MyThemeShop (that costs me $47 because of a discount) because of its beautiful design and amazing SEO friendliness.


You can use the theme or find a good premium one that’s good in terms of SEO and style.


Another mistake of newbies is that they don’t focus on branding because they can’t realize that a blog is a damn brand!


And to make your brand strong, you need a catchy logo for it. So manage a memorable logo for your blog just after creating it.


So design a good logo for your blog as early as possible.


You can use your own hands to do it or you can hire a good graphic designer to do it for you.


Logo Garden is a great logo creator which can be used or you can visit the Fiverr’s logo designing section to find a professional logo designer.


Do all these things to be ready with a great blog from the early stage of your blogging career. Listen to my words, you’ll get the rewards in the long-run for sure.


#Step 3: Create Amazing Content that Adds Value

Your blog’s content might be anything that your audience will consume such as blog posts, articles, podcasts, videos, slide presentations, infographics etc.


When I started blogging, I didn’t measure the value of content. So I paid heed to creating content just by targeting some keywords.


I worked a little to create my content, but I was missing a lot because of not creating content that will add value to my audience’s life so that they can improve.


So how can you create amazing content for your blog?


Here are some tips that will surely help you create killer content:

  • First of all, stop chasing money when it comes to creating content. If you do this, you’ll ultimately spoil your content’s quality. So from the very beginning, try to build a helping mentality. Try to believe that you’ve created your blog not to make money, but to help your audience.


  • Ensure that your content will create value. When you create content for your blog, always ask this question to yourself: will this content create any value for my audience? Sometimes, it’s difficult to identify a piece of value-driven content! That time, you can keep an eye on solving a specific type of problem of your readers. A great piece of valuable content is such that it can solve a problem. So pinpoint your audience’s problems and solve them using your content.


  • Always try to spread your powerful message through your content and if you can do this using real-life stories and case studies, then this will work the best because people love to read stories.


  • Make sure that your audience will be motivated every time they read your content.


  • Whatever you create, you need to let your audience know about it. Sometimes, some great content is ignored because the right group of people doesn’t know about it. So you should work on making killer headlines, irresistible thumbnails, and persuasive meta description for all of your content.


  • Try to create flawless content. You don’t need to be a grammar nazi, but make sure that your content flows well. If you want, you can use a grammar checker like Grammarly or Pro Writing Aid
    which will take care of your writing from different angles.


Finally, if you’re totally unable to write content for your blog, then you can hire freelancers to do so.


Fiverr’s article and blog post writing section has a large number of professional writers who can write amazing content for your blog.


If you hire freelance writers, still keep learning how to write content by yourself. This is because you need to write content on your own in order to spread your voice.


In addition, if you craft content by yourself, then you can save a lot of money that may have needed to pay your freelance writers.


#Step 4: Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog Consistently

Now you have to get people to read your blog on a regular basis.


[alert-note]You can’t make a single penny without connecting with real people. So you need to bring people to your blog. Many of them could be your potential prospects over time.[/alert-note]


There are many ways you can drive traffic to your blog, but not all the ways can be used at a time and aren’t equally effective. So you need to figure out which traffic generation techniques work the best for your blog. Find them and keep applying them to drive more and more traffic to your blog.


I’ve already written a detailed blog post on how to get traffic to your blog, but here are some sources I use to generate traffic to my blog:

Search engines

The top traffic generation source of my blog is search engines, especially the search giant, Google. I maintain some things on my blog to get the ultimate love of Google.


Yes, I write long-form content on long-tail and low competitive keywords. Here comes the necessity of researching keywords. I use SEMrush to find suitable keywords within a very short time. The tool tells me the search volume and the keyword difficulty of my given keywords very quickly. After analyzing my keywords, I start writing long-form articles.


A long-form article is likely to be more in-depth than a short one and readers always love to read in-depth content because of having more hacks to solve problems.


Since readers have the likings to long-form content, Google loves to rank them high. The speed of your blog posts, as well as their responsiveness, matters a lot when it comes to ranking high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).


However, to rank your content high on SERPs, you should read the ultimate guide to SEO.


Social media

From a number of social media channels out there, I leverage Facebook, Quora, and LinkedIn.


I write helpful answers on Quora and many Quora readers visit my blog after reading my answers. This way, I get a lot of connections as well as affiliate sales.


I join my niche relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups and connect with my target audience personally. This takes much time, but it really pays off well.


Facebook boosting

Facebook boosting is a great weapon for me to drive traffic and monetize my blog as well. It helps me to bring targeted traffic to my blog without much effort.


But to make this happen, I need to invest a lot in Facebook boosting.


So skip this part if you’re in the early stage of blogging and aren’t able to invest more after creating your blog.


Email lists

I get my loyal traffic from my email lists. They love my work because they have permitted me to send them my content.


So start growing your email lists from day one.


You can use ConvertKit, Aweber, or MailChimp as your email service provider.


#Step 5: Monetize Your Blog Through Multiple Income Sources

If you can do the previous four steps properly, you can now expect to monetize your blog. You might make money from your blog without doing all the previous steps well, but that will be an accidental incident.


That means you can’t continuously make money blogging if you’re not ready with all the necessary items that I’ve mentioned so far.


Here are my four income streams that I’m mentioning again:

Affiliate sales. My all-time favorite blog monetization method.


Sponsored posts. This adds up some dollars to my account on a monthly basis, but you can’t leverage this method unless you grow your blog a lot.


AdSense. I’m gradually increasing my AdSense earnings. Let’s see what happens next!


Services. I still offer content writing and SEO services.


Since my take is to make my blog a completely passive driven business platform, I’ll leverage only affiliate marketing and own digital product selling once I can make more than $10,000 a month through affiliate marketing.


Here’s a guide on how to monetize your blog that can be read in order to learn different types of blog monetization methods.


So you have learned how to make money from a blog, but this learning isn’t all. You’ll need to keep learning about more and more blogging hacks in order to do well in this field.


So don’t miss any of my blogging updates by subscribing to my safe email list here:

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