How to Make a Lot of Money Online ~ Some Proven Formulas

There are many ways one can start making a lot of money online. I will try my best to mention some of the ways, but you will have to choose carefully which one really fits well for you.

how to make good money online

Let’s start exploring.

1. Free Ways:

Start a Free Blog

I chose this at the first position as it requires nothing. You just have to sign up with a free blogging platform such as Blogspot (now Blogger), WordPressWeeblyWix etc. Now, the question is how will you earn money from your blogging? There are a couple of ways you can earn, but the best one is from posting ads on your blog and in this sense, Blogspot is my recommendation because this platform offers you free blogging with the opportunity of using ads. Weebly is another platform where you can earn 50% of ads’ revenue. WordPress and the rest of the free blogging platforms don’t allow ads posting in their free plan. So just go to or to sign up your account. The accounts are basically sub-domain that means if you choose your blog name as xyz, you will get a sub-domain as and respectively from them. Next part is your ability to write engaging articles by which your readers (visitors/traffic) will be attracted. There will be an article of mine that will discuss good article writing. After getting a huge amount of traffic (the number of visitors), you can apply for AdSense (more about AdSense will be discussed later). Once you get approved by AdSense, you can use ad units on your blog. Your readers will come online and a few of them will click on the ads and you will be paid by Google AdSense.


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Sell Old Things

It may sound odd, but you can’t imagine that there are a lot of people out there who really depend on it. Once I bought a second-hand mobile phone from a seller like this. He told me that he just visits the websites that sell old items and after buying at a lower price he posts the same thing at a higher price on the same types of website.  If you don’t want to be a die-hard seller like him, just look at your personal useless goods (books, mobiles, CDs etc) and post their ads on the internet. If you are fortunate to have some precious items such as antics, you can also call for a bid for that. Surely you will get more profit.


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Freelance career has now become a craze as you are the boss of yourself, a very relaxed job with part-time and full-time job opportunities. If you have some expertise in any field, just come forward and sign up at Upwork (earlier oDesk), Elance, FreelancerGuru, GetAcoder, Fiverr etc. After owning an account there through sign-up, you will have to bid for jobs. Everyday you will get thousands of job offers in these sites. Once you are selected by a client, you can work for him. After accomplishment of the task, you will be paid. Warning: never ever open multi-accounts at these platforms and work for any PTC sites.


Write eBooks

If you love to write a lot, you can go for it. Write what you know and make it as an eBook. You can then sell it on AmazoneBay with many other eBook selling sites or you can build your own eCommerce site and sell eBooks.


Make Video Tutorials & Sell

You can easily make video tutorials on any subject. There are Mindbites, Udemy, Tutor, Tutorvista where you can upload your video tutorials and earn money regularly by selling the tutorials. You can also upload your tutorials on youtube and there is an option for monetizing videos through AdSense. Other than AdSense, you can directly sell your videos by showing some of your initial sample videos. Suppose that you know cooking well. Make how-to-type videos on different recipes and upload it on youtube. Once you get some interested viewers, you can ask them about some of your gorgeous recipes they shouldn’t miss and set a price for the videos.


2. Paid Ways:

Open a Website

Opening a website needs some money and initially, it’s very little. How will you earn through your website? The same way as I discussed on free blogging. There is more room for earning from a paid website as it’s your own. You can start affiliate marketing and earn money online.Affiliate marketing is the marketing where you will have to showcase other people’s goods or services on your website. If anybody buys through your link, you get paid. You can also give rent some of your site’s space for ads. You set the price and it’s good because it has a guarantee to earn a fixed money from advertisers. Choose a good domain (website and host and host it (to keep running your site). Domain and hosting are the only things needed to run a website. Broad discussions on website opening will be noticed soon.


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Open an eCommerce Website

An e-commerce website is almost similar to usual websites, but it needs some extra things to run such as Shopping cart, Payment gateways, SSL certificate (not always) for your website. E-commerce website means where you can post your products or/and services for selling online.


Buy & Sell Domains

This can be a sort of earning source. Buy some domains looking at its future demand and once these are required by some other webmasters, you will sell these with some profit or you can buy domain as well as host it and after getting some popularity you can go for a bid on Flippa along with some other domain buying and selling websites. You can make even millions.


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