How to Increase 2162.5% Organic Traffic Just in 6 Months (Here Are My 15 Effective Actions That Made This Possible)

Years ago, I was doing everything for my business website, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t drive that much amount of traffic to my site.


As a result, it was common to see that my site wasn’t generating a decent amount of money on a monthly basis.


So, what was wrong with my site?


I was trying to find out the shortcomings of my site that were guilty of less traffic.


I was lucky because I could figure out them shortly and here in this guide, I’m gonna let you know some of the simple problems of my site that was causing less traffic.


If you learn about the problems, you’ll be surprised to know that your site may have been affecting with these kinds of things for years.

fix issues

Here were the problems of my site –

My website didn’t have any SSL

I heard that Google was taking actions to give much priority to those URLs that have SSL certificates with them, but I didn’t pay much heed to this.


For this, I didn’t become that much interested to buy an SSL certificate for my website.


I was shocked when I saw that one of my posts was ranking lower than another site’s post with a specific keyword. I was shocked because my content was much better than my competitor’s one. Also, my content had better backlinks from authority sites.


So, what was my content’s problem?


I found that the competitor’s site had https at the beginning of the domain. It just made me mad and I started researching on the subject.


Later on, I found that an SSL certificate really boosts a site’s ranking.


The action that I took!

Soon after the knowing, I rushed for buying an SSL certificate for my site, but I was quite nervous thinking about the high price of SSL certificates.


My nervousness was removed when I came to know that Namecheap was providing Positive SSL just for $8.88 for a year.


So, I instantly bought an SSL certificate from Namecheap.


At the time of purchasing the certificate, I was a bit confused about its installation, but using the Namecheap’s SSL plugin, I could do it in no time.


HTTP redirection

So, I installed the SSL certificate on my website and became very happy thinking that now I would see tons of traffic from search engines.


But, I wasn’t seeing any good results from my site even after a couple of months of installing the certificate.


Then, from an SEO audit, I came to know that I didn’t redirect my site’s HTTP to HTTPS.


As a result, people could visit my site both using and If that’s the case, then how could Google or other search engines know which URL to use!


The action that I took!

I became very happy to know this and I set the https redirection quickly.


It worked well because I started seeing an increase in search traffic to my site. The redirection was quite easy because Namecheap domain has an option to redirect to https. I just drag the button to the right to redirecting to https.


Speeding up

I was getting traffic my site after taking the first two actions, but still, I wasn’t satisfied with the number of website traffic.


Then, one day I observed that the favicon of my site wasn’t loading well.


What might be the problem, I was thinking!


Well, I found that the size of my website’s favicon was too much. For this, it made every page of my website much heavier.


You know how important the speed of a website is for ranking!


The action that I took!

So, I optimized the favicon and the logo of my site.


The below guide can teach you how I did this –

How to optimize your website’s logo and favicon for better SEO?


After speeding up my site by compressing the logo and the favicon, I became very interested to make my site speedier. This was because I was seeing the real value of speeding up my site (increase in traffic was seeing).


So, I studied a lot about speeding up a site and found a lot of ideas.


From the ideas, I installed a plugin called W3 Total Cache and WP-Optimize. Both worked well and my site was loading much faster than before after using the plugins.


I also optimized all the images of my site because of speeding it up. You can use an online tool that I use called CompressPNG or CompressJPG in order to compress your site’s images.


Later on, I created a post on how to speed up your WordPress site in 9 simple steps that you can check in order to make your site as speedy as a rocket.



Responsiveness of a site matters a lot when it comes to getting traffic.


Why is that?


Well, people won’t land your site if it’s not fit with their devices’ screens.


So, the responsiveness of a site ensures that it’ll be well readable regardless of screen size.


But I wasn’t aware of that. I used a free WordPress theme for my site just by checking that it was seen well on my PC. It was out of my mind that many visitors of my site would search from different devices.


The action that I took!

So, I rushed for a nice theme that would make my site responsive. It was Schema of MyThemeShop that just blew my mind.


I fell in love with the theme because of a lot of reasons.


Here are some of the reasons that made me a die-hard lover of Schema –

  • It’s completely SEO-friendly
  • Very lightweight, so loads very fast
  • Schema markup adjusted, so you won’t have to work hard to maintain your site’s schema markup


So, use Schema of MyThemeShop if you wanna increase your search traffic.


To make my site load fast on mobile devices, I also created AMP versions of my web pages.


Don’t worry about creating AMP versions of your web pages because I did it just by using a free plugin called AMP. Once installed, it’ll automatically create AMP versions of your web pages.


Boosting search visibility

My website’s appearance wasn’t that good because of not making schema markup as well as rich snippets okay.


My theme, Schema, was doing a great job for adjusting schema markup, but showing rich snippets was another thing that was not a function of a theme.


The action that I took!

So, I installed a rich snippets plugin and solved this problem too.



Since the beginning of my online business, I wasn’t in a spcefic niche which was causing a lot of sacrifice of search traffic.


The impact of selecting a niche was unknown to me for many years.


Later on, I came to know about this and took serious actions.


The action that I took!

Earlier, I was working on several topics like SEO, website traffic, conversion rate optimization, email marketing etc.


Sometimes, I was also bringing some off-topic to my site to entertain my audience. In fact, it was creating opposite results.


Yes, my audience was becoming confused about my site.


So, I chose one topic that would be my site’s ultra-specific niche.


It was website traffic.


Yes, I chose this topic and from then, I’ve been teaching my audience how to drive tons of traffic to their sites.


Domain purchase for multiple years

I heard this thing several times before, but I wasn’t taking any actions on my site.


Then, one day I bought my site’s domain for 3 years. The story started changing a lot.


I saw that more and more search traffic was coming to my site.


The action that I took!

I went to Namecheap and extended the domain expiry period to 3 years more.


It’s true that it cost me around $45 (for 3 years), but the result that I got from it was inexpressible.


So, choose Namecheap or GoDaddy to extend your website’s domain’s expiry date.


Golden-nugget keywords’ collection

It was another problem of my site’s strategy, not actually my site’s.


I wasn’t collecting good keywords that were worthy enough to be used. You know that not all keywords are good enough to be written on them.


First of all, I wanted to hire an SEO company called Searchmetrics to handle the task, but I saw that I had to pay a lot to accomplish the task.


So, I was finding out some alternatives and surprisingly, I found a nice tool named SEMrush to handle the task on my own.


The action that I took!

So, I bought SEMrush‘s subscription for one month that cost $99. It was worth the money because I could find out all my niche specific keywords within a month.


In addition, it was very easy to analyze my competitors by checking their top-ranked keywords with competition levels.


Here are two posts that are enough to let you know about the tool’s awesomeness –

SEMrush review: how SEMrush helped to make my first $40?

How to find low competition keywords using SEMrush?


Existing content optimization

At this stage, I came to know that many of my posts weren’t properly search engine optimized.


So, I was rushing for a freelancing platform, Fiverr, to hire some workers who’ll take care of my unoptimized content.


Later on, calculating the fees of remote workers, I saw that I could minimize the cost of optimizing my content if I could hire some workers locally (note that my country’s currency is very low).


The action that I took!

So, I hired some SEO workers to optimize my content for search engines. I taught them a lot and they also worked nicely.


At one time, I found that most of my content was properly optimized.


Removing flaws from content

Optimizing your content with SEO isn’t everything and I came to know about this when some of my visitors complained me because of my site’s silly mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling.


The action that I took!

Hearing the complains, I started using a grammar checker. First, I chose Pro Writing Aid and later, I switched to Grammarly because of some reasons.


Both the tools corrected my content’s flaws and helped me serve great web pages to my website traffic.


Upcoming changes

Now, I’m using Namecheap’s hosting and planning to upgrade to their dedicated plan soon.


Though I’m very happy with the current hosting plan, I need to upgrade to a better plan because of handling the huge number of website visitors.


So, these were my site’s problems that I handled myself.


Many of you don’t take your website’s problems seriously and as a result, you don’t see any traction from your site.


So, please take all the necessary actions to make your site flawless.


Wish you good luck.

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