11 Smart Ways to Increase Your Blog’s Domain Authority Fast

Do you know that increasing the domain authority of your site can take you to one step ahead in the race of search engine ranking?

how to improve domain authority

Yes, if the domain authority (DA) of your site is high enough, then you’re likely to outrank many other contents with your content that are from lower DA sites.


So, it’s clear that the process of improving the domain authority of your website is part of SEO. In other words, the more you try to implement SEO for your site, the better DA you can expect to have for your site.


You can also reveal the above claim regarding DA from any SEO analysis.


How to Increase Domain Authority?

Now is the time to show you how to improve the domain authority of your blog as you’re eager to do so. Learn all the points and apply those to increase the DA of your blog or website.


Build high-quality backlinks

As DA is mostly concerned with different types of links, you could increase the DA of your site just by earning more and more high-quality backlinks. This doesn’t mean that you’ll now start building backlinks unethically.


Let the backlink building process go naturally. If you can craft quality content on a regular basis for your blog, then you’ll see that your blog is gaining a surge of quality backlinks over time.


You can also do the following things to get quality backlinks on your website –

  • Write in-depth and relevant comments on authority blogs. Though the backlinks that you’ll earn through this way are no-follow links, you could still get the value as both Moz and Google count these types of no-follow links too. So, you can start writing comments on different quality blog posts.
  • You can also go to write and submit guest posts on quality blogs. This way, you could earn do follow backlinks.
  • Sometimes, you can reach out to other bloggers to exchange links ethically so that you can leverage the power of backlinks.

There are hundreds of other effective ways by which you can build good backlinks, so don’t be hopeless about gaining backlinks.


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Link to relevant and quality web pages

This part is all about outbound links. The links that you point out to other blogs are called the outbound links. If you can add the links to other relevant and quality web pages, this act can help your blog increase its DA over time.


So, do this when you see that it’s required. But in no ways, you can overdo it.


Pay heed to internal links

Web pages are linked to one another and that’s why the internet arena is called the web. So, you should also link to the relevant web pages within your site. This will help the search engine bots to recognize your pages as relevant to your blogging niche. The bots can then relate to your web pages more easily at the time of online queries.


So, always think of the related pages that you can add to the page that you’re writing now. In this regard, you should also limit your activities, I mean add some internal links when they’re relevant.


Disavow poor backlinks

You’ll see that your blog is being attracted by spammy backlinks which are very harmful to it. So, it’s you who should okay this problem. How will you do this? Well, first of all, you’ll have to check which links are spammy and then you’ll have to disavow using Search Console (for Google) or WebMaster Tools (Bing).


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Remove broken links

You’ll have to check your blog whether there comes any broken link or not. If you can detect some links that are broken, you should remove them by unlinking to your blog.


Broken links work for decreasing the DA of a blog, so you should be aware of this matter.


Make your blog responsive

When it comes to the betterment of your blog, you can’t avoid the subject of responsiveness. Yes, in the era of using so many gadgets and devices, your blog should fit on all the screen sizes and types.


Here comes the importance of responsive layout of your blog. Make your blog responsive enough so that your readers can read it using different devices.


Keep your blog speedy

A speedy blog can ensure that its readers will get a smooth experience at the time of using it. A slow speedy blog is likely to make its users unhappy. You can’t imagine how many of your blog’s visitors are leaving it during the time of loading it.


So, always make sure that your blog is loading fast. There are some factors which are guilty of making a site slow. So, you should be aware of those factors and have a speedy blog of your own.


Here are two posts that are very useful in speeding up your site –

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Content is king

Who doesn’t know that the content plays the most important role in making a blog popular? You should know that popularity and the DA of a blog go side by side.


Try to make your readers happy with the irresistible content. So, always try to craft killer content on a regular basis. If you can do this, you’ll see that your blog is achieving more and more quality backlinks which will eventually increase its DA.


Promote your content

The more you could spread your words, the more people could get to read them. So, you shouldn’t wait to promote your amazing content. This way, you could gather more people to read your content which will make many of them interested in linking your blog.


Utilize white hat SEO

SEO helps rank posts on top of SERPs. And if you can rank your posts on the first page of different search results, then you’ll see that more and more people are referring your blog to different topics. So, this is a great way of increasing the DA of a site.


Be patient, give time

One thing that you should keep in mind that old domains have usually more DA scores. The reason is that most blogs become closed within the first year or so because of not being successful. So, if you can run your blog for a few years, this means that you have already overcome a lot of troubles to your blog and now you’re a successful blogger.


This is the reason why many online business owners seek expired old domains for starting their next online businesses.


So, these are some ethical ways to increase the domain authority of your site. Never go to follow any of the black hat SEO techniques in order to increase it fast. If you do the SEO mistakes, you’ll repent for sure.


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