How to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills: 7+1 Sure-fire Ways

Since you’re gonna make money affiliate marketing, you need to learn how to improve your writing.


This learning will help you craft better content and for this, you could attract more of your readers.


In this post, I’ll give you some important tips to improve your writing.


How to Improve Your Writing Skills?

Now, I’ll let you know the tips that can dramatically improve your writing.


Write short words

Try to write short words in your sentences. This is because long words are hard to read as well as write. If you fill up your content with more and longer words, then your readers will just hate to read this.


Also, long words seem very complex.


Write short sentences

Like short words, short sentences are also bad for writing easy-to-read writing. Therefore, you should try to break a long sentence into several shorter ones. This will increase your writing’s ease of reading.


A sentence having over 20 words is considered to be a long sentence. So, try to keep the word count fewer than 20 words in most of your sentences.


Write short paragraphs

Short again! Yes, the paragraphs that you write in your writing should also be short. It’s good for making your writing neat and clean. For this, you’ll often see that many bloggers and freelance writers write paragraphs using only one or two sentences.


Hey, have a look at this –

Is it easy to read or this one? –

Surely, the first one is much easier to read because it comes with a neat and clean format whereas the second one has congested texts which look very ugly.


Write more and more simple sentences

Try to focus on simple sentences rather than complex or compound sentences. You should always remember that the main purpose of your writing is to convey your messages to your audience.


If they fail to get your messages well, then you’ll fail to get the ultimate benefit from your writing. So, write as many simple sentences as you can without feeling shy.


Write fewer passive sentences

Writing too many passive sentences also hurts the readability. Yes, it’s not uncommon to see that many passive sentences are understood wrongfully if readers aren’t much knowledgeable in English.


And you’re not sure how many of your readers are from a good English background. So, it’s a good idea to write active sentences if it’s not mandatory to use passive sentences in some places.


Write like you speak

Mostly, blog posts are written in an informal tone, so it doesn’t matter whether your writing seems you’re talking. If your readers feel that they’re talking to you while reading your posts, then chances are high that many of them will convert.


Whereas crafting boring words (formal writing is often boring, indeed!) has little to no value in online writing. You should keep this in mind and practice writing with an informal tone.


Use transition words

Using transition words make your writing sequential. They help flow your writing.


As for example, ‘so’, ‘therefore’, ‘then’ etc are transition words. Writing them in your sentences will bring sequence. As a result, your readers won’t find them boring to read since there’s always a connection between them.


Use a decent grammar checker

This is the bonus way (+1) to improve your writing! Use a robust punctuation corrector like Grammarly when you write. It’ll automatically detect your silly writing flaws and for this, you could correct them as soon as they’re detected.


Finally, you should use a plugin called Yoast SEO when it comes to writing on your WordPress blog. This is because the plugin comes with a section named Readability that checks a piece of content against Flesch Reading Ease and gives a score to it.


Here’s a screenshot of the plugin’s Readability section from my post while I was writing it –

You can see that it ensures whether most of your written paragraphs are short or not. Also, it counts how many sentences are long. It suggests that you can use up to 20% of your total sentences to be long ones. That means one-fifth of your content can be with long sentences.


It also checks for the use of enough transition words. In addition, if you write more and more passive sentences in your writing, then it’ll also be caught red-handed by the plugin for sure.


So, these are some of the crucial writing tips that’ll make your writing super easy to read.

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