How to Effectively Hire Freelancers from Marketplaces

The whole world has come to close for Globalization. Anybody can contact the people of other parts of the Earth within few seconds.


Nowadays, good quality workers are available on the Internet. You can easily contact the remote workers for finishing your task or projects.


In addition, you can hire them for completing your work in cheap rate and properly within a short time from freelancers of different marketplaces.


There are many marketplaces on the Internet and millions of freelancers available. Among those marketplaces most remarkable are Fiverr, Upwork, Peopleperhour, Odesk, Guru etc.


So, in this situation find out a reliable freelancer from a reliable marketplace isn’t very easy.


However, you will know that how to hire a freelancer.


Now I am gonna to show you, the process of hiring a freelancer from a better marketplace step by step.


How to Hire Freelancers

Determine your work

Which work do you want to complete by a freelancer? Your first step is that, fixed your work or projects and create short detail of your work or an instruction list.


Because when you will hire a freelancer, during that moment he/she will ask you about your work or want the instruction of your work.


Choose a marketplace

Your second step is that, selecting the better marketplace. Because many marketplaces are on the Internet.


But, you should choose that marketplace, from where you can get best quality freelancers and better feedbacks.


You can choose Fiverr, Upwork, People per hour, Guru, 99 designs etc.


But, I will recommend you to choose Fiverr.


Job posting

After selecting a marketplace, your next step is job posting.


Every job market website has this option on their webpage.


Firstly you have to sign up that marketplace.


Then, you have to find out the option of buying freelancers. You will hit on Buy or Job post options.


You have to post a job offer by writing a content about your job. You will give instruction or description details what do you want.
Even You will give information about payment.


However, after job posting, many freelancers will contact you. You can contact them using Skype video call or Email chatting.


You should select well known or popular and expert worker.


How to choose the best freelancer?

Your 1st task for selecting a freelancer is that observation the rating of the freelancer.


You should select 5 star or best-rated person for your works.


You have to notice the comments of the previous buyers of those freelancers.


In addition, you also have to check the portfolio of that freelancer.


If you check portfolio, you will get a conception of the work of those freelancers.


Your next function is checking the delivery time of works.


You should select them, who can give feedback within a fixed time.


All the marketplace have this system. You can enter any of them and hire a freelancer.


But I like to hire a freelancer from Fiverr. You can also select it.


Why you choose Fiverr?

Fiverr is the most reliable marketplace among all marketplace of the Internet.


Sometimes ago I have told about the process of the Job posting in a marketplace and selection of freelancer. That’s a long-term process and also a full of hassles.


But Fiverr provides you the very easy process of hiring freelancers.


Freelancers provide a lot of gigs for you.


Gigs are the hourly work package, which is provided by freelancers.


Suppose, I am a freelance writer. I have already created an hourly writing package for sale.


I have written there “ I can write a unique content for you at least 5 $”


This offer or work package is known as GIG.


Now if you search for a freelance writer in the search box of Fiverr, you will get more gigs like my gigs.


That time you can select gigs randomly for your works.


Method of order or hire

After choosing a gig you have to hit on the gig.


Then you will see the details of that gigs and know about the freelancer of that gig.


You have to observe the freelancer portfolio, punctuality, Rating, others comment about him/her works.


If you realize that this freelancer is suitable for your work. You can order or hire that freelancer by hitting on the Order button.
I have given a screenshot for you.


Some marketplace like People per hour also gives you this type of opportunities.


But I always hire freelancers from Fiverr.


I get my desired freelancer within few minutes. It saves my time.


The other attractive reasons for choosing Fiverr is that here you can get top rated freelancers work in cheap.


Fiverr provides gigs from only 5$.


Even, you can discuss or take interview of a freelancer.


If you want to know more about Fiverr or hire a freelancer from Fiverr, you can go Fivers official website.


Yet you can also hire freelancers from these popular marketplaces. Those are,


People Per Hour:

It is one of the best marketplaces in the Internet world. It’s a marketplace of USA. You can hire freelancers from here in the same process.


You will find here hourly options like Gig of Fiverr.


Up Work:

It is one of the famous marketplaces among all online freelance marketplaces. You can rent freelancers from here by applying the same process.



This marketplace is another famous freelance marketplace. You will see here different types of freelancers like other marketplaces.


You will also get lowers in here.


Hiring method of freelancers is same.


99 Designs

It is very popular marketplaces for Design and design related services. If you need this type of freelancers, you can rent them from here.


If you create a list of best Freelancer, you will find them quickly for hiring your next work.


Although you can hire a freelancer from online marketplaces, you also avoid marketplace for the same purpose.


Many freelancers have own websites. They are an independent freelancer.


You can also contact them to complete your work.


But as a beginner, I recommend you that, during this early period you should hire a freelancer from a marketplace.


Because, till now you don’t know who is a better independent freelancer and also their web address.


Day by day you realize all system. So don’t worry. All the best.

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