How to Get Tons of Traffic to Your Blog for Free

Every website owner is curious about how to get traffic because it’s the most important thing for any blog.


Yes, without traffic, your blog has no value. Traffic means your blog’s visitors. So the more visitors you get to your blog, the more value you can create with your blog.


Here in this blog post, I’m gonna talk about how to get traffic to your blog. There will be a broad discussion about getting traffic, so you must carefully read it.


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How to Get Traffic to Your Blog for Free?

Types of Traffic

First of all, you should learn about different types of traffic so that you can distinguish those & work accordingly to get those types of traffic.


There are mainly 4 types of traffic – social, referral, direct & organic. Also, each type of traffic can be both free & paid.


So let’s learn about the traffic & how to get it.


What’s Social Traffic

Social traffic is the traffic that you get from different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. I’ve written this type of traffic at the first position of the traffic type list because you can easily get this type of traffic.


How to Get Social Traffic?

Here are the ways you can get social traffic to your blog –


Share on Different Social Media Platforms

This is the easiest way to get social traffic. You just need to hit the share buttons after publishing a new post on your blog. Then you’ll see that you’re getting traffic from the social media sites where you’ve shared your post.


To get more traffic by sharing, you need to have many followers on social media and the title of your post should be irresistible.


So you must learn social media marketing in order to get more traffic from social media. Here in this blog, you’ll get many blog posts on social media marketing.


Reshare again and again

Many of you just share your content for once only. Why not share several times?


You’ll be amazed to see the exciting results of resharing. I often reshare my old content and get thousands of traffic to it.


Share by Others

Motivate your readers to share your blog posts. Then you’ll see that your posts are being shared on different people’s timelines of their social media profiles.


Be Active on Social Media Platforms

There many ways you can increase your social traffic. Facebook has page & group options. So, you can create a Facebook page and group on the platform. Then increase the number of likes & members of the page & the group respectively.


Also, LinkedIn has great potential to bring traffic to your blog. Make more connections & join relevant groups.


Write Answers on Quora

You must have heard the name of Quora, right? By writing in-depth answers, you can get traffic from the platform. You can link to your relevant blog posts on Quora answers so that the readers of the platform can reach you.


Write Blog Posts on Quora

As Quora has millions of visitors, it’s a good idea to create a free blog there & write blog posts on it. You can also drive huge social traffic to your blog.


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Write Yahoo Answers

Like Quora, Yahoo can be used for the same purpose.


Write Blog Posts on Hubpages, Medium & LinkedIn

You can also register on Hubpages & Medium & then write quality blog posts on those platforms. Not only is that, LinkedIn has blogging opportunity too.


You can receive huge traffic by posting on these sites.


What’s Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is meant by the traffic that you get from other blogs. So if your link is on another site & someone visits your blog through the link, then that visitor will be a referral traffic.


So the traffic you get from another site’s outbound (do follow or no follow) link is called referral traffic.


How to Get Referral Traffic?

Now learn how to get referral traffic to your blog –


Write Comment

Commenting is the best way to get huge targeted referral traffic to your blog. So, you must frequently make engaging comments on other bloggers’ blog posts. This way you can bring huge referral traffic to your blog.


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Submit Guest Posts

Submit guest posts on authority blogs & you’ll get huge referral traffic to your blog. This will also help you get much exposure to the blogging community.


Accept Guest Posts

You should also accept quality guest posts. This is simple that the person who’ll submit a guest post on your blog must link it to his/her blog & social media sites.


So, using this way, you can get the referral as well as social traffic to your site.


Take Bloggers’ Interview

People love to hear from successful bloggers. So you can manage some good bloggers to have interviews on your blog.


The chance of getting referral traffic through this way is thin, but if the bloggers link to your blog, then you can receive huge referral traffic.


Give Interview

You can do just the opposite of the previous method. Now you go for giving interviews on different blogs. Contact with other bloggers & convince them to have your interviews on their blogs.


Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way of connecting your target audience. Proper email marketing can bring a lot of referral traffic to your site.


To do email marketing, you should use a powerful email service provider like ConvertKit.


What’s Direct Traffic 

If someone visits your blog by typing your web address on the browser, then the person will be considered as a direct traffic.


How to Get Direct Traffic?

You can get direct traffic through the following ways –

Add Your Blog to Your Email Signature

By adding your blog’s URL to your email as a signature, you can get direct traffic. So, learn how to add a signature to your email and apply it for getting direct traffic.


Add Your URL to Your Skype

Skype can be a direct traffic generator! Yes, you can just write down your blog’s URL in the mood section of your Skype profile. Then you’ll see that the people who’re meeting you on Skype are more likely to visit your blog.


Visit Local, National & International Conferences

By attending in different blogging related conferences, you can get direct traffic. This is because you can then be acquainted with different other people & bloggers.


Distribute your business cards 

Make your business cards where your site’s URL must be imprinted. This will ensure that many of your cards’ receivers will visit your site.


Name Your WiFi Network in Your Website’s URL

This is one of my secret ways to get tons of direct traffic to my website. I named my WiFi in and for this, when people surrounding my location (obviously, within my WiFi range) seek for a WiFi network, they find my website’s name.


Earlier, many of my neighbours didn’t know that I run an amazing blog named SMNPOST, but now most of them know about it.


What’s Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the traffic that you get through search engines. This is the most important type of traffic & needs time & efforts to get it.


Every blogger should target to get more & more organic traffic.


How to Get Organic Traffic?

So here are the methods of getting organic traffic –


Write on a Niche

It’s true that niche blog gets organic traffic more easily than a multi-topic blog. This is because Google loves authority blogs. If your blog is filled with blog posts of the same topic, then your blog can be an authority blog.


So it’s good to make a niche blog & write niche articles there.


Write on Low Competitive, Long-tail Keywords

Another effective approach to getting organic traffic is writing on long-tail & low-competitive keywords. It’s easy to rank with long-tail & low-competitive keywords.


So easily ranking means getting more & more organic traffic.


But how will you get low-competitive keywords?


Well, you can do it manually, but the problem of doing this is that it takes a lot of time and it’s very likely to take wrong decisions while selecting keywords if you do the whole keyword research process manually.


There’s a tool called SEMrush that I use to find suitable keywords to write on them.


If you want someone to do the task of keyword research for you, you can do that too. To do this, you should land a reliable freelancing platform.


Fiverr is one of the reliable freelancing sites where you should find a good keyword researcher.


Maintain Keyword Prominence

Now you’ll have to learn white hat SEO. Keyword prominence is one part of SEO. You should position your target keywords in different places of your blog posts so that Google can prefer your posts showing on its SERP.


Write In-depth, Quality Blog Posts on a Regular Basis

This is the secret sauce to consistently get organic traffic. Yes, if you can frequently publish quality & long-form blog posts, then you can drive huge organic traffic.


There’s no point in ignoring your blog posts if those are good.


For writing quality blog posts, you should use punctuation checker.


Make Responsive Layout

Make your blog’s posts & pages responsive. I mean the whole blog’s layout must be responsive because many users visit websites with different sized devices.


Responsive layout will fit any size of a screen. So it’s very important to get organic traffic.


Speed Up

The speed of your blog posts & pages should be decent enough in order to rank well on SERPs. So don’t make your blog posts weighty so it takes much time to load.


A slow blog is also bad for the reading experience. Many readers will flee from your blog if it’s not speedy enough. So be careful in its speed.


Maintain SEO for your site might be a daunting task for you! If you feel that you need a company’s assistance to take care of your site’s SEO, then you can contact Searchmetrics, a leading SEO company.


Free Traffic & Paid Traffic!

All the previously mentioned traffic is free traffic as you don’t need to pay a single penny to get the traffic. You should also learn about paid traffic.


Paid traffic is the type of traffic that’s got by paying. There are many ways you can drive paid traffic. You can get organic traffic through Google AdWords, AdSense & social traffic through Facebook, Twitter & StumbleUpon ads.


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So these are the techniques you can apply to get traffic to your blog. You can also get traffic through different offline promotions.


I hope that after reading the blog post and implementing all the techniques, you won’t have to search again for how to get traffic!


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