An Intelligent Way I Used to Drive 500+ Loyal Traffic from Facebook [Within 24 Hours]

Different bloggers leverage different traffic generation methods to drive traffic to their blogs.


But, not all the traffic generation methods are equally brilliant.


Today, I’m gonna share with you one of the intelligent tactics that I used to bring over 500 visitors to this blog.


So, let’s jump into the main part of this post.


Get Targeted Traffic from Facebook for FREE!

It was one of the social media marketing hacks, but not many of you leverage this.


So, what was the technique?


Well, let’s start discussing the whole story.


It was early in 2017. I was blogging day in and day out for my affiliate marketing career.


At one time, I became a friend (on Facebook) of a Pakistani blogger named Abdul Samad Essani.


I saw that the blogger had ranked one of his blog posts on the first page of Google. He was trying to make people realize that he’s good at SEO by showing his success in ranking on the SERPs of Google.


It was common to see a lot of engagements in each of his posts on Facebook. People were trying to unearth his secrets that helped him rank the post on the first page of Google.


Seeing this at that time, I got a nice hint that if I can show some of the secrets, then many like-minded people will love it.


Note that Samad had a lot of connections on Facebook.


Soon after thinking about this, I directly visited Samad’s post that he ranked on the first page of Google. I analyzed the blog post as many ways as I could.


I treated the blog post as a dead person and I played the role of a doctor who was performing an autopsy!


After my thorough post-mortem examination of the post, I came to know about a lot of amazing things about the post.


Now is the time to give the viscera report.


So, I was gathering all the information that I found from the analysis.


Once I finished collecting all the info in one place, I started writing a blog post on the matter.


After I had written and published the post, I wanted to share it on social media.


Since I met the blogger, Samad, on Facebook, I focused much on Facebook at the time of sharing the post.


I can recall that I accomplish the task of writing the post at night and shared it at that time.


Abdul Samad and many other fellow bloggers were tagged with the post. I did it to knock them to read the blog post.


During that night, I didn’t notice any significant amount of traffic to my blog from Facebook, but the next morning was really cool.


The weather was hot, but the result of the sharing was cool.


I saw that the post had already been shared more than 50 times which generated over 500 traffic (maybe 712 visitors to be exact).


The traffic surge was experienced for several days.


Many bloggers visited my site and left awesome comments. I had to delete some of their comments because of their shameless self-promotions.


So, what was the post that I shared?


Well, here’s the post that I shared on that day:

Post-Mortem Report!: How Abdul Samad Essani Ranked This Post on the 1st Page of Google!


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So, why so many visitors came from Facebook?

You’ve seen that one single blog post drove thousands of visitors to my blog within a few days where many of you’re struggling to get traffic from Facebook, right?


Have you ever thought why I could drive so much traffic?


Well, here are the reasons for achieving the great result –

  • The title of the post was persuasive enough to get clicked
  • It was a case study and beneficial case studies often go viral
  • I was talking about an important matter because more or less, most bloggers wanna rank their posts high on Google
  • I tagged some of the key people who reshared the post on their timelines too
  • I could able to perform a nice analysis (at least I believe so, you might disagree!)
  • Finally, Samad’s network on Facebook was strong enough


Now, how can you get a ton of traffic from Facebook too?

So, you’ve learned my Facebook traffic generation tactic and now you can apply the same tactic too.


Here are the steps you can apply to get the same result –

  1. First of all, try to find out one of your known bloggers who’s a strong presence on Facebook
  2. Check his/her some of the recent shares and try to analyze the number of likes and comments
  3. If you find that the shares’ engagement is good enough, then you can go further with the blogger
  4. Now, try to find out the blogger’s success or failure
  5. If you find one, you can work on that
  6. Then, analyze his/her achievement or failure thoroughly
  7. It’s common to find some amazing information about the blogger which should be collected
  8. Now, create a blog post on the topic
  9. Make sure that the title of the post is irresistible
  10. Lastly, Share the post by tagging the target blogger


You should see the magic of this Facebook traffic generation formula.



Now, do you think that you can follow my tactic?


If you can, do it as early as possible.


This is an example of an average blogger that exploded my site with massive traffic.


I couldn’t dare to work with other big guns in the blogging industry that time because of my the then position.


Sorry, once I dared to work with Pay Flynn, but I failed. This is because I was naive at the initial stage of my blogging career and wanted to play with the big guy.


Hopefully, I’ll start leveraging the social influence of many giant bloggers very soon.


I believe that I’m capable of doing this right now.


So, start from small and grow gradually.


Blogging is a nice thing and you can do well in it if you can network well with other bloggers.


Wish you successful blogging.

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