How to Get Themes on Tumblr for Your Tumblog

Hello, many of you’re still involved with microblogging and you know that Tumblr is a famous name in the world of microblogging sites.


Many bloggers choose Tumblr to spread their content in a fashionable way. There are many reasons for choosing Tumblr as a microblogging platform and having the availability of thousands of cute Tumblr themes is one of the great reasons.


But do you know how to get a Tumblr theme for your Tumblr blog? If yes, then fine.


If no, then this is the post where you’ll come to know how to get themes on Tumblr.


The steps to getting Tumblr themes

Now, I’ll show you how to find out nice Tumblr themes and get them for your Tumblog –

Step 1. First of all, visit the theme directory of Tumblr from your browser. Here’s the link to the theme directory where you’ll find thousands of good looking themes. So, click on the link and land the homepage of the directory for Tumblr themes.


Here’s the homepage of the directory –

tumblr theme directory


Step 2. You can see that there’s a top bar on the web page. This is the bar by using which you’ll have to find out different Tumblr themes.

search tumblr themes

You can also keep scrolling down to check some featured themes from different categories. In each of the categories, you could explore more by clicking on the right arrow button which will be visible once you hover the cursor over any of the themes.


Step 3. However, you can click on the “Categories” button and go for your preferable types of themes by selecting the relevant category of your themes.


Step 4. Also, the “Popular” button is for checking all the popular Tumblr themes.


Step 5. There’s the search icon  (search icon) which is for browsing any theme by its name. So, if you wanna get a specific Tumblr theme, then you can do so by writing the name of that theme in the search box.


To write the name of the theme in the box, you’ll have to hit the search icon which will show the text “Search” on the left side of the icon.


Now, type the name of the theme that you wanna browse the directory.


Once you complete typing the exact name of the theme, now is the time to hit the search icon. It’ll show all the available themes in the same name.


If there’s no theme available with the name given by you or your given name is somehow wrong, then you could see a not finding message.


Suppose that I wanna search a Tumblr theme named “Wave”. Then, I’ll have to visit the directory and then write the name in the search box like this –

wave tumblr theme

Then, by hitting the search icon, I’ll get the theme if it’s really available in the theme directory.


Wow! I got the theme and here it’s –

got the tumblr theme

So, these are the easy steps to searching for any Tumblr theme. You can follow the steps and find your desired theme for your blog running on Tumblr within a few minutes.

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