How to Earn Money as a Student in Bangladesh

Do you know how to earn money as a student in Bangladesh?


If you don’t know about it, then don’t worry because I’m gonna share with you many ways to make money being a student.


In fact, I’ve already shared the same thing in Bangla language here: পড়াশোনার পাশাপাশি আয় করার ২১ উপায়!


So you can read this content both in Bangla and in English.


How to Earn Money as a Student in Bangladesh?

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There are many ways a student can earn here in Bangladesh.


Learn about all the ways one by one now.


Home tutoring

Working as a home tutor is one of the favorite money making formulas for most students in Bangladesh. Since getting students for teaching is quite easy here, more and more college and varsity goers prefer this job.


If you wanna make money being a student, then you can manage some students and start teaching them.



If you don’t like to visit houses to teach students, then you can ask them to join your coaching center. The benefit of starting a coaching center is that you can teach way more students here than going to teach individuals at their homes.


So if you’re financially capable of launching a coaching center, you can do this. In addition, make sure that you’re not harming your education by running a coaching center of your own.



Nowadays, freelancing is a dream profession for many of you. If you can start it when you’re a student, you can be a professional freelancer of your desired field when you accomplish your formal educational chapters.


So find your preferred field and be skilled at it. After that, start offering your freelancing services to your clients.



How to start freelancing in Bangladesh?

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How to get freelancing jobs in Bangladesh?



If you love to write, blogging can be a great fit for you. Yes, blogging will give you immense pleasure as well as money if you can take it properly.


Many full-time bloggers make thousands of dollars just sitting from their desk.


So start a blog if you love to write and share your knowledge with your audience. To start blogging, you need to create your own website and creating a website is very easy.


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Affiliate marketing

If you start blogging, you can monetize your blog in several ways. Affiliate marketing is one of the great ways to monetize your blog.


Yes, affiliate marketing is the process of selling others products at a certain commission.


To learn more about affiliate marketing, read this blog post: What is affiliate marketing?



You see that many famous YouTubers are showcasing their tales to the world.


So why are they doing it if there’s no outcome of it?


Yes, they can make a decent amount of money through it.


You can also be a YouTuber, but to do this, you have to come up with your unique videos.


If you love to create videos, then YouTubing is for you.



Many of you can craft so many nice things at home. You can start selling your crafts and make money by doing this.


You can sell your handmade items both off and online.


Good to know!: How to earn money online in Bangladesh without investment?


Selling T-shirts to your university

On different occasions, university students organize different programs. A distinguishing T-shirt for all is required during these types of programs.


You can keep an eye on the occasion and take the order for supplying T-shirts. This will bring in some profits which aren’t bad for you as a student.



This kind of work is for those who love to shoot photos. If you have a passion for shooting amazing photos, then you can start doing this with a low-range DSLR or semi DSLR camera.


Visit different programs like marriage ceremonies, birthday parties and shoot photos for free to make a nice portfolio. Once you’re able to have a nice portfolio, start charging for shooting photos.



Most of you treat Facebook as a platform for saying hi and hello, but this nice platform can turn out to be a great money generating source.


Yes, if you can have a huge number of followers or if you can build a large group or page there, then different businesses will come to advertise on your platform.


Working in a hotel or restaurant

There are many hotels and restaurants that seek for young and enthusiastic people. You can partner with these kinds of businesses as a cashier, water, or manager.


Organizing workshop

If you’re knowledgeable at something, then you can organize a workshop to teach people by sharing your knowledge with them.


Charge a fee for attending to your workshop and this way you can make money being a student.


Being a librarian

Different educational institutes require librarians to manage their libraries. You can manage a job there too.


Drop your CVs to these types of institutes and wait for getting a call from any of them.


Local marketing

Getting a job as a local marketer isn’t a tough job, but to pursue your career in this field, you’ll need to do a lot of hard work.


If you still love to take adventures and feel the real-life in-person marketing, then you can dive into this profession where you can make some bucks on a regular basis.


Day caring

Many parents (both fathers and mothers) are jobholders. These parents don’t find enough time to foster their kids at daytime.


As a result, the number of daycares is being increased over time. You can find a job in this type of place where your duty is to take care of kids.


News and TV channels

The number of news and TV channels is so many and you can find a vacancy there. Approach to different news and TV channels if there is any job available for students. Hopefully, you’ll get one for you soon.



You can also work as a salesperson in a showroom. This will help you garner a lot of valuable knowledge on how to handle customers. You’ll learn the techniques of persuasion and convincing working as a salesperson.


Call center

It’s not uncommon to see that many students are working in call centers, so why not try this for yourself?


So I’ve mentioned around 20 ways through which you can earn money as a student living in Bangladesh.


I hope that you’ll find your preferred method of making money from the list.


Wish you all the best.


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