How to Design a Logo for Your Blog [4 Simple Ways]

The logo of a brand is an important element.


A brand without a logo is almost blind and a brand without an exciting logo is almost lame.


A blog is a brand and if you treat it as a nice brand, then you must create a logo for it.


Often times, my fans praise the logo of my blog.


Their words please me every time I read their messages.


In fact, having the logo on my blog has many other benefits which will be revealed later in this post.


I think that hearing the benefits of placing a logo on a blog, you might be interested in creating one for your blog!


But do you know how to design a logo for your blog?


If not, then don’t worry as always because I’m gonna show you the easiest way of having a great brand new logo for your great blog.


Just keep reading and learning the steps.


Design a Logo for Your Blog!

I’ll show you all the methods possible to create a nice logo for your blog.


After a thorough research, I found that you could design a logo in four different ways.


All the ways are being mentioned as well as explained now.


#1. Designing with a logo maker (NOT recommended)

You may know there are many logo makers available on the internet which work nicely online.


Logo Garden is one of the best free logo makers that can be used at the time of creating your blog’s logo.


So what a logo maker does?


It comes with a lot of designs and you just need to replace the text with your blog’s or brand’s name.


This process seems very easy, but truly, it has no use if you really want to be a good blogger.


Why is that?


Well, the free designs are available to almost everybody who visits the site of a free logo maker. Who knows that the same design has been liked and taken by hundreds of bloggers for their blogs?


So the chance of losing your blog’s exclusiveness is almost 100%. Will you allow this?


No way, right?


So this method of creating a logo for your blogging brand is not recommended.


By the way, if you still want to use a free logo maker, then visit Logo Garden and try its features. You’ll hopefully find a nice design for your logo.


#2. Self-designing

Don’t be afraid of seeing this method.


Yes, because you can be the creator of your blog’s logo too.


How come!


Well, do you know how to use Adobe Illustrator or any other graphics designing tool?  If you know it, you can start trying to design a logo.


When I started my first blog, I used a very easy-to-use tool called Serif PagePlus.


However, you can try designing a logo with any designing tool.


Whatever you design, try to come up with a simple design. This is because minimalistic designs win in the long-run.


Now if you think that you don’t know the use of any graphics designing tool, then you can take any of the following three actions:

  1. Learn how to use a tool if you believe that you could do it a lot sooner without much hassle
  2. Follow the number 3 or the number 4 methods

So if you think that learning the craft of using Adobe Illustrator or Serif PagePlus or any other tool won’t be a matter to you, then you can start learning the use of a good graphics designing tool.


Or if you don’t want to take the pressure of designing a logo, then check the other two available options for you.


#3. Designing by a graphic designer

This is the method where you can pass your blog’s logo creation load to a professional graphic designer.


Are you wondering where to find a good graphic designer to design your logo?


Don’t worry because you can easily find a pro logo designer just by landing a reliable freelancing marketplace.


From my years of experience, I see that Fiverr has a lot of amazing logo designers who are ready to design your custom logo.


The price starts from $5!


Visit Fiverr’s logo designing section [Click Here] and find a nice top-rated freelance logo designer to design your logo.


Here are some tips to follow before you hire a graphic designer on Fiverr:

  • Check the freelance’s previously designed logos
  • Hire someone who has a previous proven track record of logo designing
  • Check the delivery time for designing a logo

And when ordered, guide the freelancer as many ways as you can to create a nice logo for your blog.


Note that the graphic designer couldn’t design well if you can’t share your blog’s niche. So request him/her to visit your blog personally to have some ideas prior to designing a logo for the blog.


#4. Designing by a company

There are many clients who can’t rely on an individual freelancer. If you think the same way, you can order an established logo designing company to design your logo.


But where will you get a decent company to accomplish the task?


Well, Logo Garden can the company. Yes, the tool has a custom logo designing section.


Visit the section and order your custom logo.


In this case, the price starts at $39.99 which might seem a bit expensive to you, but it actually worth it.


Always consider budgeting at least $50 to have a nice logo. This is because your logo is being made for a long period of time.


So I’ve shown you all the four ways you can have a logo for your blog.


Now choose one method and proceed further.


Which method is the best?

So which method is the best among the four options?


The number 1 method is avoidable at any cost. Don’t follow it.


The number 2 option can be okay if you are good at designing. If you have never designed a nice design, then never try the method. Don’t worry because not all people are good designers.


What about the third option?


Yes, you can use this and most pro bloggers actually do this. They want to strengthen their blogging brand using professional hands.


What a pro in the graphics designing field can deliver you can never be crafted by you if you’re an amateur designer.


You may need to spend some dollars, but you’ll get its return soon.


And the fourth option is to remove your confusion. Hiring a professional freelance graphic designer is enough.


But if you want a big guy to take your project, then go for a designing company.


I think that the task of selecting a method is much easier now.


And why you need a logo!

This is the last part of this topic, but this should have been the first one.


By the way, let me tell you the importance of having a logo for your blog here:

  • A blog looks nice if it has a nice logo
  • Typically, a logo of a blog is the first thing that web visitors look at
  • A memorable logo makes its audience remember the brand
  • The logo of a blog gives a positive or a negative impression depending on the design
  • Usually, People can understand the purpose of a brand by seeing its logo
  • A blog’s logo is visible on all the pages of the site

All these points mean that you need an exciting logo if you make your blog popular.


Other than these reasons for having a logo, there are many reasons available for this.


I hope that you’re now serious about placing a nice logo on your blog.


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