How to Come Up with a Blog Name Fast and Easily

Coming up with a blog name isn’t a cozy thing and this might be a very daunting task to many of you. So, I’ve written this blog post to let you know how to come up with a blog name so that you can learn the craft.


As your main concern is to how to come up with a good blog name, I’ll elaborately discuss everything about the matter in today’s blog post.


How to Come Up with a Blog Name?

Now go through with all the points and learn how to come up with a blog name quickly and easily.


#1. Consider Your Blogging Niche

Every blog should be a niche blog. Making niche blog has so many benefits that you can’t deny making your blog a niche one. So, before starting your own blog, you should also consider your blogging niche.


After deciding your blog’s niche, it will be easier to choose a name for your blog. So, selecting a niche for your blog is very important. Suppose that your blog is in the niche of blogging, then you can think of a name like or or anything like these.


#2. Pay Heed to Your Target Audience

Every blog is written by targeting some specific audiences. So your blog should also be written for your specific readers. This is because you can never write a thing for more or less everybody. This isn’t possible. So, when we tend to write something, we think of our audience first.


The same thing goes here as you’ll also have to think about your target audience. Try to understand what your target audience wants and then you can use some words as your blog’s names that express the need for your audience. This is a great way to coming up with a blog name.


#3. Play with Niche Keywords

As you’ve selected your blogging niche, now is the time to write down the main keywords of that niche on a paper. After that, check which keywords express your niche well and then use the best keyword and attach another word like ‘blog’, ‘blogger’ or something similar.


This way, you could make a good name for your blog.


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#4. Use Your Name

Using your own name can also build a nice brand. One great example of this is Yes, Neil could spread his name stunningly with this personal named blog.


So, if your name is Jhon Dalton, then you could make a blog name like


#5. Use Part of Your Name

Using part of your name as your blog name is also very effective. Look at my blog where I’ve made the name using the first name of mine – SMN.


In case you don’t know my name, I’m SMN Zaman. So, instead of using my full name as my blog, I’ve used the first name like HuffingtonPost where Arianna Huffington where she used her last name.


So, if your name is Richmon Hayes, then you can name your blog as RichmondBlog or RichmondPost etc.


#6. Use Power Word Plus Blogger

Using a power word and then adding blogger is a great way of naming blogs. You see that some of the exciting blogs are ProBlogger, SmartBlogger etc.


You can also name your blog, such as ProfessionalBlogger or using any other power word.


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#7. Use Foreign Language

Sometimes, bringing a foreign word can help you name your blog. One example of this is WPSutra where a renowned blogger, Harsh Agrawal, used Sutra which is a Hindi word. So, you can also use a foreign word that’s not an English one and then add it to another word.


#8. Use Contracted Form

Contracted form of popular words works great at the time of making a blog name. You see that WPBeginner, WPSutra, WPMayor etc all are with the contracted form of WordPress as WP.


#9. Meaningful Phrases

You can also use a meaningful phrase for naming your blog. One of the great examples of this is IWillTeachYouToBeRich. You see that the phrase is very long, but still, you can read and write it well. So, if you can make a nice and meaningful phrase for your blog’s name, then you could be happy with that.


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#10. Use Adjectives

You can also take help of a relevant adjective for making your blog’s name. If your blog is related to fashion, then naming your blog like BeautifulWomen will be perfect.


Similarly, a blog that deals with recipes may be named as


#11. Use Verbs

Using verbs is a good way of naming a blog. Yes, you can name your blog like GoProBlogging which expresses that the blog owner is trying to boost your blogging career.


So, if you wanna teach people how to blog, then choosing a name like will be fine.


#12. Copy Competitors (I don’t recommend)

You can also copy your competitors though I don’t like this method. In fact, many bloggers do this. They try to follow their competitors blogs’ names making structures. Then they try to find a new one.


You can see that WPBeginner initiated many bloggers to name their blogs as WP……So, whenever somebody wants to start a blog for writing WordPress related topics, then s/he tends to name the blog like WP……


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#13. Use a Blog Name Generator

Using a blog name generator isn’t also a bad idea when it comes to naming a blog. There are many blog name generators like Panabee, NameStation, DomainsBot etc which can come up with a good blog name.


So these are the ways of making a blog name. You should try all the points and come up with a nice blog name for your next blog.


Some things to Follow

When you make your blog name, you should maintain the following things –



Your blog name should be a unique one so that nobody can complain that your blog’s name resembles another one.


And most importantly, as the domain should be unique, your blog’s name should also be unique though you have the full control of naming your blog other than its domain name.



Simplicity always wins, so does your blog name. You should name your blog such a way that it becomes a simple one. If it becomes very complex, then people will find it difficult to read and guess.



You can see that you love to type the short sites’ addresses in the URL bar of your browser. So, short names become very easy to read, spell and pronounce which I’ll also discuss again in this blog post.


So, try to keep the name of your blog post short unless it’s a meaningful phrase.



Your blog’s name should mean something unless you use your name as your blog’s name. Yes, make your blog’s name such a way that people can easily understand what the blog is all about.


There are many blogs by seeing the name of which, you could easily determine the topics of those blogs.



Try to name your blog so that it becomes memorable. If your blog’s name becomes a memorable one, then a new visitor could easily remember it and then again visit your blog.


Easy to spell

Never make your blog’s name in a way that takes much effort to spell it. Check whether the name that you have chosen for your blog is easily writeable or not.


Easy to read

The same thing goes for reading your blog’s name. After deciding the name of your blog, read it aloud. Does it sound good or odd? This way, you can make sure that the name is easily readable.


Easy to pronounce

This is almost similar to the previous point, but here you should try your blog’s name pronunciation by some other people. Let’s check whether they can read it well or not. Give a name to your blog that’s easy to pronounce.


.com is the best

It’s recommended that you should choose the extension of your blog’s domain as .com. This is because if we don’t hear or know the exact extension of a blog, then we first try with .com.


So, if you don’t choose .com, then the person who’s typing it with the common extension .com, then s/he may land another blog.


Affiliate programs restrictions

You shouldn’t name your blog same as your affiliate products. Most companies will deter this action by disabling your affiliate account. So, if you’re intending to promote Grammarly on your blog, then you mustn’t pick a name like or something like this.


Avoid the following things –

Boring name

A boring name will bore your readers at the initial stage of their visit to your blog. So, you should be careful about this. Always try to find a fresh and catchy name for your blog.


Negative words

Negative words never become awe-inspiring. So, you should be far from negative words when it comes to naming your blog.


No cardinal or ordinal number

Using any number in your blog’s name will confuse the searchers whether the number is written in words or numbers. Suppose that you have named your blog as, many people may type like


Also, using first, second, third etc is also bad because these can also be written as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd etc. So, you should avoid those words that have some variants.


I hope that the mentioned steps will help you choose a good name for your next blog.


Wish you all the best.


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