How to Buy Domain from Namecheap [Step-By-Step Guide]

Namecheap is mainly known as a cheap domain registrar, so you can expect to register your required domain name (s) at a cheap price.


But do you know how to buy a domain from Namecheap?


To provide the domain registration service with ease, the company has a separate option for registering domain names.


Also, you can buy a domain at the time of purchasing your hosting pack from Namecheap.


In this post, I’m gonna discuss both the ways.


So, carry on reading to learn about the service well.


Buy Domain from Namecheap

Here are two ways of buying a domain from Namecheap:

  1. Directly from the domain name search
  2. At the time of buying a hosting package


So let’s start with the first method.


#Method 1. Buy a Domain Directly from the Domain Name Search Option

Follow the steps to buy a domain from the domain search option of Namecheap:

Step 1. Visit Namecheap Domain Name Search

To start with the domain registration, first of all, you’ll have to land the site of Namecheap.


Hit the link below and you’ll be taken to the domain registration page of Namecheap.

Click Here to Visit Namecheap

So you’re now on the Domain Name Search page which is for searching and registering domain names.


You can see that there’s a blank box available on the page:

namecheap domain name search

Step 2. Type Your Desired Domain Name in the Box

Now, type your preferred domain name in the box and hit the Search button.


You’ll come to know whether your preferred domain name is available or not by searching it.


To show you an example of how the domain search of Namecheap works, I’ve typed the following domain name in the box:

tested with a domain name

So I typed in the box with a .com extension. You can just write your preferred domain name without adding an extension.


After that, I hit the Search button. It took some time to load a new page.


Step 3. Get All the Available Suggestions

Then, on the next page, I’ve seen that there’s a long list of domain names along with four columns.


First of all, let me tell you about all the four columns that come with different options.


Here are the columns:

  1. Popular
  2. New
  3. Discounted
  4. International

The first column comes with a long list of domain suggestions.


I found that the domain is available in the first column. The cost is only $10.69 (Note that the price of a domain name is subject to change) for one year.


Step 4. Add Your Preferred Domain to Your Cart

You can progress the buying process by hitting the cart button situated on the right side of the domain name.

domain is available

Once you do so, you’ll see that the cart has been updated with the price of the domain name.

updated namecheap cart

Under the cart, there’s a button named View Cart. Click on the button and it’ll take you to the domain overview page:

domain purchase overview

You can buy any of the additional features for your domain.


Once everything is chosen, now is the time to check the cart again.


Step 5. Pay the Bill and Buy Your Domain

confirm the domain purchase

Hit the Confirm Order button and it’ll ask for the payment method and payment information.


Log in or sign up for an account as per your situation and then, pay the bill of the domain name.


That’s it. You have bought a domain.


You’ll get a purchase order email along with other necessary information shortly after purchasing the domain.


Now let’s talk a bit about the other three columns. The New column is to show all new domains.


The Discounted column comes with different discounts that are available for different domain extensions.


And the last column, International, is for showing you country specific domain names with respective extensions.


Suppose that you’re from the UK and want to buy a domain with the extension, then you can find all domain suggestions for this in the last column.


Bulk Options!

You’ve found this term on the right side of the domain name search box, right?


If you forgot, please check it again.


This option is for checking multiple domain names at a time. Hitting the button will bring two options along with a big blank box on the left side of a new web page.


In the box, you can type up to 50 domain names with your desired extensions. You can also select the extension type by going to the next option.


So you have learned how to buy a domain or multiple domains from Namecheap.


Now let’s check the process of buying a domain during the purchasing process of a hosting package of Namecheap.


#Method 2. Buy a domain at the time of buying a hosting package

To start this process, first of all, you need to select a hosting plan of Namecheap.


Suppose that you’ve chosen the starter hosting pack, Namecheap Stellar shared hosting, of the company and let’s start with it.


Step 1. Visit the Shared hosting page of Namecheap

Follow this link (click here) visit the shared hosting page of the company.


You’ll see three different shared hosting packs on the page.


Among the three hosting packs, you’ll go to the first pack since we’ll check the process with the starter pack.


Here’s the Stellar shared hosting pack of Namecheap:

Namecheap Stellar Hosting Plan

You can buy the hosting pack either on a yearly basis or on a monthly basis. I’ve shown you the yearly purchase.


So select your period of purchase of the hosting pack. You can also select your server location as the US or the UK.


Step 2. Click on the Add to Cart Button

Once you hit the button, you’ll face a web page.


The page is for selecting a domain.


Here’s the page:


You can see that the second option is for buying a domain for your hosting package, so you have to follow the option.


Step 3. Hit the Purchase a New Domain Button

After clicking on the button, you’ll be taken to a new page with a blank box.


Here’s the box:


This is the domain search box where you’ll have to type your preferred domain name.


Step 4. Type Your Desired Domain Name

So put the domain name in the box that you have selected for your blog.


To give you an example, I’ve tested with

Here you can see that I’ve typed the domain name and then checked it for its availability:


Since it’s available, I can now buy it.


If your tested domain isn’t available, then you’ll have to check with other domain names.


A domain is a unique name, so you can purchase it only when it’s available.


Step 5. Hit the Add New Domain to Cart button

Once your domain has been found available, you can now proceed further.


To do this, click on the Add New Domain to Cart button. This will take you to a new page where you’ll find some more services.


Check the services and buy them as per your need.


Once everything is selected, you can now buy your domain along with the other selected services.


You’ll get the total bill in your cart.


Here’s one that I’ve found from my test:

The total price of my blog for a year

Clicking on the Confirm Order button will finalize your purchase.


Note that when you pay your bill, you need to do that using an account. To do this, you need to have an account on Namecheap.


If you have a Namecheap account, just log into it before you pay the bill for your domain.


You can also create an account if you don’t have one yet just by hitting the SIGN UP button.


So this is the end of this Namecheap domain purchasing guide.


The process is very easy and you can buy a domain from Namecheap without having any confusion since Namecheap is one of the popular domain registrars.


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