How to Buy a Domain Name in 2020 [Step-By-Step Guide]

Many of you think that buying a domain name is the first step to starting a blog!


But the fact is that you need to do several things both before and after you buy a domain name.


Yes, in this post, I’ll show you everything in details.


So let’s start exploring all the things now.


How to Buy a Domain Name!

There are mainly two ways to do this:

  1. Buy a domain name individually
  2. Buy a domain name with a hosting pack


#1. Buy a Domain Name Individually

If you just want to purchase a domain name, then here are the steps:

Step 1. Select a nice domain name for your blog

First of all, you need to select a nice name as your domain, but this is easy to say, but difficult to do.


Here’s a brief discussion on how you can select a nice name for your domain:

So how to come up with a blog name?


Focus on your blogging niche. If you don’t choose your domain’s name in your own or part of your own name, then choose a nice niche related keyword as your domain name.


Picking a keyword as a domain name has a great SEO value, so you should do this. Use a keyword research tool and get several keyword ideas.


Whatever domain name you choose, make sure that it’s easy to spell, type, read, and pronounce.


In addition, the domain name should be unique, short, and simple. It’s not a good idea to keep a hyphen or number in your domain, so always avoid them.


So pick a memorable and meaningful (if it’s not a proper noun) domain name that can stand out as a great brand over time.


If you fail to name your domain applying all the above instructions, then you can take the help of a blog name generator.


So try to gather multiple domain name ideas and write them on a paper or a digital notepad. You should keep multiple domain names because you’re not sure whether your desired domain name is available or not. So it’s a good idea to have more than one names as your domain.


Step 2. Learn about some good domain registrars

Do buy your domain name, you need to register it from a good domain registrar.


Therefore you need to know some reputed domain registrars.


Here’s a list of domain registrars that are reliable and can provide you with cheap domain names:


Step 3. Choose one from the list of domain registrars

Now is the time to choose one domain registrar from the list. I think that this is not a hard job for you because all the three domain registrars are reliable enough to register your domain name.


If you want my personal recommendation when selecting a domain registrar, then I should recommend Namecheap from my years of personal experience.


I like Namecheap because the domain registration as well as managing it is quite handy.


Step 4. Decide whether you’ll purchase multiple domain extensions or not

When you buy a domain name, it’s a good idea to buy the top three domain extensions at a time. This is because the name of your domain is going to be your brand, so you should buy .com, .net, and .org of your domain.


This will protect your domain name from different angles. Suppose that your blog has grown a lot with .com extension, then someone may start a blog with .net extension seeing your growth.


By the way, it’s up to you. If you don’t have the budget to buy different extensions, then buy your domain with the .com extension.


Step 5. Visit your preferred domain registrar and drop your selected domain name

Now, you have to visit your chosen domain registrar. Go back to the Step 2 and visit any of the domain registrars as per your choice.


Affiliate disclosure: I’ve placed my affiliate links in all the domain registrars, so without any extra cost of you, I’ll get a small commission if you follow the links given above. 


You’ll land a homepage where there’s a blank box available.


Suppose that you’ve selected Namecheap as your domain registrar.


Now, visit the site of Namecheap and you’ll find a box like this:

namecheap domain name search

You’ll have to type your domain name (s) in the box.


Step 6. Check whether the domain is available or not

So drop your brainstormed domain names one by one to check to see whether they are available or not. If your domain is available, then you’ll see a tick mark beside it.


You’ll also see some domain suggestions there.


To give you a real feel about this, I’ve tested with a domain name here:

domain is available

Since the domain is available, there’s a cart button shown on the right side of the name.


Step 7. Buy the domain for multiple years* if it’s available

To buy the domain, you need to hit the cart button. After doing this, the domain price will be added to your cart.

updated namecheap cart

It’s recommended that you buy your domain for multiple years. If your domain expiration duration becomes long enough, then Google along with other search engines considers this as a good sign. This is because most amateur blogs won’t be renewed after the first year of purchase.


To buy your domain for multiple years, you need to hit the View Cart button situated under your cart. Hit the button and you’ll see this:

domain purchase overview

You can see that there’s 1 Year with a drop-down menu! Click on the button and select the number of years as per your wish.


Don’t forget to swipe the AUTO-RENEW button right. This will automatically renew your domain before expiring it.


Step 8. Buy additional services

You should also purchase some additional services with your domain name. Two of the essential services are as follows:

  • WhoisGuard 
  • An SSL certificate 

Just by swiping the ENABLE button, you can decide to buy them.


Step 9. Double check your domain name and other services

This is one of the important parts before buying your domain. Most people ignore this part though.


Before you confirm your order, you should double check all the services. Match your domain name again. It’s not uncommon to see that you’re coming with a slightly different domain name.


So match everything letter by letter!


Step 10. Pay for the domain and the additional services

Once everything is selected correctly, now you can proceed further to pay the bill for the services.

confirm the domain purchase

Click on the Confirm Order button and this will start processing your order as early as possible.


Within a few minutes, you should get some emails regarding your order and addition information.


#2. Buy a domain name with a hosting pack

Now, I’ll show you how to purchase a domain name along with a hosting pack.


Most web hosting companies will provide you with the domain registration facility when purchasing a hosting package.


So if you want to host your domain just after purchasing it, then you should follow this guide. There are two benefits of following this method that are as follows:

  1. You’re likely to get a domain for free for the first year of your registration
  2. The domain can be bought with your hosting package


Follow these steps to doing this:

Step 1. Choose a good hosting company

To start with this method, first of all, you need to pick a good web hosting company.


Here’s a list of some well-known hosting companies:

Namecheap Hosting or GoDaddy Hosting can be a good hosting provider too.


So choose the hosting company from where you can buy a hosting package.


Step 2. Select your hosting package

So have you selected your hosting company?


If so then select your hosting package now.


Suppose that you’ve chosen Bluehost as your hosting company.


Here are the shared hosting packs of the company:

bluehost shared hosting packs

It’s not always a good idea to start with the starter hosting pack. It depends solely on your business plan.


If you plan and have the ability to grow quickly, then you should choose a better hosting plan than the starter one. Bluehost recommends the Choice Plus plan which comes with a lot of exciting features.


Step 3. Buy the hosting package

Now you need to buy the hosting package. To do so, hit the Select button available under the hosting pack.


This will bring a domain registration page:

register domain on bluehost

Step 4. Register a domain with the hosting package

Drop your desired domain name and hit the next button to discover whether the domain is available or not. If it’s available, then you can buy it with your hosting pack.


Step 5. Buy your domain and hosting together

Now, fill out a couple of forms and then pay the bill for your domain and the hosting pack.


How much does it cost to buy a domain name?

Typically, a top-level domain costs $10 – $12 for a year. Sometimes, you can get some discounts when price goes much down.


In addition, you can get a domain for free for the first year with most hosting packages.


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