How to Become a Virtual Assistant and Work Comfortably from Home

Do you wanna become a virtual assistant?


Virtual assistance is a great profession which is very comfortable and at the same time, potential for huge money making.

become a virtual assistant

The best part of becoming a virtual assistant is that you can work from anywhere, directly from your home. This is the top most flexibility of this profession.


Seeing all the great features of virtual assistance, more and more people are trying to be a professional in this field. But problem is that you can’t succeed well in this field unless you learn how to work for this.


So, the first stage is learning about how to become a virtual assistant and then you can work on that.


How to become a virtual assistant?

I think that your dream of becoming a virtual assistant will become true from this stage. Yes, I’m gonna show you the steps right now so that you can leverage them and be a virtual assistant within a very short time.


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Who’s a virtual assistant?

First, eliminate the word virtual from the phrase virtual assistant, then what you get? The word left is “assistant”, right? So, an assistant means a helper for a person (who’s the boss or a superior one) who needs to do different types of tasks like data entry, setting schedules, talking to customers etc.


When an assistant works remotely on the internet, then the assistantship turns to virtual assistance. So, a virtual assistant works remotely online for other clients.


Tasks of a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant needs to do a lot of things. Also, there are many flexibilities in choosing different tasks of virtual assistance too.


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The common types of tasks that a virtual assistant does are the following –

  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Web research
  • Project management
  • Writing different docs
  • Receiving phone calls
  • Sending emails


And you can make a list of hundreds of types of tasks that can be the tasks of a virtual assistant. So, if a client hires you and assigns the task of writing a business proposal, then you’re actually working as a virtual assistant for the client.


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Here are the steps that you must follow one by one in order to be a virtual assistant –

  1. Learn what a virtual assistant needs to do. I’ve already made a list of tasks that a VA needs to do. You can take help from the list.
  2. What skills you need to have. Now is the time to figure out which skills you need to garner in order to be a good VA. Find out the skills and be the master of those skills.
  3. Manage the devices that you need to use. Every VA needs a couple of devices at the time of working. So, you should also need those things before you step forward for becoming a VA.
  4. Make a suitable place for working. You can choose one of your room where you can work peacefully.
  5. Sign up on all the major freelancing platforms as a virtual assistant. Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr etc are some of the top sites where you can find thousands of jobs for VA.
  6. Create a website where you can showcase your services. This way, you can directly be hired by your clients.
  7. Write blog posts on your site so that you can rank on top of SERPs and bring organic traffic to the site.
  8. Leverage SMM so that you can also bring people from different social media channels to hire you.
  9. Go for email marketing as this will let your potential clients know that you’re pitching them directly.
  10. Start applying for virtual assistance jobs on the freelancing platforms where you have already signed up as a VA. Appy with a custom proposal so that your clients don’t think that you’re always sending them a cut-paste proposal.
  11. Manage some jobs. Yes, hopefully, you could get some jobs as you’re trying hard.
  12. Deliver the tasks properly on time. The initial jobs are very crucial to get some 5-star ratings which help to get more jobs later.
  13. Get paid when your clients will approve your delivered tasks.


So, these are the simple steps that you should follow before you can be a good virtual assistant. Wish you all the best.

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