How to Become a Freelance Writer Right Now in 2018

Have you ever thought to become a freelance writer? I’m saying this because I had the intention to start a freelance writing career some years back.

get paid to write

In fact, within a very time, I had got so many freelance writing jobs for beginners. It was the moment when I was able to get paid to write articles for my clients.


It was really a charming moment in my life as before that time, I was a bit skeptical whether I could get paid to write online or not.


You can also get paid for writing, but to do this, you’ll have to learn the steps well. After learning the craft, the next thing is to implement all the things in your real-life online writing career.


So, in this blog post, I’ll share how I became a successful freelance writer along with effective tips and tricks to be a freelance writer soon.


I hope that following my guidelines, you could soon be a freelance writer.


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The first thing to know!

I wanna make you remember one thing that is, I think, the fundamental of any profession that you choose. What’s that? That’s passion. Yes, to choose any profession out there, you’ll need to check whether you have the passion for it or not.


To me, I had always a great interest for writing. For this, even though I left freelance writing as my career right now, I’m still writing for my blogs.


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I’ve seen that many people move for freelance writing only for making money. They don’t have any passion for it. These kinds of people never stick to one thing as they lose their interest time to time doing so.


So, before reading my thorough guidelines about freelance writing, you should check whether you have the passion for it or not. If you see that you love writing, only then proceed further.


I hope that you have the passion for being a freelance writer, so you can continue your reading.


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How to be a freelance writer?

Here are the steps to becoming a freelance writer –

  1. Check different types of writing.
  2. Choose one or two types of writing on which you’ll write for your clients.
  3. Then learn how to write those types of writing well.
  4. After learning, sign up on the major freelancing platforms.
  5. Create a site for your freelance writing business so that you can showcase your writing services there.
  6. Write posts on the site for bringing more and more organic, social, and referral traffic to let them know about your writing services.
  7. Start utilizing the power of social media marketing, email marketing etc to bring some people to learn about your services.
  8. Start applying for freelance writing jobs.
  9. Get some perspective jobs.
  10. Write the things according to your clients’ requirements.
  11. Deliver the writings.
  12. Get paid.


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So, these are the easy steps which you should follow one by one in order to be a successful freelance writer. I wish your great success.

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