How to Add Funds to Payoneer MasterCard (Clear Guide)

You’ve just learned how to receive funds on Payoneer and now, I’ll show you how to add funds to Payoneer MasterCard from your Payoneer account.


You’ll come to know all about this just by checking my real-life event.


So, let’s go ahead and learn about it.


I loaded my Payoneer MasterCard with a little amount of fund

You’ll receive the fund on your Payoneer account within a few days. Some freelancing platforms do it within a few hours.


So, the fund transferring time actually varies from platform to platform and you shouldn’t worry about it.


One thing that you should know clearly is that the Payoneer account and the Payoneer MasterCard are totally separate things.


Upwork sends the fund to the account and after that, you can either load your MasterCard with the fund or transfer the fund to your local bank account.


The MasterCard loading process is very fast and transferring fund to your bank account will need around 7 days from sending to receiving.


You’ll see your fund in amber color on your account if it’s not loaded yet on your MasterCard. If you see so, then click on the loading option and load it.


There are 2 ways of loading – normal and fast. Fast loading will cost $2 per load which will hardly take 2 hours at best to load your card.


On the other hand, the normal load is totally free which needs two days to load your card. Here’s a sample load on my MasterCard –

payment loaded on my account

You can see that if the fund is loaded on your card, it looks green.


For the first time, I tested my MasterCard by loading a very little amount. The amount was maybe $30 only. I was skeptical whether I could withdraw the fund from a nearby ATM booth or not.


However, I went trembling to the nearest ATM booth at noon. I can still remember that my right hand was continuously shaking as I was entering the MasterCard into the ATM machine.


After giving the password and the withdrawal amount in the machine with a long breath, I was waiting for my money. It took a few seconds to process my fund prior to dispatching.


Wow! My first ever money that I made online is in my hand. I couldn’t believe the moment.

bought kinder joy for my son

Kinder Joy is very favorite to my son, Nashmi

Just after having the fund in my hand. I went to a nearby shop for buying some Kinder Joy chocolates. My son, Nashmi, loves it very much because he likes both the milky chocolate and the toy of the pack.


Then, I also bought a pack of sweetmeat to entertain my family members. It was an awesome day and I could never forget it.

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