How Often Should You Blog to Be Successful at Blogging [Hint: 3 Options Available]

When I started blogging for the first time, I had no schedule for publishing blog posts on my brand new blog.


It went on so many days. There were some days when I was publishing multiple blog posts in a day.


It was very usual because I had no idea about blogging frequency.


Later on, I looked at other successful bloggers and found an interesting thing.


The interesting thing is that almost all the bloggers who got success from blogging follow one specific schedule when it comes to publishing their blog posts.


It’s a quite varied topic because different bloggers follow different schedules to publish their blog posts.


Also, it’s not uncommon to see that there are many professional bloggers who don’t even follow any schedule at all for publishing posts.


By the way, seeing some bloggers’ schedules triggered me to make a blog post publishing calendar for me.


Truth be told, I had to change the calendar from time to time depending on several things.


And in this post, I’ve decided to let you know everything about blogging frequency.


I hope that this will help you find out your comfort zone for blogging.


So, let’s go ahead…


How often should you blog to be successful?

From my own experience of blogging, I’ve found the following schedules and you can follow any of them –


When we are new to blogging, we blog daily. This goes for some days and after some days (mostly, within a month) most bloggers stop blogging at all.


This seems funny, but this is the true nature of most human beings. When we don’t see any monetary gain from our work, we tend to stop working on that.


But if you can blog daily keeping the quality of your blog posts okay, then you’re gonna be a successful blogger soon.


So, you can blog daily and publish a blog post on a daily basis on your blog.


But what’s the outcome of daily blogging?


Well, you can’t succeed at blogging unless you can drive tons of quality traffic to your blog.


But how to drive a lot of loyal traffic to your blog?


Most of us, the bloggers, depend on search engines at the time of driving free traffic which is called organic traffic.


Yes, most bloggers don’t have the ability or the willingness to invest money on paid traffic, so they solely depend on organic traffic.


And to drive more and more organic traffic to any of your web property, you need to publish content on a regular basis.


This is because Google along with other search engines gives value to those web properties that publish content regularly.


That means if a web property comes up with fresh content on a consistent basis, then search engines try to rank them high on their SERPs.


And you know what might happen to your regularly updated blog if it’s ranked high on Google! You’ll be flooded with loads of traffic.


If you look at high traffic blogs and YouTube channels, you’ll see that they’re regular in publishing content.


Some online business owners have already expressed their positive results by publishing content on a daily basis.


Neil Patel is one of them and he is the famous name who used to write a post daily on his blog for many years. He stated that daily blogging has great value in getting good results.


He showed that regular blogging increased the number of traffic as well as shares.


I’ve already tested daily blogging and found some awesome results. One of the key benefits that I got from daily blogging is that Google indexes my content faster if I blog frequently.


This is very easy to understand because Google is an intelligent search engine and it must give value to live blogs, not the dead ones.


So, why not try daily blogging?


But three major problems may ruin the schedule of daily blogging!


What are they?


Here are they –

  1. What to blog about?
  2. Can you make money blogging?
  3. How to manage time to write a blog post daily?

These are the three problems that come in the format of three serious questions.


I’ve already answered the first two questions on the list in two earlier blog posts and the links have been given here too (please hit the above links and read the whole posts).


I hope that your confusion will be removed!


And now, I’m answering the third question (problem).


If you’re a full-time blogger, then I believe that managing time isn’t a hard task if you can be productive enough.


Yes, try to manage some adequate time for blogging.


Check how long it takes to craft a complete blog post. Then, add some time to proofread and do other tasks for the blog post.


Finally, sacrifice the time for writing a blog post daily.


You couldn’t assess the value of this during the first couple of months, but when you could start seeing the value in it, you’ll just say “Wow!“.


On the other hand, if you’re a part-time blogger, blogging with any other jobs, then you need to think about it seriously.


If you’re not a full-time blogger, then you may struggle to write a blog post daily for your blog.


But always remember that nothing is impossible if you really want that.


Believe me, you could publish a daily blog post on your blog if you really want it.


When I was a freelance writer, I was regular in publishing a new post daily on my blog. I had a lot of freelance writing projects in my hand, but I could craft one post for my blog.


This was possible because of my willpower. I stressed this word by making it bold.


Willpower comes only when you can see the outcome in reality.


Yes, from the very beginning of my blogging career, I could see my dreams. I could see how I was going ahead with my blogs.


You’ve to see your dreams the same way I saw them.


So, how often should you write a blog post? Daily? Obviously Yes.


By the way, if you’re not able to do so, don’t worry!


Yes, I’m coming up with another blogging schedule in the next part.


Twice weekly

Some bloggers focus much on quality. They hate to think about quantity.


If you’re someone like them, you can write two blog posts per week.


Though it’s not true that daily blogging will decrease the quality of your blog posts, many of you may struggle to produce quality blog posts if you try to do them on a daily basis.


It actually varies from person to person, I mean blogger to blogger.


So, publishing two weekly blog posts isn’t a crime. You can do it if you can produce two cool blog posts every week.


If you publish two posts weekly, you should fix two specific days for them.


Some bloggers fix Mondays and Thursdays for publishing their blog posts while others don’t pay heed to any specific day of the week.


Publishing posts on Mondays and Thursdays has some significance!


Most countries’ offices start from Monday, so publishing a blog post on the day is good to get more eyeballs to read it.


On the other hand, Thursday is good because it’s just before the closing day of the week.


Usually, people remain very busy before weekends, so they’re not likely to read new content.


By the way, this theory may or may not work for you, but you can check it at the time of blogging two times on a weekly basis.


So, publishing two posts in a week schedule is also fine. If you think that you need a few days to craft a piece of content for your blog, then this schedule will work fine for you.


If you follow this schedule, then you get three to four days to create a single piece of content.


Are you still unable to follow this schedule?


Should you start blogging?


No, you can still start blogging if you’re not comfortable at any of the above schedules.


Yes, the third option is there for you too.



You can create an extremely amazing blog post per week.


Since you’re giving seven days to craft a single post, you should come up with a cool blog post, right?


Haven’t you seen Jon Morrow of Smartblogger follows the weekly routine and his audience eagerly waits for the weekly post during the whole week?


He publishes an epic post that really creates value to his readers’ life.


If you’re a very busy online business owner, then you can follow this schedule.


Some serious words!

If you can’t follow any of the three schedules for publishing blog posts, then you shouldn’t dream of a better future with your blogging efforts.


How can you do well in something where you’re not working properly.


So, if you even fail to maintain the last schedule for your blog, then you should say goodbye to blogging forever.


My words may seem harsh to you, but you’ve to accept the reality now so that you don’t repent later.


So, how often should you blog?

You’ve come through three different schedules for blog post publishing. Now, you have to choose one.


So, which one attracted you the most?


I’m now a daily blogger, but I also practiced the other two types of schedules.


The weekly schedule was the most irritating to me because I often couldn’t maintain regularity to write some words for a weekly blog post.


This is because the time and energy that I had to give to produce a couple of hundred words for my weekly post was very little and I became very lazy to work well for crafting my blog posts.


So, try to stay proactive all the time because this will stop you from being lazy.


Trying two blog posts per week wasn’t suitable for me either. The reason for that was not being able to maintain two specific days in a week.


Now, I’m happy with daily blogging even though Dries Cronje wrote on Why Posting Every Day is a Silly Strategy!


Most lazy bloggers will get the post like hotcake.


However, I don’t care about this because I hope that I can maintain adequate quality for my blog posts.


So, find out your schedule and be stick to that.


Again, one important thing!

No matter what your schedule is, you must do things on a consistent basis.


If you blog daily, maintain it strictly.


If you blog twice weekly, maintain it strictly.


If you blog once weekly, maintain it strictly.


I mean whatever your schedule is, try to maintain your schedule properly. Success at anything comes when you do that thing regularly.


Most bloggers (shockingly, more than 90%) fail because of not maintaining a regular schedule.


Now, it’s up to you whether you wanna fail or succeed.


I know that nobody wants to fail, but a few of you will really want to maintain regularity to be successful!


So, the final word of this blog post is that do regularly whatever you do.

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