How Much Money Do Bloggers Make? Learn From 17 Bloggers

Most newcomers in blogging ask the following question – do bloggers make money that means can you make money from a blog?


Yes, they/I do.


If they’re convinced with the first answer, then the next common question – how much money do bloggers make? This time, this is not a one-sentence answer.


To let you know about this, I’ll have to give you an elaborate answer.


Here I’ll mention some of the successful bloggers who’re making a lot of money from their blogs on a regular basis.


By seeing them and their blogs, you could have the confidence of making money with your blog too.


Good to know!: What is a blog?


So, How Much Money Do Bloggers Make?

To give you a clear idea about the amount a blogger can make from his/her blog, I’ve collected 17 pro bloggers income report.


Disclaimer: I’ve collected all the income-related information from other blogs and income reports published on some of the respective bloggers mentioned here.


Now, I’m showing you the bloggers who’re making a handsome amount of money from their blogs.


Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Pat is a name that often comes when we talk about successful bloggers. He came to blogging from his usual 9 – 5 job and became successful in it.


So this might be a great inspiration to you if you think that blogging can’t be your profession.


Pat Flynn’s main blog’s name is Smart Passive Income which is shortly known as SPI.


He makes around $150000 per month from this blog.


Pat’s name isn’t new on my blog because I’ve already published a detailed post about him on my blog.


Here’s the post which is worth reading –

How did Pat Flynn make $151,137.88 last month?


This is a case study and you could learn about Pat’s money-making secrets from the post.


Struggling to write your next blog post? Don’t worry, just read this what to blog about!


Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow

Jon Morrow started his blog Boost Blog Traffic which he later named as SmartBlogger.


SmartBlogger is a very popular blog for blogging, writing, and necessary things for successful blogging.


Jon earns more than $100K each month from this blog.


Jon publishes a new post in every week and his readers eagerly await for the post during the whole week.


Do you know that this man is making a huge amount of money from his blog even though he’s physically not able to move his body?


Yes, from his childhood, he’s been suffering from serious physical illness. He uses a voice synthesizer to record his speech which then turns to be text.


So just from sitting in a wheelchair, he works for his blog.


Can you realize one thing here?


If a physically ill person can run a successful blog, then why not you being a healthy person?


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Michelle is a full-time blogger writes on Making Sense of Cents. This is a great blog about personal finance.


Yes, she started writing on money management when she was a student. She actually started blogging as a passion.


Later on, she could see a great monetary gain from her blog.


Michelle generates her income from different income sources created on her blog.


She has been making money from her affiliate course named Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.


By the way, Michelle’s monthly earning is more than $100,0000.


Michael Arrington

m arrington

Michael Arrington is the founder of TechCrunch. All of you know the name of TechCrunch, a popular tech blog which deals with many exciting things about technology, gadgets, and other things.


He makes around $500000 – $800000 per month from his awesome blog.


Now, answer me did you think that a blog could make such amount of money?


Yes, if you can blog well, you can make a huge amount of money.


Wanna start your own blog? Don’t worry! Here’s the complete guide to starting a WordPress blog.


Pete Cashmore


Mashable is another renowned tech blog like TechCrunch and Pete Cashmore is its owner.


Do you know that Pete started his blog, Mashable, in a hotel room to satisfy his passion?


Pete Cashmore makes around $500000 – $600000 per month from this blog.


Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas

Peter Rojas is the owner of an exciting site named Engadget. You must have visited this site!


Peter earns more than $300K per month from Engadget.


Mario Lavandeira

Mario Lavandeira

Mario Lavandeira

Mario Lavandeira writes on Perez Hilton which is a celebrity news blog.


You can’t imagine how much this blog makes!


Mario’s income from Perez Hilton is between $200000 – $400000 per month.


Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly Friedman

Vitaly is the owner of Smashing Magazine and who doesn’t know about the blog?


He makes around $150000 – $200000/month from this blog.


Nick Denton

LifeHacker is a great blog that everybody knows about it.


It mainly deals with exciting life-related issues.


Nick Denton is the owner of LifeHacker and his monthly earnings from this blog can be around $150000.


Darren Rowse (

Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse

Famous blogger Darren earns more than $40000 per month from his blog, ProBlogger.


This man is from the USA and made his life fortunate by doing full-time blogging. ProBlogger publishes posts frequently and it’s one of the best blogs on blogging.


Amit Agarwal (Labnol)

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal is the father of Indian blogging. He makes more than $400000 per month from this great blog, Digital Inspiration.


One unique thing about his blog is that the URL of his blog is


He left his usual 9 – 5 job and involved with blogging.


We should salute this blogger because when he started his blog, hardly a few people knew about blogging at that time.


So it wasn’t possible to learn and get inspiration from any other blogger from his surroundings.


But he could make his blogging project and inspire many other people who later became successful bloggers.


Harsh Agrawal (ShoutMeLoud)

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is the owner of ShoutMeLoud (SML). SML is one of the best blogs in the Asian region.


Harsh now makes more than $30000 per month from this blog. Harsh can be your another motivator for opening a blog.


This young man quit his 9 – 5 usual job after doing his graduation in engineering to be a full-time blogger.


Now he thanks himself for listening to his heart at that time and starting full-time blogging.


He’s a successful blogger now and recently started a couple of other blogs that deal with different topics.


Amit Bhawani (

Amit Bhawani

Amit Bhawani

Around $25000 per month though it may be a lot more than this amount because, in 2010, Amit published an income report where he stated his monthly income as more than $10,000.


Amit started blogging in 2005 and within a few years of journey in the amazing world of blogging, he could make a lot of money per month from his couple of blogs.


Now he’s not bound to follow any 9 to 5 timing for managing his bread and butter because his blogs can do so smoothly.


Johnny (JohhnyFd)

Johnny is another big guy in the blogging industry. He has finished the last year well with an income of around $26,000.


Johnny is a great traveler. Because of his love to travel to a great extent, he visits many places all around the world each year.


He should thank blogging because it gives the chance to move from one place to another without any binding.


He monetizes his blog from different sources and most of his income comes from affiliate marketing.


Justin (SoOverThis)

SoOverThis is run by Justin who just made more than $50,000 in December 2016.


So this is a great inspiration for anybody who wants to be a blogger.


But SoOverThis wasn’t created by Justin. It was actually started by another lady who sold it to Justin in 2013.


So Justin’s journey with this blog is just a few years.


Alexa (SingleMomsIncome)



Some female bloggers have also started making huge money doing blogging. Alexa is a good example of this. She makes more than $5000 from her blog.


Alexa started her blog, Single Moms Income, in 2012 while she was passing through a very tough time.


It was the time when she got divorced having two children.


Within a very short period of time, she could monetize her blog with a decent amount.


Alexa shares her monthly income on her blog, so you can also read her income reports and be motivated by that.


Anil Agarwal (

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal

I’ve brought this blogger’s income in this post because you should also know that many young people are also making decent money from blogging.


Anil Agarwal makes more than $4000 per month from his blog.


As a young boy, he started internet marketing and his blog, BlogggersPassion, was created on 1st January 2010.


Initially, he used AdSense for monetizing his blog, but later he went for both affiliate marketing and AdSense.


So, these are the examples of bloggers who been making tons of money from their amazing blogs.


Yes, you have to make your blog amazing, otherwise, you couldn’t make it a good money-making machine.


Finally, I hope that after knowing about some bloggers who are making a decent amount of money, you have surely got an idea how much money bloggers make!


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