Grammarly Cost! How Much is Grammarly (with Discount)

Since Grammarly has become very popular for writing flawless content, many of you’re interested in having the Grammarly paid version to unlock its ultimate power. When someone intends to buy the Grammarly premium version, s/he asks the common question: how much does Grammarly cost?


To give you a clear idea about this, I’m gonna talk about the Grammarly pricing in this post.


So, read on…


Grammarly Cost!

First of all, I should let you know that Grammarly is a free tool though it unlocks some exciting features when you buy the premium plan of the tool.


That’s why many satisfied users of Grammarly free plan wanna upgrade it to the premium one.


If you’re still not a user of the free Grammarly, do it now by visiting the following link (sign up through the link for FREE) –

visit grammarly

So, why use the Grammarly Premium?

There are several reasons for using the premium plan of Grammarly and I’m going to tell you most of them now.


#Over 250 premium checks

The free version of Grammarly is okay to check several kinds of errors in your writing, but the premium version comes with the ultimate power of the tool.


Yes. It servers 250+ grammatical corrections with its paid version.


So, to enjoy the complete power of Grammarly, you have the only option to buy the premium version.


#Plagiarism check

Grammarly is an all-in-one tool as the plagiarism checking option is also included in the premium version of the tool.


Unfortunately, Grammarly free plan doesn’t offer this essential feature.


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#Directly usable on MS Word

The free plan can’t be used with Microsoft Word. You’ve heard that Grammarly is usable side by side with MS Word, but it’s possible only with the premium version.



Grammarly for Word review

How to use Grammarly in Word?


#Different kinds of writings are checked

Not all types of writing are the same, so a grammar checker should adapt to several kinds of documents. The paid version of Grammarly supports over 30 kinds of documents.


So, other than blog posts and emails, you can use the digital eyes of the tool to proofread many other types of docs.


#Responsive support team

If you wanna avail of the human touch to support you, then the premium plan of the tool is perfect for you. You can reach out to the language expert to connect with them through either phone calling or emailing.


And, all these support facilities are available 24 hours daily.


#Money-back guarantee

If you’re still confused about whether to use Grammarly premium or not, your confusion will be removed now!


This is because Grammarly offers a 7-day money guarantee. They’ll refund the full money that you spend on buying the paid version if you’re not satisfied with their premium plan.


But, you need to claim it within the first 7 days of your purchase the premium plan.


So, you can start using Grammarly premium because you’ve long seven days in your hand to ask for a refund.


Learn: How to use Grammarly?


So, how much does Grammarly cost?

The premium version of Grammarly costs the following  –

premium plans of grammarly

Photo credit: Grammarly


There are three different Grammarly plans available depending on the type of purchase. If you go for the yearly purchase of the premium plan, then you can save the most.


You’ll just need to pay $11.66 if you buy the premium plan for a year. Grammarly costs just $139.95 per year.


Then, the purchase of the premium plan on a quarterly basis can also save some, but obviously less than the annual purchase.


You’ll need to pay $19.98 if Grammarly quarterly plan is purchased.


And the purchase of the plan on a monthly basis is very disgusting as it costs $29.95 per month.


To buy the premium plan, you’ll have to follow these steps:

Step 1. Sign up/log in to your free Grammarly account

First of all, visit Grammarly (use the given link) and sign up or log into your Grammarly free account if you have already signed up.


Step 2. Go to the premium option

By landing your My Grammarly page, you’ll see the following button on the left side’s options –

premium tab

Hit the button and it’ll open up another web page on which you’ll see the different plans for different periods of purchase.


Step 3. Click on the Select Plan tab

Since the annual plan of Grammarly is the best for the most saving, you should hit the Select Plan button:

buy annual plan

Step 4. Fill out the billing information form

It’ll open another web page for filling up a form with your billing information –

annual pack

Step 5. Pay the Grammarly price

You have two options for paying the bill of Grammarly premium plan. So, choose either VISA or PayPal as the payment method and put all the necessary information in the respective boxes shown above.


Once you fill-up the form with all the correct information, now is the time to hit the “Submit” button. Wow! Amazing! Your premium plan has been bought.


You’ll get an email to your inbox stating the billing info with proof.


So, these are the easy steps to buying the premium plan of Grammarly. You can see that Grammarly price is reasonable when it comes to purchasing the plan for a long period of time. Buy your preferred plan as per your choice.


Wrap Up

From the above in-depth review of Grammarly pricing, I think that now you can make the decision whether you’ll use the tool or not.


You can see that the tool can check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism related issues from any text.


So, what else you can expect from a tool?


The only lack of this great tool is that it doesn’t offer offline use, but I think that in the era of the internet, you shouldn’t think of anything that comes without the internet.


So Grammarly can be a great companion to anyone who wants to have grammatically correct texts when they write. In this regard Grammarly cost is negligible when it comes to purifying your written content.


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