Any idea about how much does Grammarly cost? If not, then read this blog post where I’ll discuss the matter.


Since Grammarly is becoming very popular for writing flawless text, many of you’re interested in having a Grammarly premium account. 


Though I’ve already mentioned the price of Grammarly punctuation checker in one of my posts – Grammarly Review – I’m stating the price again so that you can quickly know about it.


Grammarly Cost!

First of all, I should let you know that Grammarly is a free tool though it unlocks some exciting features when you buy the premium plan of the tool. That’s why many satisfied users of Grammarly free plan wanna upgrade it to the premium one.


If you’re still not a user of the free Grammarly, do it now by visiting the following link (sign up through the link for FREE) –

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Here are some reasons for upgrading your free plan to the premium plan –

grammarly premium
Photo source: Grammarly’s site

Grammarly is an all-in-one tool as the plagiarism checking option is also included in the premium version of the tool.


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The premium version of Grammarly costs the following  –

premium plans of grammarly
Photo credit: Grammarly

There are three different pricings depending on the type of purchase. If you go for the yearly purchase of the premium plan, then you can save the most.


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You’ll just need to pay $11.66 if you buy the premium plan for a year.


Then, the purchase of the premium plan on a quarterly basis can also save some, but obviously less than the annual purchase.


You’ll need to pay $19.98 if your purchase is for 4 months.


And the purchase of the plan on a monthly basis is very disgusting as it costs $29.95 per month.


To buy the premium plan, you’ll have to follow these steps –

Step 1. First of all, visit Grammarly (use the given link) and sign up or log into your Grammarly free account if you have already signed up.


Step 2. By landing your “My Grammarly” page, you’ll see the following button on the left side’s options –

premium tab

Hit the button and it’ll open up another web page on which you’ll see the different plans for different periods of purchase.


Step 3. Since the annual plan of Grammarly is the best for the most saving, you should hit “Select Plan”.

buy grammarly annual plan

Step 4. It’ll open another web page for filling up a form with your billing information –

grammarly annual pack

Step 5. You have two options for paying the bill of Grammarly premium plan. So, choose either VISA or PayPal as the payment method and put all the necessary information in the respective boxes shown above.


Once you fill up the form with all the correct information, now is the time to hit the “Submit” button. Wow! Amazing! Your premium plan has been bought.


You’ll get an email to your inbox stating the billing info with proof.


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So, these are the easy steps to buying the premium plan of Grammarly. You can see that Grammarly price is reasonable when it comes to purchasing the plan for a long period of time. Buy your preferred plan as per your choice.

How Much Does Grammarly Cost (With Discounted Price)
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How Much Does Grammarly Cost (With Discounted Price)
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How Much Does Grammarly Cost (With Discounted Price)
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