How Much Money Can You Make as An Affiliate Marketer

The people who wanna start affiliate marketing ask me one common question.

how much can you earn from affiliate marketing

So, what’s the question?


Well, the question is this – how much you can earn from affiliate marketing?


In this post, I’m gonna let you know about affiliate marketing average income.


How Much Money Can You Make as An Affiliate?

To know this well, we need to check the simple math of affiliate marketing.


So, how does affiliate marketing work?


Well, it starts with the promotion of an affiliate product. Let’s say the price of the product is $100 and each of the sales, the affiliate marketers of the product get 30% commission.


So, how much can an affiliate marketer make per sale?


$30, right? (30% of $100 = $30)


Now, if one affiliate marketer sells 100 of the products, then the total commission will be $30 x 100 = $3000.


If the number of sold products is 1000, then the commission is $30 x 1000 = $30,000.


This way, an affiliate marker can easily make six or even seven figure per month from affiliate marketing.


Though the game isn’t that simple (you need to do a lot of things in order to sell more and more affiliate products), it’s quite doable.


Why am I saying it’s doable?

This is because many affiliate marketers have already proved that they can make thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing.


Now, I’ll talk about some of them who’ve made a great career through affiliate marketing.


Pat Flynn should become first while talking about affiliate marketing success stories. You may have already heard his name since you’re gonna or you wanna be an affiliate marketer!


By the way, he makes 6-figure per month through affiliate marketing. You can get the proof of his income on his blog named Smart Passive Income Blog.


Next, I can talk about John Chow. This man is another hero in the world of affiliate marketing. He shares how he makes money online.


Furthermore, I can talk about Jon Morrow, the owner of SmartBlogger.


So, you can see that many affiliate marketers are making a lot through affiliate marketing.


Note that while many affiliate marketers are making huge money from this marketing, there are many of the same professionals who can’t make that decent amount.


Many quit affiliate marketing without making a single penny. Here’s a Facebook chat that I had with one of my known people the day before yesterday –

fb chat about affiliate marketing failure

This man started affiliate marketing but left it because he couldn’t make any sales in six to seven months.


You see that he just spent a few months and then, he couldn’t wait for more time.


One lesson here that you should learn carefully! Most people (including affiliate marketers) stop working just before success.


Who knows the person (with whom I was chatting) could sell some affiliate products in the next month?


So, the straightforward answer is that you can make 0 to a limitless amount of money from affiliate marketing.


It actually depends on a lot of things, but one thing is sure that if you carry on affiliate marketing whatever happens when you can’t make any sales, you must succeed and make a lot of money from it.


So, never stop learning and expecting whatever business you do.


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And here’s my yesterday’s affiliate earning –

my affiliate commission

So, it’s not that bad, right?


And I’m increasing my affiliate income day by day because I’m learning more and more things about it.

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