How I Write a 2000-Word Blog Post Within 2 Hours

Doing well in blogging depends much on producing a lot of amazing content, but many fail when it comes to creating blog posts on a regular basis.


I always suggest my audience that blog regularly in order to get a handsome financial return from it. Most of the time I recommend publishing at least four to five blog posts per week.


I see that most of my audience fail to do this. They say that it’s quite difficult to churn out half a dozen blog posts every week. They claim that they need eight to 10 hours to publish a blog.


OMG! How come do you say that? Do you know that I need only two hours to create a blog post?


If you are skeptical about it, then I’ll make it clear now.


How to Write 2000-Word Blog Post in Less Than 2 Hours???

So you wanna learn how I do this, right? Well, I’ll tell you exactly how I make this possible.


It’s Simple Math!

Creating a complete blog post is associated with a number of things and here are some major parts of them:

  • Researching
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading


This is my serial when I go to create a new blog post. Every time I sit for writing a new blog post, I need to go through thorough research.


But I need just half an hour to complete my research. Are you surprised to hear this? Maybe!


My Research Takes 30 Minutes

Yeah, I can do this because I always write on those topics that are within my blogging niche. I see that many bloggers write on varied topics which take much of their time and energy because they need to research a lot.


In addition, many a time they fail to accomplish their task well. So never try to write outside of your niche. If you do this, you’re surely wasting your invaluable time as well as energy.


In case of me, most of my research materials are within me because I know the subject matter very well.


Writing Takes Another 30 Minutes

My research is done, so I need to start writing. It’ll take another 30 minutes!


Yes, I can craft over 2000 words in just half an hour.


Have you seen that if I need to do this, then my WPM (words per minute) is about 67? So I need to write at least 66- 67 words every minute if I have to come up with 2000 written words.


And I need to do this without any break during the 30-minute time.


So how is this possible?


Well, it’s not actually possible through typing with your hands. Yes, it needs voice typing. Truth be told, I use a speech to text tool to write my blog posts. If you have already used any this kind of tool, then you may know the benefits of this.


Here are some benefits of using a voice typing tool:

  • It makes your blog posts better by bringing the informal colloquial tone
  • You can write more words at less time
  • It must not cause any pain in your fingers since you need to use your voice


Also, some of you may find it difficult to use this type of tool. By the way, I’ll show you how to use a tool like this the best possible way.


I use an online speech to text tool named Speech Typing. It’s a multi-linguistic tool, so you won’t have to worry about using it if you write in other languages that are supported in it.


Let’s learn the process of using the tool to create blog posts faster. To make the process easier, I’m showing the step-by-step process here:

Step 1. Visit Speech Typing

First of all, visit Speech Typing. Click the link given in the previous line which will take you to the homepage of the site. You’ll find a simply designed webpage.


Step 2. Select English Speech to Text or Your Preferred Language

Now you have to go to the English Speech to Text section of the tool which can be found just by scrolling down a bit.


You can also find the section in the menu bar.

Voice to Text English

Go to the section following any of the ways.


Step 3. Use a Quality Microphone

Note that you need to use a quality microphone that ensures noise-free sound so that your PC can detect your voice well.


I use Panasonic Boom microphone which gives me a great result.


Step 4. Click on the Microphone Icon and Start Speaking

If you go to the Voice to Text – English section, you will see a microphone icon like thisMicrophone icon.


Tapping the icon will start capturing your voice in text format. Your voice will be typed as text in the following box –

Voice typing box

So start speaking after clicking on the icon.


I’ve tested with a little voice typed here –

Test voice type


Step 5. Click on the Microphone Icon Again When You Want to Finish

When you need to finish typing your voice, you just need to hit the microphone icon. This is a simple way to stop working with the tool.


Step 6. Copy the Text and Paste it on Your WordPress Blog Post Area

Make sure that you copy and paste your voice typed text before you hit the microphone icon again to type further. This is because if you don’t copy it, it’ll be lost once you start recording again.


So it’s a good idea to open your WordPress blog post while using the tool. Paste the text that you have typed using your voice and then start typing again. You won’t lose your work if you follow this way.


Step 7. Edit the Text (It Should Take Around 30 Minutes)

You’ll see that not all the words are typed exactly what you have spoken, so you need to edit your voice typed text. This might seem a bit boring, but there’s nothing to do with this.


Also, you’ll need to put some punctuation marks in the right places.


One suggestion that I can give you here is that you can use a grammar checker like Grammarly or any other tool to get some suggestions where you made some mistakes. This will save you time and energy when you edit.


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Proofreading for 30 Minutes

Your first-hand editing doesn’t guarantee that you haven’t come up with an error. So it’s always recommended that you go back and start proofreading your content again.


So here you can see that it takes only two hours to accomplish the task of writing a complete blog post.

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