How I Became a Freelance Writer ~ It was an Amazing Journey

In this post, I’ve shared the story of my freelancing journey.

freelancing in bagladesh

How did I start freelancing?

Initial part

It was in 2009 when I planned to make money from home. It was the internet that became my best friend to help me in that regard. By the way, I was emailed by a man that there’s a money-making opportunity in working online.


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I became interested and signed up on some of his recommended sites. The job was very easy and the payment was unbelievable! I was told by the man that I would have to check email a regular basis, then after a certain number of email checks, he’d pay me.


Without going for any suspicion, I started working as per his command. When I hit the balance of $5000, I claimed my fund from the man. Then I realized that everything was a scam. So my online money making dream was about to die.


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The next part

After that, I heard about freelancing marketplaces from one of my friends. Freelancer was very popular that time. So I registered there as a data entry operator though I couldn’t start my work as I wasn’t dedicated to that.



Then I saw a newspaper ad in 2010 that data entry operators would be hired. I went one of the offices and signed up paying the registration fees. After that, I wanted to get their job done by other workers. So I started collecting people for doing the job so that I could make a decent amount of money.


The pay rate was very low and most people weren’t working very well. So I decided to quit that business. At that time, money making with Google AdSense was a popular thing in Bangladesh though I didn’t know anything about that. I heard that many people were making decent money with AdSense.


After that

I also wanted to do that and created a free blog on BlogSpot (now Blogger). But I couldn’t even write anything on my blog as I wasn’t hopeful making money with that. So at one of the point of time, I started thinking that making money online isn’t a job for me. So I started doing some physical businesses along with my education side by side.


Some of my physical businesses were going well, but I also learned the harsh reality of doing those types of businesses in Bangladesh. The main problem of most tangible businesses in Bangladesh is payment blocking. Most people wanna loiter in paying and many of them are actually not very ethical in their businesses. So seeing all these things, I had to plan on doing something great.


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In the meantime, I started making video tutorials and thought that I could market those things both online and offline. I showed my work to many of the students of a nearby college in my locality. Most of the praised it a lot which made me more confident about that.


So I started planning to sell my video tutorials among different levels of students. As a result of that, I told one of my relatives to talk to students and take their feedback. The first day was a nightmare for me as one of the parents scolded my relative not to market like that way.


I then understood that it wouldn’t work that way. Moreover, there was a risk of copying my work and selling those differently. So I planned to sell my video tutorials online. For that purpose, I had to study creating a website. I studied a lot and thought to open my website that would be dedicated to selling my tutorials online.


Later on, I came to know that a website could make money by getting many visitors to it. So I thought to offer my video tutorials for free online. I also planned to write blog posts on my website which would be another money making method for me.


So it was my target to open a website and make money with it. I was talking to many people those who claimed themselves as experts in creating websites. It was a disappointing thing to me that when I talked to them, I came to know that they actually knew lesser than me about how to create a website (LOL)!!!


I could garner a lot of information about how to make a site, monetize it, moreover how to make money online because of studying a lot on all those things. Yes, I actually invested a lot of time from my life for learning things. At one point, I talked to a local hosting provider for buying a hosting plan for my site.


As I didn’t get any reliability from the hosting company, I thought to buy my hosting plan directly from a US-based hosting company. But I didn’t have any credit or debit MasterCard to pay for my hosting online. I talked to a person who helped me by giving some online advice. He also wanted to pay on behalf of me for my hosting plan. In exchange for that, I  would have to pay the money in Bangladeshi Taka.


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When I went for purchasing my hosting, the man’s card wasn’t working. So, I came back to my home hopeless. Then I planned to open my own MasterCard and you know that Payoneer offers a great MasterCard. Note that loading a MasterCard with dollars from Bangladesh in restricted here because of security issues.


So if I need to have dollars in my MasterCard, then I’ll have to work online and get paid on my card. This way, I could have some fund on my card. That was the time when I thought to go for professional freelancing as that was the easiest way of making some dollars online.


I registered on Fiverr and sold my first gig within a week, but I was unlucky because of late delivery. I actually didn’t notice that I got a job because I wasn’t regular in checking my email at that time. However, I delivered the job after 5 days of the exact deadline and my generous client accepted that. I got my first $5 in my balance. Wow! What a moment that was.


Though the amount was very little, it made me shout WOW as that was my first online real income. Then I sold a few more gigs on Fiverr too. Then I saw that I wasn’t getting any job and staying on the platform for much time was a time-consuming thing to me.


So I wanted to do something more productive that would provide me a decent amount of money. I found Upwork, PeoplePerHour (PPH), and Freelancer very helpful in getting jobs. So, I started applying for writing jobs on Upwork, PPH, and Freelancer.


I wasn’t getting any job until I showed my live writing samples to my potential clients. So I learned that without showing your past work to your clients, it’s almost impossible to convince them. I was lucky because I also started a blog before starting my freelancing.


At one day, I got a job on Upwork which was a thousand-dollar project. I became very happy and started working heart and soul. Then I was getting more and more jobs because I could learn how to convince clients.


Though I was making a huge amount of money doing freelancing, my main goal of making more money was from my personal website. However, to do that, I had to sacrifice many freelancing jobs.


But I was adamant about doing so. I started my blog with the money that I earned through freelancing. It’s a great feeling buying things online as I wasn’t habituated in that before.


So this is the simple story of my freelancing career. I saw that getting jobs isn’t a tough thing if you can do things properly. I’ll obviously help you in giving ideas about how to start freelancing in Bangladesh and make a decent amount of money doing it.

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