How Guest Blogging Works (The Complete Guide)

how guest blogging works

Have you ever tried guest blogging? Do you know how guest blogging works? How to submit a guest post?


I’m extremely sorry if I’ve bombarded you with a lot of questions. Please forgive me, but I just wanna let you know more about guest blogging. Yes, I’ll inform you everything about guest blogging in this blog post. So carry on with me, please.


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What’s Guest Blogging?

I think guest blogging is a common term in the blogosphere, but in case you don’t yet know about it, I’d be glad to let you know it. Simply guest blogging means the act of publishing a post on another blogger’s blog. So if you publish a post on a blog that’s not owned by you, then you’re actually publishing a guest post on that blog.


The following blog posts aren’t guest posts –

post 1

post 2

post 3


And the post that you’re reading right now on this blog isn’t a guest post either. Why? Because all the posts are written by me and posted on my own blog.


If the author of any of this blog’s posts were someone other than me, then the post will be a guest post on my blog. That means if a guest writes a post on your blog, then this is a guest post.


Suppose that you’re writing a post for ABC blog (imagine that ABC is a blog) and when the post will be published on the blog, then that will be a guest post written by you for the blog.


Earlier, guest blogging was very popular and useful medium of building backlinks, but this is now a declining practice among bloggers. There are many benefits of guest blogging which you should be clear about. Now I’ll move further to show you some great benefits of guest blogging.


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Here are the well-known benefits of guest blogging –

How guest blogging works?

Some say that guest blogging is dead now, but it has still some great potentialities in building a strong relationship with other bloggers. The power of backlink and traffic generation can be leveraged with guest blogging too.


Many bloggers still allow guest posting on their blogs. So, you’ll have to search for those blogs to submit your guest posts. Some bloggers go through a strict editorial process before publishing a guest post. So, you should always produce high-quality content for easily getting approved your posts submitted for guest posting.


Once your posts are approved on the submitted blogs, then those posts will be live.


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Now learn more about its benefits –

Backlink generation

The first aim of writing a guest post is to achieve backlink from the other blog for your blog. This way, the blogger who writes a guest post gets a link juice to his/her own blog. This surely boosts the rank and the traffic of the blogger who writes guest posts.

backlink generation with guest blogging

As said earlier that getting high-quality backlinks is beneficial for your blog’s ranking and doing so is a bit difficult thing. But if you can go for guest posting, then the backlink generation will be much easier.


The reason is that if you offer quality guest posts for other blogs, then the blog owners could update their blogs without writing new content. So, guest posting is beneficial in both the ways.


Note that if your blog hasn’t grown enough, then it may be very hard to publish your guest posts on authority blogs. Why? Because the domain authority (DA) of the submitted blog post for guest posting is a great measure when someone accepts a guest post.


The reason for checking the DA when it comes to accepting guest posts is that nobody wants to point out to a low DA blog.


So, the more the DA of a blog, the better the chance of accepting guest posts if that blog owner reaches out to write for other blogs. If your blog has grown a lot, then the DA of your blog is likely to be high.


You can check your blog’s DA by visiting the following link –

MOZ Backlink Checker


Visit the page and you’ll see a box for leaving the blog’s link to check its DA (Domain Authority) –

moz backlink checker

Now, visit the blog that you’ll check with the checker. Suppose that you wanna check the DA of Copyblogger. Then, first of all, visit the site of Copyblogger and look at the top web address bar on your browser. It’ll look like this –

copyblogger link address

After that, copy the link and paste it into the box –

copyblogger da check

Now, hit the “Search” button and it’ll start analyzing the backlinks of the site along with the DA. The then analysis report showed the following result –

da of copyblogger

Wow! The domain authority of Copyblogger is 87 out of 100. It’s really a great DA for any blog. Since Copyblogger is an authority in copywriting, the blog has achieved this great DA score.


By following the above steps, you can check the DA of any site.


The same thing is true when someone wants to write a guest post on a blog. Every blogger checks the DA of the blog where he/she is gonna submit the guest post.


So, you should start from average blogs and once you get enough popularity, then you can try for authority blogs. The same way, you can’t attract so many guest posts from other bloggers if your blog’s DA isn’t high enough.


It’s not always possible to build backlinks with guest posting because some bloggers don’t offer any backlink if any guest post is published on their blogs. In this case, you can submit guest posts only to bolster your brand.


ShoutMeLoud is a kickass blog that doesn’t offer any backlink generation if you publish a guest post on the blog. Here’s the instruction that reveals the thing –

no back-linking by guest blogging

You’ll only get backlinks where you see that the bloggers of those blogs allow backlink generation. By the way, both the situations – getting or not getting backlinks – you can start writing guest posts as long as you believe that the guest posts will boost your brand in a greater way.


Traffic generation

When you publish a post on another blog other than yours, there’s ample chance of getting traffic from that blog to your one. So, guest blogging also helps us to generate traffic for our blogs. This type of traffic is called referral traffic.

referral traffic generation

So, guest blogging is quite helpful generating referral traffic.


Many bloggers use this traffic generation method to get many visitors to their blogs. So, if you can do the guest blogging properly, you could get huge traffic to your blog too.


Neil Patel (the owner of is a popular name who has leveraged the power of guest blogging in the right way and now, he’s a renowned blogger.


He became known to many online influencers just by publishing killer guest posts on many renowned blogs over time. If he hadn’t taken guest blogging seriously, then how would have become so much popular in the blogosphere?


The guest blogging has a great power of multiple promotions. When you publish a guest post on a blog, the owner of the blog will also promote the post on his/her social media profiles and other channels.


So, this will surely bring many visitors to the post. Getting many readers to the post also means that some of the readers will also visit your blog too.


Better recognition

Guest posting on authority blogs will give you the chance of showcasing your work to thousands of readers of those great blogs. So this way, you could easily introduce yourself to a greater audience that you’d have to wait for years getting them if you publish posts only on your blog.

brand recognition

I’ve already introduced Neil Patel in this regard who can be a great inspiration for guest blogging.


Network building

Guest blogging also helps to build a great relationship with other bloggers and readers of your niche. If you submit 5 guest posts a month, that means you’re building 5 more channels for yourself other than only your blog.


If you look at most renowned bloggers, you’ll see that they’ve also harnessed the power of guest posting. In fact, many popular bloggers are still posting guest posts on other blogs.


Improvement of writing

Guest blogging also improves the writing. Do you know why? Well, many of us don’t pay heed to our text when we write for our blogs thinking that nobody will come to deter us from publishing posts on our own blogs.

improve writing with guest blogging

In fact, no one reserves the power of stopping you from publishing a post on a blog that’s owned by you. Here the problem arises. We become so much indifferent about the quality of our blog posts as there’s no hard and fast editorial process.


But when it comes to posting some posts on other blogs, then we usually become very strict in editing our work before submitting them for guest posting.


Not only is that we can get feedback on our writing from our guest posts. This will help us shape our writing on a regular basis.


Through trial and error, we can make our writing better over time. So, you should also go for guest blogging.


Overall SEO boost

Finally, I can say that guest blogging can help boost your blog’s SEO. The reason is that by guest posting, you’re generating high-quality backlinks for your blog which is very effective in boosting the SEO of your blog.


The previous all benefits are combined to help your blog’s SEO.


So, these are the things on guest blogging and I hope that you could leverage guest blogging well.


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