HostGator Review: Is This Popular Hosting Really Good

To run a website smoothly, you need a reliable web hosting company.


So finding out a decent hosting company for your website is a crucial matter.


For this reason, I’m continuously publishing web hosting reviews on my blog on a regular basis so that your task of choosing a nice hosting for your site becomes much easier.


Today, I’ve also come up with another hosting company for its thorough review. It’s HostGator.


HostGator Review

HostGator is a web hosting company based in Houston. The company started back in 2002 by Brent Oxley though later, it was bought by the Endurance International Group (EIG).


You may know that EIG also owns some other decent hosting companies like iPage, Bluehost, HostMonster etc. There are two (2) datacenters available of HostGator that are in Housten and Provo, Utah.


HostGator has the domain registration facility along with several hosting packs. There are shared, VPS, dedicated, reseller hosting packs available in this web hosting company. Also, an exciting hosting like cloud hosting is available in HostGator.


So far, HostGator has attracted more than nine (9) million users (and counting on…) to its awesome hosting services.


Benefits of HostGator

There are ample benefits that you can get if your site is hosted on any hosting packs of HostGator. Yes, this is a nice hosting company that’s truly built for the core benefits of its users.


You can choose a powerful hosting pack from HostGator as said before that the company is perfectly capable of hosting any site.


There’s the in-house domain registration option that allows you to register for your domain without taking help of any outside domain registrar.


All the prices of different hosting packs are discounted on HostGator, so the initial start of your site must be cost-effective for sure.


There’s a huge discount if you buy any of their hosting packs for a long period of 3 years at a time. The web hosting company also provides a 1-Click installer to install your required scripts for your site. The name of the 1-Click installer that HostGator provides is QuickInstall which is too good to take care of the installation of your preferred scripts.


If you think that you’ll have to struggle to build your site, then you can take the help of HostGator to do so because the company has a powerful website builder too.


In addition, the guaranteed uptime of the hosting company is promising that’s 99.9% though we’ll check the exact uptime later. In fact, we should check whether the claimed uptime is okay or not.


HostGator provides the most convenient control panel, cPanel for managing your site, so you can expect to control your site in a much better way.


There’s a longer than the usual money back guarantee period, so you can start your site with HostGator without worrying much and because of the 24/7 support facility, you can get any sort of hosting related help from their support team.


Features of HostGator

Hosting your site with HostGator means that you get everything for running your site under the same roof. Yes, you should never feel deprived of anything to smoothly run your site because HostGator brings almost everything to ensure this.


Here are some of the notable features of HostGator hosting:

  • Unlimited web space. You’ll get unlimited storage for any hosting pack of HostGator. That means you won’t have to worry about how much content you’re gonna use for your site.


  • Unlimited bandwidth. Not only is the web space, the bandwidth is also unmetered. So, your site can receive any amount of traffic by keeping your worry-free.


  • Guaranteed uptime 99.9%. HostGator’s guaranteed uptime is 99.9% and this is very common to see that almost all the hosting companies guarantee this. I’ll show you the real uptime of my site.


  • Control panel. HostGator provides the most easy-to-use control panel called cPanel which will make the controlling part of your site quite easy and simple.


  • 1-Click installer. There’s QuickInstall that can do the tasks of installing WordPress, Joomla or any CMS along with other apps for your site super easy.


  • Money back guarantee (45 days). HostGator is giving whopping 45-day money back period where most other hosting companies allow up to 30 days for the same purpose.


  • 24/7/365 Support. HostGator is dedicated to supporting you throughout the year with making missing any day, any hour.


  • Free migration. If there’s any need for transferring your site from another hosting company to HostGator, then you’ll get all the facilities to do so for free. The migration is totally free.

visit host gator

HostGator hosting plans

Now, I’ll introduce you to all the hosting plans of HostGator and from the list of different hosting plans, you can easily choose your preferred one.

HostGator Shared Hosting

There are 3 different hosting plans for the shared hosting of HostGator. In fact, all the hosting of the company is divided into 3 different hosting packs.


The cheapest hosting pack is the Hatching Plan (price starts at $3.95 only per month) that allows you to host only a domain and for the other two hosting packs, you can host as many domains as you want.


One thing that is the unmetered bandwidth is common in all the hosting packs. Currently, the Baby and the Business plans cost the same because of the adjusted discounts on both the packs.


In the Business plan, you get a few things extra like SSL certificate, dedicated IP, and free VoIP voice call.


So comparing the prices along with its features of all the 3 hosting packs, you should go for the Business plan as it offers the best.


HostGator Cloud Hosting

HostGator provides you with three cloud hosting packs too. The names are similar to the shared hosting packs, but you just have to add the term cloud after each of the names. You could see a slight increase in the pricing for the cloud hosting plans.


Note that the cloud hosting is better than the usual shared hosting and HostGator proved it once again by showing a better uptime in its cloud hosting than its shared hosting.


The reason is that a cloud hosting uses multiple systems on the cloud which is different from the shared hosting where one system is used for the same task.


So you’ll have to pay more for having a cloud hosting for your site. No matter what you’ll also get better services with a cloud hosting. For this reason, the cost of a cloud hosting worth it.


HostGator VPS Hosting

HostGator is a powerful hosting company that also provides the VPS hosting services.


All the three names of the VPS hosting plans of HostGator start with the same initial Snappy and differ with a numerical value like 2000, 4000, and 8000.


HostGator Dedicated Hosting

HostGator also has several dedicated hosting plans too.


You could see that the dedicated hosting plans are named as Basic, Standard, Elite, and Pro. The prices are shown under each of the plans with a big discount.


So if you wanna run your site in a fully-protected environment, then go for any of the dedicated hosting plans as per your requirement and choice.


HostGator Reseller Hosting

HostGator is beside you even if you wanna sell your own hosting to other people. Yes, there’s the reseller hosting available in the company too.


The names of the hosting packs are in different metals’ names. So it’s very easy to remember the names, huh!


Buy Aluminum or Copper or Silver reseller hosting pack according to your need and start your own small hosting business in no time.


Performance of HostGator

The performance of a web hosting company can be determined by judging a couple of things. The first thing is its uptime.


So here are the uptime results of the HostGator shared hosting in the recent months:

January 2018: 99.95%

February 2018: 99.97%

March 2018: 99.93%

April 2018: 99.99%


So the claim of HostGator that it gives 99.9% uptime is true in its initial hosting and I’ve seen that the cloud hosting pack always provides an even better uptime.


Another important factor to judge a hosting’s performance is the hosting speed. To test the speed of HostGator, I have gone PICKUPHOST and used their tool.


So let me show you the speed test now.

chosen hostgator

server location

After that, I hit the speed test (speed test) button. It started testing the speed of HostGator.


Here’s the result:

58ms speed

This is a great speed and PICKUPHOST claims this speed as Super fast.

super fast

Also, server response time is a great factor to judge whether a hosting pack is good or not.


To check the server response time of HostGator, I used Google’s PageSpeed Insight Tool. I’m showing the server response time here:

server response time of hostgator

So the overall performance of HostGator is quite promising.


Pros and cons


  • Huge discount on every hosting pack
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Well responsive support team
  • Premium website builder
  • A decent server response time and speed
  • A long period of money back guarantee



  • No free domain in the first year of purchasing any hosting pack
  • Low pricing myth. HostGator isn’t a cheap hosting company. You can get a huge discount only when you buy their hosting services for multiple years.
  • Automated backups need extra fee (over $15), but most hosting companies provide it for free


The Final Verdict

After the long discussion on different services of the web hosting company, we can conclude that HostGator is a 100% recommended one to use when anyone wants to start a site.


There are some cons of the company, though the positive sides can easily make you forget about them.


So I can give the web hosting company 4.8-star rating without any hesitation.


And now is the time to take your valuable decision.

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